Easy Way to Transfer Data from BlackBerry to Sony Xperia Z3 | Z4 | Z5 | X | XA

For a long time, Blackberry is my favorite smartphone, but I finally decide to change to Sony. No special reasons at all, just want to try something new, and some of my friends had told me Sony Xperia is worth trying so I thought “why not”. Well, my new phone is amazing, but I forgot one thing important, I don’t know any good method to transfer data from my old Blackberry to my new Sony phone. Don’t think all Blackberry users are some kind of experts of high-tech products. It is the wrong images created by TV shows. In fact, I’m just like normal people who hate hard-to-handle software or too complicate the process. All I want is to some method easy enough to finish the whole process in a short time; I really don’t have all day for this. And the most important requirement is, no damage to the data at all.

Part 1: Method provided by Sony to transfer files from BlackBerry to Sony device

Like many people, I checked the Sony official website in order to find useful advices. Not sure if their method is the best, but I think it will work at some extends.

You cannot directly transfer data between Blackberry and Sony Xperia, so a Windows computer or Mac must be used for help. And you will also need help from Xperia Transfer Desktop.

It allows you to transfer data like messages, contacts, bookmarks, notes, media and some other kinds of data from your Blackberry to Sony Xperia.

Windows PC: Download PC Companion
Mac: Download Sony Bridge for Mac

Note: Blackberry version 4.0 or higher versions are supported, but not version 10.

Step 1: Download the application on your desktop and then launch it.

Step 2: Follow the instruction and choose your Blackberry’s mode. After that, you need to select the data you would like to transfer to new Sony Xperia, and then to back up them on your desktop first.

Step 3: Connect your Sony Xperia to the desktop device, then you need to choose the data you want on your new phone, Xperia Transfer will help you back up new devices as well as transfer data from the old device to it.

Sony’s solution seems fine, but not good enough, it still requires a lot of patience and certain skills which, of course, not the best choice for me.

Part 2: 1-click to sync data from BlackBerry to Sony Xperia Phone by MobileTrans

So I think it might be more options for me if I tried some paid software. I do remember some of my friends mentioned software named MobileTrans. I decide to have a try. I only download their free version. It turns out this is the best software I ever used. I thought it would be much harder to use and take a longer time. But the truth is, I finished everything within 10 minutes, and after checking the data have been transferred to my new Sony Xperia, all of them are just as good as they were in my Blackberry. Both Windows and Mac users can use this software to transfer data between different platforms like iOS, Android and Windows phones.

The MobileTrans support T-mobile, Sprint, AT&T and Verizon, it is also compatible with Blackberry 7.1 or previous versions. Your Blackberry Desktop Software V7.0 and V7.1 will also be supported.
Tip: MobileTrans is newly compatible with all your BlackBerry phone with OS 10 or later and BlackBerry® Link for PC and BlackBerry® Link for Mac.
Maybe you would like to know more details about this software, why not keep reading the rest part of this article since I will show you how simple and quick it is to use it,

Step 1: Important thing to back up your Blackberry in the first place.

Please download the Blackberry Desktop Software or BlackBerry® Link for PC on your computer. Connect your Blackberry to it with the software open. Choose the Backup option to make sure there will be a non-encrypted backup on your computer.


Step 2: Download and launch the MobileTrans on computer

Get MobileTrans

Now you need to prepare MobileTrans on the computer. After downloading this software, you can easily install and open it. You will see the primary window which asks you to select the one mode out of three since we need to transfer data from Blackberry to Sony phone, you should choose the Restore mode.

By the way, if you were planning to transfer data between iPhone and Android, you can choose the Phone to Phone Transfer mode. Of course, you don’t need the first step to back up your old phone. The Phone to Phone Transfer Mode is the usual option for people to transfer data between two phones.


Step 3: Transfer backup Blackberry data to your Sony Xperia

Check the left column’s drop-down menu, the Blackberry backup should be shown there. The software allows you to preview the data’s states, so you may take some time to select the data you would like to be restored. When you feel everything is ready to go, you can just click Start Transfer and let the software to do the rest part of this job for you. Make sure the connection between your Sony Xperia and the computer won’t break during the process.

At last, you would like to share some APPs for old Blackberry users who are using Android phones now, which I think might be helpful for those people to have a better user experience by having some familiar apps on their Android phones.

Try MobileTrans

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