Looking for a WhatsApp Alternative Tool? Here’s a List of 10

As of today, messaging apps have become the norm in society. People of all ages across the globe use these messaging apps to fulfill their communication needs. WhatsApp is a great example of these messaging apps. User-friendliness, stability, and reliability are some of the strongest reasons for the enormous popularity of WhatsApp. Well, with that being said, the purpose of this article is to explain the best WhatsApp alternative apps. In fact, we have included a list of twelve WhatsApp alternative apps in this article.

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Below is the list of 10 WhatsApp alternative apps to consider.

Instead of just listing these apps down, we describe these apps.

01. Viber

Viber can be considered as one of the perfect WhatsApp alternative apps you can use. In fact, Viber consists of pretty similar features to WhatsApp. Both apps use the mobile number to recognize the user of the respective account. Viber is available on various platforms and devices such as Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, iOS, etc. This respective app is initially introduced for iOS devices, and now it has become a cross-platform device.

As of today, hundreds of millions of people across the globe use this software on various other devices. Viber comes with a really friendly user-interface so messaging and calling others is pretty easy with this app. All you have to do is to install the software and register it using a code you receive. Viber will automatically synchronize with the contact list of the phone allowing you to call directly. Calling, sending instant messages and file sharing is pretty convenient with Viber. It also allows you to do group messaging. Also, there are plenty of colorful images and stickers in Viber. On top of that, you can use Viber for free.

WhatsApp alternative - Viber

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02. LINE

Line is another WhatsApp alternative that has gained exceptional popularity over the past period. Hundreds of millions of users across the globe consider LINE to be their preferred mode of communication. This particular app is available in pretty much all the countries. The popularity of LINE keeps increasing throughout these days. Now, LINE is available on all the platforms so any smartphone user can use this app easily. This respective app is a product of Naver Corporation (Japan).

Just like WhatsApp and Viber, LINE utilizes user’s mobile number for verification. Once the LINE is verified on the phone, it can utilize the existing numbers on the phone book. With the assistance of LINE, you can send messages, audio, videos, graphical contents, etc. In addition to that, you can use LINE to communicate with other LINE users for free. In simplest terms, it works as a nice VoIP service. If you register for LINE using an email address, you can use it on your computer as well. It works perfectly with iOS, Android, Blackberry, etc.


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03. Skype

Skype is surely among the most popular VoIP services in the world. You can use this reliable app to make calls among the Skype community spread across the globe. Skype app has merged with Hotmail so you can use those contacts on Skype as well. Apart from clear and stable calls, Skype allows you to send text messages too. When it comes to registering users, Skype functions in a different manner. Instead of using your mobile number, Skype utilizes an email and the desired username. Because of the impressive functionality and speed, Skype can play the role of a perfect WhatsApp alternative.

WhatsApp alternative - Skype

Download Skype for Android Download Skype for iOS Download Skype for Windows

04. Google Hangouts

Hangout is a reliable and safe service offered by Google. This particular app comes with an innovative interface and smooth functionality. With Hangouts, you can combine Google accounts spread across the globe and communicate very conveniently. This respective app is compatible with both iOS and Android app. It can work as a web-based service with the assistance of Gmail or Google+. Although Hangout is not that popular as a WhatsApp alternative, it has very impressive features. Sending text messages, making phone calls, sharing videos and photos, etc. are really convenient with Google Hangouts.

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Google Hangouts

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05. WeChat

WeChat is another WhatsApp alternative that is popular among the mobile users across the globe. Now, WeChat has over 600 million worldwide users. In fact, WeChat has a larger user network compared to WhatsApp. And, that explains the popularity of this app. Registering for a WeChat account is very convenient. WeChat utilizes the phone number of the respective device to verify the account (just like WhatsApp and Viber). Once you have received the verification code on the number, the registration process completes. Moreover, you can integrate Facebook and email to your WeChat account so people can find you easier. Apart from simply sending messages, WeChat can be used to share images and do video chats.

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WhatsApp alternative - Wechat

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06. Facebook Messenger

If you are looking for a very user-friendly and reliable WhatsApp alternative, you should not miss Facebook Messenger. In fact, this respective app works perfectly with both Android and iOS platforms. It permits group chats in addition to the interactive interface of the app. However, this particular app cannot be used to call those who don’t have Facebook.

Facebook Messenger

Download Facebook Messenger for Android Download Facebook Messenger for iOS

07. Tango

Tango is a free app that can be used as a WhatsApp alternative. It allows you to communicate with your friends very easily. It also lets you find new friends and chat with them. You can use Tango for instant messaging, voice calls and even video calls. Tango utilizes your mobile number to verify the account, just like WhatsApp and Viber. It has more than 150 million users across the globe. Tango works on iOS devices and Android devices smoothly.

WhatsApp alternative - Tango

Download Tango for Android Download Tango for iOS

08. Kik Messenger

Kik Messenger is pretty much a basic messaging platform that is free of charge. Although this app doesn’t have exceptionally sophisticated features, it can play the role of a WhatsApp alternative. You should register for a Kik Messenger using a unique name and an email. This respective app works perfectly on Android and iOS systems.

WhatsApp alternative - Kik

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09. KakaoTalk Messenger

KakaoTalk Messenger is yet another WhatsApp alternative that lets you make calls and send text messages through the internet. It also supports group messaging, sharing pictures, sending audio files, etc. Just like with WhatsApp, you can verify your KakaoTalk Messenger through a 4-digit code through the phone.


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10. Telegram

Telegram is an increasingly popular app that comes as a superb WhatsApp alternative tool. This respective app works as a web-based service too. You can use this app on your device smoothly. It has a variety of features like secret chats. Also, it consumes a very small bandwidth. Even if you use a weak internet connection, this app can suit you.

WhatsApp alternative - Telegram

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All those apps we have mentioned above can be used as WhatsApp alternative apps. You may select the app depending on your device and personal preferences.