Unlock Samsung Galaxy S2 by Android Lock Screen Removal

By learning how to unlock Samsung Galaxy S2, you get the chance to shift from one carrier to another with no need for you to go through all the hassles of getting another smartphone. With an unlocked S2, it will also become easier for you to use your device and have a seamless transfer of your contacts and pictures from a platform to platform simultaneously. The main benefit that you get to enjoy when you unlock Galaxy S2 is that it will be faster for you to upgrade to the latest version. If you have plans to get a new smartphone in the near future and you would like to sell your old handset, unlocking your device will also give you some exotic and exciting benefits. An unlocked phone will give you a fair and more reasonable price as compared to a locked one.

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But, the main question now is, how do you really unlock your Samsung Galaxy S2?
There are actually two ways on how to unlock Galaxy S2 and you will learn about them today:

Part 1: Use Unlock Code to Unlock Galaxy S2

Unlocking your handset with the use of the code is among the easiest and finest methods that you might want to try. This is also the safest and most non-invasive method of unlocking Galaxy S2 smartphone. In order to unlock your prized device, the first thing that you have to do is to provide your phone’s IMEI number. If you have no idea how to do it, there’s no need for you to worry. This is actually very easy as it is something that you can do in just two simple ways. For starters, type *#06# on the keyboard of your handset to get its IMEI number. Another thing that you can do is to turn off your phone and check the IMEI number of your Galaxy S2 by removing the battery of your smartphone.


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Step 1: Get the unlocking code for your device from your carrier.

If you were able to complete all requirements set by your carrier, they will surely give you an unlocking code. However, you need to retain a contract with them for a time frame of 6 to 8 months. You have to completely pay off your phone so that they will provide you with the code.

Step 2: Get the unlocking code from the online reseller.

Now, in the event that the first step didn’t work for you, you can then try to look for a site that provides a service of providing code to unlock Galaxy S2. There are already numerous sites that you can find on the internet offering unlocking code for virtually all smartphones. You can get the code for a certain fee or it can also be free. Before you get the unlocking code from such sites, ensure to read their ratings and reviews. Always get rid of those sites that will require you to complete several surveys as well as asks for your complete details as more often than not, these websites are fraudulent. Always prefer paid websites because they’re always good to go.


Step 3: Try inserting your new SIM card

After getting the unlocking code, consider turning off your smartphone and remove the battery of your Galaxy S2. Then, get rid of your existing SIM card and use the new one in the same slot. This new SIM card should be a new carrier as well.


Step 4: Type in the new unlocking code

After turning off your smartphone, turn it on and you’ll be prompted to enter the unlocking code. Basically, this happens once your phone tries connecting to a new network. Always make sure that you’re in the network coverage area once you’re going to enter a new unlocking code that you got from your carrier or online reseller. After entering the code successfully, you’re now prepared to use your Galaxy S2 in an exotic and new network.

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S2

All of those steps are good to go. Although these aren’t as perfect as you think, such steps will surely consume your time. Therefore, rather than preferring such steps to unlock Samsung Galaxy S2, you may consider using Dr.Fone, which is an Android Lock Screen Removal that offers an effective and quick method.

Part 2: Use Dr.Fone to Unlock Galaxy S2

Dr.Fone Toolkit, an Android Screen Unlock Module – Android Unlock is considered as the most efficient and effective platforms that offer a handy and quick unlocking process. If you’re looking forward to taking advantage of unlocking your smartphone, then Dr.Fone is an elegant and the ideal choice that you can quickly make. It’s the most efficient, trustable, and comes with a user-friendly platform. That is the reason why also all users prefer using Dr.Fone as their top choice in comparison to other things.

The best thing about using Dr.Fone is that it removes four types of screen locks. Users may choose from fingerprints, pattern, PIN, and password. With this platform, no data will be lost. It will only get rid of the lock screen. Anyone can use it with ease. There’s no need for them to ask for a tech for help. It also supports any carrier including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and much more. It also works for Samsung Galaxy Tab/Note/S series.

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Below are the steps to unlock Samsung Galaxy S2 using Dr.Fone for Android:

1. To successfully unlock Galaxy S2, launch Dr.Fone and pick the option “Screen Unlock“.


2. It will help users remove passwords, patterns, pins, SIM cards, and fingerprint locks for smartphone.

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3. Users may download a recovery package through shutting down their phone and holding the volume down and home button and power button simultaneously.

4. The download process for recovery will start and you need to wait for several minutes.

5. Once the recovery package is completed successfully, you can start the process of Android unlocking process and once done, you’re prepared to enjoy every benefit of a smartphone that’s unlocked.

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S2 by dr.fone - Android Unlock

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