Why dr.fone Android Root is the Top Root APK 2020 for Your Android phone

Are you looking for a top root APK 2020 for your android device? Although smartphones come with many desirable features, most users are not that easily satisfied. They want more. This is the reason for most Android users preferring rooting.

Rooting lets a user have free access to the various unlimited features and without the hassles of updating the apps or increasing memory. The easy access to the operating system, which is more like jailbreaking, is made convenient and efficient with rooting. Here is a review of some of the existing root APKs and the reasons as to why dr.fone – Android Root is the top root APK 2020.

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1. KingoRoot Apk

This software is a very effective app among the various rooting software apps both with a computer and without it. Here are some of the features of this app that prove its efficacy.


  • The app enables to unlock all the hidden features in your Android
  • The performance is quicker and more enhanced
  • The app is powerful in deleting all advertisements that delay tasks and create problems
  • Increases privacy guard on your smartphone
  • Increases battery life efficiently

Why you should choose it

  • Booting is very fast

Why it is not so good

  • This APK is best for enabling rooting through the computer than via Android rooting.

2. OneClick Apk

This root Apk is one of the safest and quick rooting software in the market. The software supports several Android devices and does efficient rooting without using PC. You just need to do a single click on your Android device and have the rooting completed. The software enables free Wi-Fi connectivity without the need to pay for it.


  • It is easy to flash custom Kernels with One Click rooting apk
  • Free Wi-Fi connectivity feature is available
  • Users can enjoy all the hidden features in their Android device including play station controls
  • Users get the option of introducing changes to the Android Phone skin
  • Uninstall all the apps that are preinstalled on the device, which is unnecessary and take up much space.
  • The apk rooting app can do a safe back up of Android device

Why you should choose it

  • This Apk root app is the fastest method for Android rooting. You can complete the rooting in just a single click.
  • Helps preserve life of battery by its quick and safe rooting process
  • Wi-Fi Tethering is offered for free. Users can avoid the expensive fees that companies charge for this feature

Why it is not so good

  • Some viruses and bugs may be present in the apk software
  • It does not support HTC devices

3. Z4Root Apk:

This Apk for Android phones is one among the earliest of the root APKs. For all the leading Android brands in the market, this Apk is a good choice, if you are looking to root your Android device without the aid of a PC.

Features of Z4Root

  • The Apk service along with the product is totally free
  • Has a high success rate
  • Even if you own an older version, the Apk works effectively
  • Does not create additional load for the device
  • Easy to use, as it does not contain any complicated features

Why you should choose it

  • Being the oldest of rooting apps for Android devices without using PC, it is a good option.
  • Works exceptionally well on Samsung Galaxy phone models

Why it is not so good

  • It is not effective on all Android devices
  • It has a limited number of updates only
  • Rooting process is too long and complicated

4. iRoot Apk:

This is a popular and successful rooting app that does not use PC for Android phone rooting. Although its earlier version was available in just Chinese language, it is now offered in English too. The Apk is highly flexible and provides several updates.

Important features

  • It is essential to install iRoot Apk in your PC for it to function smoothly
  • Has a very fast single click rooting feature
  • Comes with a recovery option in rooting where you can root via mobile mode instead of the usual normal mode
  • The application once installed will begin the Chinese application store system cleaner automatically in the Android device. But this can be uninstalled afterwards.

Why you should choose it

  • It is the best flexible app in the root Apk category
  • It has plenty of options and updates
  • Uses a single click rooting process

Why it is not so good

  • Rooting via this app may force a user to lose warranty on the Android device
  • Certain modifications during rooting can stop a few of the many updates the app has
  • It can cause bricking of your Android device

5. FramaRoot Apk

This is a top ranking app that lets you root your Android without using the PC. It is very effective on any smartphone model and is a must have app for all phones in need of rooting.

Important features

  • This Apk has an easy single click rooting process
  • You can control rooting of your device and unroot it as easily
  • The Apk root app enables downloading of all applications without any limitations
  • Increases battery life and speed of the device
  • It is possible to download apps that can hide the unused programs leading reduced drain of battery

Why you should choose it

  • The apk enables undisrupted use of device, as it stops all advertisements that appear on your mobile
  • You can do a complete file backup and restore the Android settings whenever needed

Why it is not so good

  • You may risk voiding the warranty of the device
  • The device may be damaged

6. Dr.Fone Android root

Developed by Dr. Fone – Android Root (Free) is a top root Apk 2020. It is a single click rooting process that is easy and convenient to use. This software tool is highly recommended and is also a popular rooting tool used by Android users.


  • Easily access thousands of apps that are normally incompatible or blocked by the carriers.
  • Install customized ROMs enabling better use of the features of your Android device.
  • Be the first to install the latest version of Android.
  • Enjoy new and updated Android features such as slow-motion video, NFC payments, and photosphere even prior to their release.
  • Uninstall the useless and space consuming preinstalled apps given by manufacturers.
  • Remove unnecessary bloatware and increase RAM and speed up CPU performance.
  • Block all annoying ads that come along with the apps you download and enjoy features unhindered.

Why should you choose it?

  • Single click hassle free process
  • Simple to use
  • Supports more than 7000 devices
  • Has the highest rate of success in the Android rooting market
  • 100% safe and secure
  • Is available for Windows
  • Free, No Need to Pay for Root Function

Step by Step instructions on rooting Android device with Dr.Fone Android root apk

With the Android Root from Dr.Fone Toolkit, it is easy to install and gain the advantage of the beneficial features. Here are the steps to follow for rooting with Dr.Fone Android Root.

Step #1. Download Dr.Fone software. You will now be able to use the various options offered by Dr.Fone such as Android Root in addition to several other facilities, which are present in the More Tools section present on the left side of the software interface.

Step #2. Click on Android Root feature to activate Rooting process.

Step #3. Connect your Android device to the computer through USB cable. Now Dr.Fone software will recognize the Android device. This occurs automatically once you connect the device to the computer.

Step #4. Now click on the “Root Now” option. This will help Android Root to detect the device connected through USB cable.

Step #5. Once Android Root recognizes the Android device, rooting process available with Android Root will be enabled on the device.

Step #6. When you take care to complete the steps above, rooting for your Android smartphone through Android Root will be completed successfully. You can now enjoy the features on your Android devices uninhibitedly.

Android Root Successfully

Of the various root APK apps discussed above, Dr. Fone Android Root is highly recommended for successful rooting of your Android device, as it is a reliable and effective rooting application that is very prevalent among most of the Android users.

You can easily download the apps based on your preference and needs with the root apk software and enjoy unrestricted access. Innumerable customization opportunities can be done on your Android device with Dr. Fone Android root, which is the top root apk 2020 software tool ever.