[100% WORKING] Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone Easily

Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone may be required by many individuals who use smartphones. Some users already know how to handle it, but there are other individuals who want some guidance. If you fall into the second category, this article offers you the knowledge you require.

It is no secret that iPhones have become exceptionally popular as of today due to various reasons. Thanks to the smooth operation and stability they offer, it’s becoming more popular. That is exactly why it is not uncommon for many Android users to migrate from Android to iPhone. However, many users find that it becomes pretty difficult to get their data transferred from Android to iPhone. The main reason behind the difficulty of transferring data from Android to iPhone is the different platforms they run. You should know that Android and iOS have significant differences, so Android apps don’t work on iOS devices.

Therefore, what can you do if the Android version of WhatsApp cannot work on the iPhone? Is there a way to transfer your WhatsApp to the iPhone from an Android device? Well, the good news is that there are several methods to get it done. The purpose of this article is to expose those solutions for our readers.

The most effective ways to Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone?

As we mentioned, there are several ways to transfer WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone. We will explain three methods to get it done. Before we take a look at the solutions in detail, let’s get a quick idea about their overall difficulties.

MethodDifficulty LevelSupport Bulk Transfer?DurationTransfer data to another WhatsApp Account
01iTransor for WhatsAppEasyYesShortYes
03WhatsApp Export ChatHardNoLongNo

Now, let’s take a look at the methods with more details and the steps you want to follow.

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01. Use iTransor for WhatsApp to facilitate a direct transfer

Pretty much all the methods you find online will prove difficult since iOS and Android devices are so different. However, there’s a program that’ll allow you to transfer WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone utilizing a one-click operation. It is called iTransor for WhatsApp. This software is specially designed to transfer WhatsApp messages and attachments across Android & iOS platforms. In other words, it can transfer data from one device to another regardless of the OS.

Mentioned below are the reasons to use iTransor for WhatsApp and transfer data.

  • It allows you to perform tasks like WhatsApp backup, restore, export, and transfer. In other words, it is an all-in-one solution for Android to iOS data transferring.
  • It allows you to transfer WhatsApp from Android to the new iPhone directly and import WhatsApp chat with a couple of clicks.
  • iTransor supports all Android and iOS devices. It supports even the newest devices that run on the newest mobile operating systems.
  • Using iTransor is exceptionally easy and 100% safe. Your data will not be leaked out. You can even perform WhatsApp export more than 40000 messages.
  • This software is considered to be the trusted choice of various professional websites.
Use iTransor for WhatsApp to facilitate a direct transfer

Here’s how to Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone using iTransor for WhatsApp

Mentioned below are the steps to follow in order to Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone. If you wonder How to Transfer WhatsApp from Google Pixel to iPhone, you can follow up below simple guide too.

  • As the first step, download and install iTransor for WhatsApp on a computer. Then, open the software. Now, you should connect both the Android device as well as the iPhone to the same computer. Be sure to use the original USB cables. Then, choose the option called “Transfer WhatsApp between Devices.”

Get iTransor for WhatsApp

  • Now, the program will identify both devices and display them on the screen. In this case, we are transferring data from Android to iPhone. So, be sure that the Android device is displayed to be the “Source” device. On the other hand, the iPhone should be the “Destination” device. If this is not the order, hit “Switch” and change it.
iTransor for WhatsApp
  • Then, you should click on “Transfer” so you can start the transferring process. You should ensure that both devices are connected to the PC, so the process is completed. Next, your iPhone will be rebooted, and you should see your WhatsApp data on the iPhone.
iTransor for WhatsApp

However, if WhatsApp takes a huge space, you’ll have to backup WhatsApp data to the computer if it is required to see the chat history, just select preview or read the WhatsApp data. You can do it by using the Restore/Export WhatsApp Backup function associated with the program.

Try iTransor for WhatsApp

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02. Use Backuptrans to Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone

Backuptrans is another handy tool that allows you to manage WhatsApp data. With this tool, you can easily transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhones. It supports Android 4.2 and newer versions. Before transferring the WhatsApp data, you should confirm if you want to use the same account. If yes, you should change the same SIM card to the new iOS device as well.

Mentioned below are the steps you should use to Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone with Backuptrans.

  • Download and install Backuptrans. Then, you should launch it and connect your Android and iPhone to the computer to the same computer. Make sure that you use reliable USB cables.
  • If the devices are recognized successfully, there’ll be a pop-up appear on your Android phone. Then, you should select the option called “Back up my data” button.
  • Now, you should go to Backuptrans again. Then, on the interface, click “OK.” That will initiate the WhatsApp backup process on the Android device.
  • Then, you should find the Android’s WhatsApp data on the computer.
Use Backuptrans to Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone
  • Is your intention to use the same WhatsApp account on your iOS device as well? If that’s the case, you should change the SIM card to the iPhone from Android. Otherwise, you can just skip the step and proceed to the next.
  • Then, log in to your WhatsApp account using the iPhone. Then, you should close the WhatsApp app so the program will gain access to WhatsApp data on your iPhone.
  • Now, on the PC, right-click on the Android (which is located on the left side). Then, choose the option called “Transfer Messages from Android to iPhone.” And now, in the given list, choose the appropriate iPhone device. This is the device to which you would transfer the WhatsApp messages. Then, you can click on “Confirm,” and that will begin the transfer.
Use Backuptrans to Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone

Benefits of Backuptrans

  • This software can transfer WhatsApp data successfully (with some effort, though).


  • Backuptrans is more of a one-time tool. You cannot use it on the iPhone once the process is finished.
  • There are plenty of pop-up messages associated with this device. Also, device detection and user experience are not that impressive.
  • It provides pretty confusing instructions that are somewhat annoying.

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03. Use WhatsApp Export Chat feature to export WhatsApp messages

Did you know that you can export WhatsApp chats to your iPhone using a built-in feature? Well, this feature is called the “Export Chat” function. However, this tool allows you to transfer chats one by one. That means it is a time-consuming process.

Mentioned below is how to get it done.

  • Launch WhatsApp on your Android device and select the WhatsApp chat you are expecting to transfer to iPhone.
  • Then, go to “Settings” and select More. Go to Export Chat and check the apps you’ll be able to export the chat. Then, choose the most convenient one. “Email” is a very good example of that.
  • Now, choose if you want to export chats with media. If yes, the media will be sent as attachments.
  • And now, you should provide the required information as well. Then, choose to “Send.”
Use WhatsApp Export Chat feature to export WhatsApp messages
  • You can view the chats in the form of log files from the e-mail app on your iPhone. However, you cannot read them on the WhatsApp app.
Use WhatsApp Export Chat feature to export WhatsApp messages

Benefits of this method

  • This can be a handy method if none of the other options are available for you.
  • You can send WhatsApp chats/media files to PC without any charge.


  • It doesn’t transfer multiple WhatsApp chats simultaneously.
  • It doesn’t send the messages to your WhatsApp account. Instead, the chats are going to be attached as a .txt document.
  • There is a limit to the number of messages you would send (10,000 with media).

Important: If you change the telephone number, you should change it to WhatsApp as well. In order to retain the WhatsApp data, you will have to change the respective account after transferring data. Go to Settings and choose Account. Then, Change the Number and follow the on-screen instructions. That will allow you to change the WhatsApp account number. After that, make use of the “Tell a Friend” feature, which is located in the Settings. That can send the message related to your new WhatsApp account number.

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Is there a way to Transfer WhatsApp Data from Android to iOS for Free?

Well, if truth to be told, there’s NO way to transfer WhatsApp data for FREE from Android to iPhone. WhatsApp has officially mentioned that there’s no official way to transfer data across different operating systems. Also, there’s no way to transfer WhatsApp data between two systems through a backup and restore process. In a nutshell, WhatsApp data transfer isn’t as easy as one would assume wrongfully. That is specifically because the WhatsApp coding and file types between those operating systems are not the same.

Is there a way to Transfer WhatsApp Data from Android to iOS for Free

Pretty much all the other opinions you find online will tell you to use Google Drive/iCloud/iTunes or local backup. If not, they suggest you use Move to iOS app (which is developed by Apple) for Apple users. However, it may not happen as expected. However, with iTransor, you can succeed without any trouble.

Mentioned below is a comparison of all the available methods and their capacities when it comes to transferring data. This table will give you a clear idea about what you should be using.

OptionAndroid to AndroidiPhone to iPhoneiPhone to AndroidAndroid to iPhoneNotes
Google DriveYesNoNoNoThis is the official method to create Backup and Restore Android Data
iCloudNoYesNoNoThis is the official method to create Backup and Restore iOS Data
iTunesNoYesNoNoAn alternative tool to iCloud provided by Apple itself.
WhatsApp Export ChatYesYesYesYesData exported only as log files.
Local BackupYes YesNoNoIt can be used on the same device only.
Move to iOSNoNoNoNoThis option doesn’t support transferring WhatsApp Data

So, that’s how to Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone. According to our article, it is not that difficult for you to choose the best option from the rest. With that said, if you know better ways to address this matter, please share your knowledge with us.