What You Need to Know About Unblock Web Proxy

Learning the ins and outs of unblocking websites can be a bit much to take in. The problem is that everyone’s situation is different. While there are a lot of users put under the restrictions of their government, plenty of others have the benefit of just their school or workplace restricting them. If your government blocks certain websites, then we’re sorry to say that you can’t use an unblock web proxy. These tools are only helpful if your school, ISP, or workplace are blocking specific sites.

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Possible Risks of Using a Web Proxy

Cybersecurity is of the utmost importance, so for your own safety, we urge you to inform yourself of the risks that come with using a web proxy.

Both the unblock web proxy solutions, and popularly unblocked websites can be dangerous. As many as 79% of web proxies have been found to be unsafe, and a large number of websites that users commonly access via those proxies are unsafe too. Don’t take our word for it, here are the facts:

  • 8.5% of proxies were altering JavaScript usage. These changes meant that there was a significant increase in ad presence.
  • 79% of the pages that users unblock weren’t enabling a secure connection. Without an active HTTPS connection, it was possible for hackers to collect credit card information, passwords, and any other online activity.
  • 16.6% of the free web proxies were not using the genuine static HTML pages. Instead, these pages were loading popups and ads from various third-party sites. Malware can easily transfer through these unsecured ad networks and infect the user’s computers.

As you’ll probably expect, the study that these numbers come from focuses largely on the free web proxies. Even though there are a lot of people who choose a free proxy because they can’t afford to purchase a professional web proxy, we highly advise against using free solutions. It’ll make your computer vulnerable, your data will be at risk, and your passwords and payment info will be accessible by hackers. Instead, invest in a professional unblock web proxy.

What is a VPN and How Does it Unblock Websites?

VPNs are very complex, and the best way to visualize them is to think of a VPN as a tunnel.

Whenever you use the internet, your activity goes through a tunnel in which your ISP/network monitors and in some cases, so does your government. If you activate a VPN, all of your internet activity goes through a different tunnel which your ISP can’t see and as such, allows you to have complete privacy and security.

Similarly, if the network you connect to has chosen to block specific sites, you won’t be able to access those websites without using a VPN.

As we said above it is preferable to use a professional unblock web proxy service. Most of the free services are corrupt and will put you at risk and, after all, it’s not worth risking your privacy just to unblock some websites.

Why Are VPNs Needed?

More and more governments, companies, and schools are adding blocks to networks. Censorship is a very controversial subject, but when it comes to the internet, there’s virtually no need for censorship to be present.

Governments may decide that they don’t want civilians to access the internet. This may be disallowing YouTube access, blocking news outlets from other nations, or simply cutting off the internet completely.

Schools have begun strictly monitoring their networks. Doing this gives teachers the opportunity to limit any distractions that affect their student’s performance.

Companies now have the same mindset as teachers. If their employees aren’t productive enough then blocking the biggest online distractions is the most likely move that they make.

Although these are the most common cases that we see, it doesn’t stop there. We’ve seen these blocks extend to parents stopping their children from accessing certain websites and even restaurants blocking YouTube – both ludicrous!

Top Unblock Web Proxy Solutions

Now that you’ve got a solid understanding of how to unblock web proxy & unblock any video proxy, research is up next. You might already have a proxy in mind, but we put in the legwork for you because we’ve broken down the top three VPNs on the market below to help you choose which is the one for you.

#1 – NordVPN

Price: from $2.75/month

Of all the proxies available, we’ll happily declare NordVPN as the best. With NordVPN, you can read all of the features that you’d expect from a proxy service and even more. All users can expect a selection of servers from all over the globe, high network speeds, and there’s no need to worry about your valuable data being found in log files.

With a double-hop network solution, the chances of your privacy being at risk are significantly less than it would be with any other service. Finally, let’s not forget that everything that NordVPN has to offer comes at a very affordable $2.75 per month. We could go on and on, but nobody can fault this amazing unblock web proxy!


  • Double-hop server method which guarantees a secure and private connection
  • User-friendly VPN application that makes it easy for all users to access
  • Blocks advertisements from showing up on every website you visit
  • Customers can select a suitable package, starting from as little as $2.75/month
  • More knowledgeable users can choose a suitable protocol for their needs
  • All users get access to live chat support in case they need assistance with the VPN
  • No logs are kept in regard to internet activity


  • Download and upload speeds can vary depending on the VPN server
  • Current subscription of $2.75/month is a limited offer!

#2 – ExpressVPN

Price: from $6.67/month

Another viable option that we recommend looking into is ExpressVPN. Just like NordVPN, this is a tool which has a great reputation and which is capable of unblocking virtually any website. From removing the irritable Netflix region blocks to freely browsing YouTube, this proxy does it all.

Reports have also shown that ExpressVPN is ideal for downloading torrents. Instead of taking a risk and possibly getting into a lot of legal trouble, you can cover your tracks with this helpful unblock web proxy solution.

What makes ExpressVPN stand out? Aside from the reasonable price tag, there is plenty of customer support (including the money-back guarantee) on offer, it is capable of unblocking Netflix and YouTube, and no activity logs are taken for any reason. Rightfully so, this proxy is right up there next to NordVPN.


  • Reliable and very easy for new proxy users to start using
  • Proven to unblock Netflix, YouTube, BBC iPlayer, and many other streaming sites
  • Any unhappy customers can receive a refund within 30-days of the purchase
  • High bandwidth speeds that will match your current speeds
  • Customer support is available 24/7
  • Your browsing activity and personal data are all secure and remain private


  • Although still a cheap proxy, it is more expensive than the likes of NordVPN

#3 – IPVanish

Price: from $5.20/month

Finally, on our list, IPVanish has most of its servers in the USA although continues to provide users all over the globe with secure connections. The main thing about this proxy service is that although the large majority of servers are from the USA, IPVanish has one of the biggest proxy networks there is.

Setting aside the price tag and the network size, this proxy won’t disappoint you. Intense testing has been run to determine whether log files track internet activity, all of which have said otherwise; therefore we assure your privacy.

Are you a tech-savvy person who knows everything about VPNs? You’ll be happy to know that you can decide from several connection protocols which is suitable for you.


  • User’s internet speeds will remain the same (some VPNs slow down the connection, not IPVanish!)
  • In addition, it is incredibly easy to use, regardless of the user’s experience
  • There is no third-party involvement; IPVanish own all of the servers on their network
  • Can be set up to offer browsing privacy on computers, smartphones, and tablets
  • No logs store user activity- Depending on the circumstances, users can receive a refund within seven days


  • All servers are in the US which may limit regional access
  • Subscriptions are still more expensive than NordVPN

Which Proxy Should You Use?

This isn’t an easy question to answer. All of these unblock web proxy solutions are great, and you can see that they offer an extensive number of features. As such, the best way of comparing them is with their subscription price.

NordVPN stands out in terms of price, without a shadow of a doubt. Nonetheless, if money isn’t your main concern then take advantage of the discounts because all three proxies are running discount campaigns currently so try them out, determine your preference, and stick with it.

Tips: After you use one of these unblock web proxy services, you may like to have a video downloader which is able to free download Facebook videosYouTube videos, and save Tumblr video easily.

To Conclude

Whatever questions you have about unblocking websites using a proxy, we hope that we gave you the answer you were searching for. It can be scary to read about censorship nowadays. Recently countries like North Korea, China, and many countries in the Middle East have all shown that they aren’t afraid of publicizing their censorship plans. However, others have publicly supported the use of unblocking web proxy services to counter this.

On another note, maybe you don’t have a sensor on your network. Perhaps you just want to add some extra security to your internet activity? If so, one of the VPNs that you can see above will point you in the right direction. NordVPN is definitely our first choice, but regardless of the situation, you’re in, any of those proxies will do.