Get Started with Windows Story Remix

Microsoft is featuring the update for Windows Fall Creators. This new version is truly going to inspire the artistic quality within us. One way Microsoft is performing this act is through the new Windows Photos application. Alongside its fluent design, Photos introduces Windows Story Remix that makes it super easy for all to click pictures and make videos to produce videos that will add content to your life with 3D effects, transitions, styles, and soundtracks.

Story Remix works similar to the classic Windows Movie Maker, where it is re-imagined with the deep artificial intelligence and learning technology for Windows 10. This application looks for the relevant content and produces videos that one can share, keep, delete, or edit. Also, users can even create their own videos with this impressive Photos application.

Here, we will talk about everything you need to know regarding Windows Story Remix from creating your video to editing it from beginning to end. Before we dive in, you should know that there is no option called ‘Story Remix‘ within the Photos application. Instead, you will come across the menu ‘Create‘ that features options like Video Project and Video Remix. Now, let’s get started with Windows Story Remix now!

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Part 1: Create Story Remix task automatically

With the new version of Windows Photos, there are several methods to carry out video projects along with the generated content. One can choose the option to let Windows Photos to automatically produce a video with themes, soundtracks, and transitions. Plus, users can edit and create a project from beginning to end.

To produce a new remix project of videos automatically, follow the steps as instructed below:

  • 1: Launch the Photos application
  • 2: Tap on the tab ‘Create‘ present on the top-right side
  • 3: Select the option ‘Video Remix
Windows Story Remix -  Create Remix Task
  • 4: Choose the videos and images that you like to utilize
  • 5: Next, choose the button ‘Add‘ and put in the name of the project
  • 6: Lastly, select the button ‘Create Video

Once you have completed all the above-listed steps, the application will scan your content and make the video automatically along with styles, music, and transitions. After that, you can preview your final project.

If you do not like the present customization, select the button ‘Remix it for me.’ Once done, the application will re-organize the content, soundtrack, and modify the style. Apart from this preview experience, there are a few other controls like redo and undo changes. Plus, one can share or export the video. Additionally, there is an option that enables you to customize your project as per your preferences.

Part 2: Create Story Remix task from scratch

To produce your video with videos and images from scratch, go through the instructed listed below:

  • 1: Launch Windows Photos
  • 2: Select the tab ‘Create‘ or you can even click on the pictures first and then, tap on ‘Add to’ to produce a project
  • 3: Choose the option ‘Video Project
Windows Story Remix -  Create from Video Project
  • 4: Select the videos and pictures you like to use for your project
  • 5: Tap on the tab ‘Add‘ present on the top
  • 6: Enter the name for your project
  • 7: Click on the button ‘Create Video

Once you have completed the listed steps, this video editor opens up for editing, previewing, and sharing your creation with others.

Part 3: Edit Story Remix task

Story Remix’s video editor comprises primarily of three sections. On the left side, you will come across the media bin having files that you have selected in the earlier steps. Plus, there will be files that are already there in the timeline, which will appear on the right side.

Windows Story Remix -  Edit Story

From the right side, users can preview their project with every change and can play their videos. Here, they will watch the timeline emphasizing the card, which you are playing at that time. Users can drag-drop the card from their media bin on the timeline present at the bottom. Depending on your editing content, you will come across different sets of features that can be used for editing the video.

For instance, if you like only to edit your images, then the tools will be Motion, Duration, Text, and Filters. However, if you want to edit your videos, then 3D effects, Motion, Text, Filters, and Trim are the tools.

How to add extra media files

For adding more files to the project, select the option ‘Add photos and videos‘ from the media bin. Once done, choose the files from the collection.

Windows Story Remix -  Add Media files

How to insert a new theme

A theme is known as a pre-defined deposit of customization features such as music, text styles, and filters that users can apply to their projects. In the Story Remix application, various themes are available. If users do not like to spend so much time on picking a soundtrack, transition, and text style, then they can apply these themes.

Before you do so, make sure to insert all your videos or pictures you like to your timeline first. After that, you need to tap on the tab ‘Themes‘ from its toolbar present on the right side. Once done, choose one of these themes present in the Windows Story Remix application. These theme options include Adventure, Electric, Chilled, Loved, Classic, and no theme.

Windows Story Remix - Insert a new Theme

Once you select the theme, a preview will show up on your screen. If you love the applied theme, it is time to click on the tab ‘Done‘ for applying it.

How to add a soundtrack

Windows Story Remix enables users to insert customs soundtracks into the videos. For using this Story Remix features, just tap on the tab ‘Music‘ from its toolbar, which is present on the right corner. Users can choose one track from the options present within the Windows Story Remix application.

Windows Story Remix - Add Soundtrack

In addition to this, they can even insert music from their own library. For this, they can select the button ‘Your Music.’ Please note that it is even possible to tap on ‘Add Items to Music Folder‘ for including songs in the music library for faster access.

How to add the image duration

With the help of Windows Story Remix, users can even add time duration to their project. On adding media to your timeline, you will notice that each image comprises time duration in your project. If users like to have an image having a longer or shorter duration, then they can select the tab ‘Duration.’ For this, they can either mention the time manually in seconds or choose another value.

Windows Story Remix - Add Image Duration

How to add filters

Story Remix even features an option to apply filters. Filters are a great way to modify the appearance of your video clips or images in the project. In the new version of Windows Photos, users can choose from twelve unique filters. Some of these filters include Loved, Inky, Sepia, Iceberg, and Adventure.

Windows Story Remix -  Add Filters

It is quite straightforward to apply these filters. Select on the button ‘Filters‘ present in the toolbar. From there, choose the filter that you prefer and tap on the tab ‘Done‘ on the right side. Windows Story Remix will apply that filter to your video or image.

How to insert custom text

When you are creating your video, it is possible to insert a custom caption or title to a video or image. For this, you just have to click that card from your timeline. After that, you have to tap on the tab ‘Text.’

Windows Story Remix - Insert Custom text

In this text editor, you need to enter the custom text with the help of the box. Choose the option for changing the style from the available animated styles for texts. If you like to make the caption or title appear in a special place, make use of the layout options present at the page bottom. Then, choose the new area. Once done, tap on ‘Done‘ to apply the final changes.

How to add motion

There is also a possibility to insert motion camera styles. For carrying out this function, you need to choose the content in your timeline. Next, select the button ‘Motion.’ From this motion editor, choose the desired motion camera style you like to apply to the video or image. These options include Zoom In, Tilt-Up, Pan Left, and various others.

Windows Story Remix - Add Motion

After you are done with your selection, preview your changes, and tap on ‘Done‘ to finally apply the desired motion style.

How to trim video clips

Windows Story Remix even offers you an option for trimming your video clips. It comes handy when you like to create a video shorter or like to show a particular section of the clip. So, make use of this feature to edit the video.

For trimming your clip, choose the video from your timeline and select the tab ‘Trim‘ from the application’s toolbar. Make use of the controllers to choose the trim area. You must select the tab ‘Play‘ so as to preview the trim area before applying the final changes. Once you have made changes, tap on the button ‘Download‘ for trimming your video clip.

Windows Story Remix - Trim Video Clips

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Part 4: Add effects to Story Remix task

The most incredible and exciting feature in Windows Story Remix is 3D effects. One can add these special effects to the video clips. For adding these 3D effects to your video clip, choose your video clip from the timeline, and select the button ‘3D effects‘.

Within the 3D effect editor, you have to drag-drop this effect where you would like it to show up.

Once you are satisfied with its position, employ the preview panel to denote the range of the effect to just a few seconds or to the whole clip. To place the effect in a proper position, employ controllers to move its Z and Y-axis.

In Story Remix version, one can apply some effects to the entire scene while some are just location-based that can be placed over a particular area. Additionally, you will even notice a toggle switch ‘Attach to a point‘ within settings. This option enables you to adjoin the effect to a thing in your video clip. Here, the effect will stay in its place even if the camera keeps on moving. Plus, it even follows the object if it moves. These 3D effects come with music. For turning it off, move the slider to mute within the audio effect settings.

Meanwhile, you can even change or remove the effect by tapping on the button ‘Delete.’ This feature can even be used for adding multiple special effects to your video clip. Once you have added the 3D effects, tap on ‘Done.’

Part 5: Share the Story Remix task

After finishing the editing, your project will be saved automatically. However, people who like to share their project with others; they can export their project in the form of a video that can be quickly sent over the USB media or internet. If they have to rename their project, tap on the file name, and insert their new name and press Enter.

For sharing your project with others, tap on the tab ‘Share or Export.’ Choose one of the options from S, L, and M.

  • With S, and you can create small remix videos quickly. This is the best option for sending over email or watching on smartphones.
  • With M, one can create remix videos that one can share through social media.
  • With L, you can create remix videos. However, these videos take a long time to upload or produce. But, this option remains the best for showcasing the video on bigger screens.

After producing the video through Windows Story Remix, you can locate its saving path along with an option to watch your video. So, open that file location in Explorer and share the video using social media or email account.

For sharing the video, you can tap on options like share to email, social media, or other application. After that, choose the contact or application and share your video.

One can find the recently created videos under the section ‘Collections‘ in the Story Remix application. Here, you will see videos that the app automatically generates for you. However, the permanent remix videos and albums will be available in the section ‘Creations.’ Here, you can see or even delete your videos.

Part 6: Download Story Remix on Windows

If you are looking for a way to download Windows Story Remix, then you should know that it does not come as a standalone thing. Story Remix comes with the application of Windows Photos. After downloading the Photos application, you can add Windows Story Remix for impressive video editing. So as to activate this Story Remix function, you need to update the Photos program with ‘Fall Creators Update.’

For activating this feature, visit the menu ‘Start‘ and look for Windows Photos. One can see saved photos and videos under the default folder ‘Pictures,’ which are sorted by the application. Next, tap on the tab ‘Create‘ present on the top to find out Story Remix.

Now, you know everything associated with Windows Story Remix. You are all set to download Story Remix, edit your videos, share them online, and much more. So, download this incredible Windows Story Remix and make creative videos.