Top Windows 10 Password Reset Tool in 2020 For You

There are times when we don’t remember the login password, and we look for solutions to login without disk on Windows 10. People tend to forget the password if they have put the password using complicated numbers or characters. They look for solutions online for a Windows 10 password reset tool. This is a very common question asked by people over the internet. If you need the Windows 7 Password Reset tool, click to try it here.

Multiple methods are available on the internet to reset the password. There is a possibility that you might get confused with these methods and end up getting in trouble.

The solution given by Microsoft is to uninstall Windows 10 and launch it to log in without disk if you do not remember the password. However, this will result in the same condition as your system as you found it the first time. You will lose all the data after installing Windows 10 again. Other than this, various trustworthy remedies allow you to gain access to the PC without the loss of any data. These solutions include using the ISO file of Windows 10, implementing third-party programs, and making use of the default in-built administrator account.

We have listed five techniques to reset the password without disk on Windows 10.

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Technique 1: Safe Mode to Reset Windows 10 Password

If you are looking for a quick and easy method to reset the password, then do not skip this technique. We have prepared a detailed guide to help you reset the password.

Steps to reset the password using Safe mode

1. Tap the ‘Power’ option and then hit the ‘Restart’ option on the locked PC while pressing the ‘Shift’ key. This will open the Command Prompt window.

2. You have to select three options on the command prompt screen. These options are Troubleshoot, Advanced options, and Startup Settings. Select these options in the same order as written in the step. Select F4/F5/F6 keys to get access to the safe mode of Windows 10 with default administrator.

3. Launch computer management. Then, reset the password on Windows 10 with the help of command line in PC settings or computer management.

The above-mentioned steps are easy to follow. Moreover, they are effective in solving your issue. If you need to fix the issue of invalid value for registry and hack Gmail account, as well as Can’t Adjust Brightness on Windows 10, here are the best methods.

Technique 2: Security Questions on Windows 10 Password Reset Tool

This technique is helpful to those who have set up a list of security questions and their respective answers in their local account. If you have set these questions, you can easily reset the password without disk on Windows 10.

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Steps to perform this technique

1. Turn on your system and type the wrong password. You will notice a message that ‘The password is incorrect. Try again.’ Tap on the ‘OK’ option to continue.

2. You will notice a link that says ‘Reset password’ below the Password section.

3. You need to answer the security questions. There is a total of 3 questions and their respective answers. As soon as you give all the answers, tap on the ‘Next symbol.’

4. Write a new password and tap to confirm it. Select the ‘Enter’ option. Now, you have reset the password without USB or disk on Windows 10. Try to login using the new password in your system.

These security questions are quite helpful in solving the issue of forgetting the password. It is advisable to set a few questions regarding the password before so that you can link the password with the questions if you forget.

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Technique 3: With the help of a Windows 10 ISO File

If you have not set security questions before, then no need to worry. This method will work just fine for you. Apart from utilizing an ISO file of Windows 10 for installing the system, you can use the same to reset the password without disk on Windows 10.

Here are the steps to perform the technique.

Steps to reset password

1. Add installation media of Windows 10 to the locked PC.

2. Restart the computer or turn the power on and head to the BIOS setup.

3. Command the PC to boot from the ISO file of Windows 10. The machine will be booted to the setup screen of Windows.

4. On a similar window, press the ‘Shift+F10’ keys to obtain access to the command prompt. Now, replace the ‘c:\’ with the system drive.

5. Run the command’ wpeutil reboot’ and drive out the installation media to enable the reboot process of the PC.

6. As soon as it begins to restart, tap on the ‘Ease of Access’ option to launch the command prompt. The final step is to implement the ‘net user command to reset the password without USB or disk on Windows 10.’

Technique 4: Passper WinSenior to Reset Password

A few techniques mentioned above might fail to work. If that’s the case, use Passper WinSenior. It is a Windows 10 password reset tool. It supports other versions of Windows as well, such as 8.1, XP.7, Vista, and 8. Passper WinSenior guarantees a 100% success rate to recover passwords. You won’t be required to arrange reset disk before. Follow the steps to learn about how to reset the password. Here is the full Passper WinSenior review for your reference.

Before starting, make sure you have downloaded the Passper WinSenior program on the system.

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Steps to reset password with this Windows 10 Password Reset Tool

1. Insert a USB or DVD/CD on an accessible PC. Launch the Windows 10 Password Reset Tool – Passper WinSenior program after completing the installation. After the installation process, select the create option to start making a reset disk. After successfully making a disk, eject the USB or DVD/CD from the system.

2. In the locked Windows 10 PC, place the burned drive. Now, select the PC type and brand. You will obtain the key to enter the boot menu.

3. Press the key and wait for the boot menu to appear. Now, select your USB or DVD/CD. After choosing this, select the Operating System (OS) of the locked system. Tap the ‘Next’ button to continue further.

4. Choose reset windows password button. Choose a user account in which you wish to reset the password. Tap on the ‘Next’ button.

5. Type the new password that you have set for the account and select the ‘Reset’ option. After a while, you will witness a message informing you that you have successfully reset the password.

6. Tap on the ‘Reboot Computer’ option. Remove the USB drive or DVD/CD. Turn on the PC and type the new password. You will be successfully logged into Windows 10 on your system.

Use the steps in sequence and see if this technique works for you. Although these steps might look difficult once you begin following the steps, they are very easy. Solving the issue of password reset in Windows 10 without USB is easy with the help of Passper WinSenior. It is the most advanced Windows 10 password reset tool. Even if you wish to know how to get administrator privileges on Windows 7 or How to unlock computer without password, it can help you too.

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Technique 5: Using the Default Built-In Administrator Account

The Default built-in administrator account can assist you in resetting the password without USB or disk on Windows 10. This technique is easy and comfortable. The account will appear on the login screen similar to the administrator that was enabled once.

Steps to reset password

1. Select the ‘Administrator account’ option. Type the right information to sign in the PC that is locked.

2. After this, you will be able to change your password for the account that you forgot.

This is the last technique to reset the password without USB or DVD/CD in Windows 10.

The process of resetting the password might look difficult, but is it quite easy. If you face the situation of forgetting the password, use any of the techniques that are mentioned above. These techniques are efficient, and the steps are easy to follow. If you need an advanced way to reset the password, then use Passper WinSenior. It is the best Windows 10 password reset tool.

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So, these were the best techniques & Windows 10 Password Reset Tool to reset the password without DVD/CD or USB on Windows 10. If you have any queries or doubts, let us know in the comment section. We will try to answer your queries as soon as possible. Also, you can learn more about block websites on Windows 10 as well as how to fix Windows 10 Taskbar Not Hiding in Fullscreen here.