Viber Spy | How to Spy Viber Messages to Track Your Kids

Viber was one of the original third-party messaging apps for smartphones. Setting aside the greatness of Viber, you might find yourself becoming a Viber spy. Primarily parents are the ones who will want to hack Viber. The reason is simple: they want to keep their children safe online. Cyber safety is taught to most children through multiple mediums, but many don’t take it as seriously as they should. For these reasons, if your child uses Viber regularly and you want to be the “eye in the sky”, consider spy Viber messages.

What is Viber Spy?

All of the social media apps that your children are on should be monitored. This doesn’t have to be 24/7. In fact, after setting up a spy tool (like KidsGuard, the tool we’re going to focus on), their activity is tracked, and you can easily access it at the end of each day.

There are numerous benefits to using KidsGuard. Firstly, at the end of each day, you’re able to open up your laptop and browse through the activity of the device. As such, you don’t have to be watching the dashboard actively. Secondly, it’s a great way to calm yourself down. Parents worry about their children online and with spy Viber messages, you have complete assurance that they’re safe.

Part 1. KidsGuard – Ultimate Tool for Viber Spy

Let’s focus on KidsGuard for a moment. When you use KidsGuard, you’ll be nothing but amazed. It’s the most reliable spying tool out there which is very flexible, well equipped and puts you in the best place to spy on whoever you please.

Using KidsGuard to spy on Viber messages is ideal. The biggest benefit (aside from how easy it is to use) is that if you decide you want to spy on other social media platforms, Get someone’s Snapchat password, all you have to do is enable the relevant feature. We could keep going on about how amazing KidsGuard is, but we’re going to move on to focus on Viber.

Use KidsGuard to Hack Viber Messages

Following the steps below will enable you to hack into any Viber account. All you’ll need is the target’s device, access to a computer (or your own smartphone), and a few minutes of your time. Within less than 5 minutes you can have KidsGuard set up, and the hacking will begin.

Step #1Click here to access the KidsGuard website and create an account. If you want access to all KidsGuard features, view the pricing plans page.

Create KidsGuard Account

Step #2 – After entering your email and password, answer the questions that are shown on the target’s device. These questions are used to make sure you can get the most out of KidsGuard.

Note: we urge that you enter accurate information. Entering a false email or wrong details about the target device will minimize the efficiency of KidsGuard.

Step #3 – Now that the account is prepared, get your hands on the target’s smartphone.

The following step will depend on the type of device that you are trying to Viber spy.

iOS Devices

Step #4 – After you select “iOS” on KidsGuard, all you need to do is sign in to the same iCloud account that is connected to the target device. No installation is needed (furthering your anonymity).

Install KidsGuard for iOS to Perform Viber spy
Android Devices

Step #4 – Go to “Settings > Security” and enable “Unknown Sources“. Download the KidsGuard app and install the APK file. Authorize the application and grant the requested permissions, then finally enable KidsGuard.

Step #5 – Once the device is connected, you’re ready to start spy Viber messages. Sign into the KidsGuard dashboard.

KidsGuard Viber spy Tool

Step #6 – Click on “Social Apps” and select the “Viber” option. Enable the “Feature Status” slider, and from this moment on, all Viber activity will be tracked.

spy viber messages with KidsGuard

It really is that simple – KidsGuard, is undeniably the best spy tool there is.

Benefits of Using KidsGuard

Before we move on to spying on Viber messages without having direct access to the target’s device, here are a few benefits of choosing KidsGuard to spy Viber messages.

  • As soon as it is set up, you can enable tracking for different social media apps
  • View all of the real-time Viber data
  • Track as many devices as you want from one place

We’ve done all that we can to ensure KidsGuard is the best Viber spy tool there is. We are incredibly confident that within minutes of setting it up, you’ll be satisfied with the results you see.

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Part 2. Can I Spy Viber Messages without the Target Device?

If you want to access Viber messages without your child’s device, it is possible. But, we recommend trying out KidsGuard beforehand as this solution is rather complicated. For instance, you’ll need to know their email address and password. Fortunately, if you are interested in spy Viber messages to protect your children, it’s likely that you were the one who created their email account (so accessing the email shouldn’t be a problem).

Again, please try out KidsGuard first. It is a safer and more efficient solution and is overall the easier option.

How to Spy Viber without Target Device

Nonetheless, if you are sure this is the approach you want to take, we’ll show you how. Using the information below, you’re able to access their Viber account.

Important Note! For this method to work, the target must have “Email Viber History” enabled. If not, you aren’t able to Viber spy them.

The “Email Viber History” feature is self-explanatory. All it does is send logs of the Viber messages to the associated email address. By signing into their email account, you can locate the most recent email from Viber and restore the chat messages to your own device. Alternatively, you can read the raw format (this can be difficult to read. Thus we recommend restoring).

Don’t Know the Email Password?

If you don’t know the target’s password and you want to spy Viber messages, there are a couple of final things you can attempt.

The main thing is keylogging. Keylogging software is programmed to track all user input. This includes the text messages that they send, the passwords they enter, and pretty much all of their activity. Advanced programmers will be able to create a keylogger of their own, but you can purchase them online.

Now, as great as this sounds, it is not something we condone. Keylogging is considered as malicious hacking, and as everyone has the right to privacy, we suggest using KidsGuard.

To Conclude

You might feel bad when you decide to Viber spy on your children but don’t. Remember that the internet is a dangerous place and with an extra pair of eyes watching over them, your children will be as safe as possible. KidsGuard, provides you with everything you need for spying. Viber, Kik, Skype, Line SpySnapchat Spy, text messages – just a few examples of what KidsGuard is capable of tracking. So, what are you waiting for? Install KidsGuard, spy Viber messages, and ensure the safety of your children.

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