Backup & Transfer All Data from Android to iPhone

Transfer data from Android to iPhone on the new iOS 16, such as copying photos from android to iPhone or backup pictures from Android to iPhone.

The article will show you how to backup any android data to an iPhone by dr.fone – Phone Transfer in a simple way.

An Android Smartphone, like Samsung Galaxy S20 or Galaxy Note 10, will absolutely make it easy for you to take images with your friends. And those images will bring memorable days to your mind when you are by yourself.

But you may find it hard to transfer those images from your Android to your friends’ iPhones if you want to enjoy the images with them. Because Android phones and iPhones are in different operating systems.

How to transfer or copy images from Android to iPhone on iOS 14 when you meet this problem? A third-party professional data from android to iPhone transfer tool can certainly solve this problem easily.

Here I am willing to share with you an easy-to-handle Android to iPhone data transfer program – dr.fone – Phone Transfer. It enables you to replicate images and photo books on Android phone to iPhone on the new iOS 16 in one click.

Moreover, don’t worry about the security of your phones because the tool is safe.

Simple steps to transfer data from Android to iPhone:

You really need to take some minutes to read the rest and be sure that this Android data to iPhone program would help you a lot.

Step 1: Install the Android Data to the iPhone Transfer Tool and Run It.

First, download and open the Android to iPhone data transfer tool – dr.fone. Then click the “Phone Transfer” icon on the screen.

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Step 2: Connect Your Android Phone and iPhone to Your Computer

Connect your Android phone and iPhone via UBS cable to your PC. They will be detected as soon as possible by the smart Android to iPhone data transfer app and turn up as “Source” and “Destination”.

And there is a button “Flip” between them in the primary window. Just click it when you want to move contacts, images, and SMS from iPhone to Android.

move android to iphone

In addition, you can choose to click the tab “Clear data before copy” to empty your iPhone.

Note: dr.fone – Phone Transfer is compatible with HTC, Samsung, Nokia, LG, and Sony Xperia. And it is also suitable for iPhone 13/12/11/XS/XR/X/8(Plus).

Step 3: Copy Images /Photos from Android to iPhone, like from Nokia to iPhone

Remember to delete the marks in the front of the contacts and music because you just want to move the images and photo books. Then click the button “Start Transfer” to begin.

android to ios devices data transfer

Your phones should be kept connected with your computers. Lastly, click “OK” when the task ends.

See! How easy it is. With the help of dr.fone – Phone Transfer, you can transfer any data from Android to iPhone on the new iOS 16, just like transferring images/photos from Android to iPhone easily and quickly.

What’s more, you can transfer data from iPhone to Android, Android to Android as the steps we talk about above. Get the smart Android data to the iPhone program – dr.fone right now. It will never let you down.

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