Three Best Ways to Root Sony Xperia Phone

Although owning a Sony Xperia is a matter of pride to users, when they need to root Sony Xperia phone they have to face an uphill task oftentimes. There has always been a loyal fan following for Sony Xperia phones among Android users. In fact, very few brands have such a global popularity as Sony. The company has made some dramatic tweaks to the phones, especially the all new X range series. In spite of all the sophisticated features and different series users still find some hurdle or other, when they want to root Sony Xperia phone.

And this is not limited to Sony brand alone. All android users face a similar dilemma. So owning an Android device including Sony requires a user to know how to root. This is essential as rooting helps in a true customization of a device. But rooting is not a simple process. If not done the proper way, you face the risk of erasing all the information in your device or worse you can corrupt the firmware permanently.

Fortunately, we have not one but three solutions to help you know how to root Sony Xperia phone hassle free and quickly.

Method I. Dr.Fone Android Root One Click method to Root Sony Xperia Phone

Android Root from Dr.Fone is the best and most effective way to root an android device. With the reliability of Dr.Fone brand, using Android Root will give you user-friendly features making the entire process a simple one. The interactive interface and dedicated support offered by Dr. Fone is second to none. You will find all your specific requirements satisfied with Android Root.

At present, Android Root offers support to over seven thousand Android devices and this number includes all the key Xperia phones. The program enables a fast root process and moreover it is very easy for users even newbies to use it. You need to do only one single click, to root Sony Xperia phone with Dr. Fone’s Android Root program.

Benefits of using Dr.Fone Android Root

  • It is a fast acting one click rooting program
  • Hassle free and very simple to use
  • More than 7000 devices can be rooted with it
  • Has the best success rate in rooting devices
  • 100% secure and safe to use

Android root is now available on Windows too. The 30-day guarantee of money back is another beneficial feature users would find favorable.

Steps to root Xperia phone

You can be assured that Dr.Fone – Android Root is the safest and most secure method of rooting your device. It protects your firmware and ensures it is not affected in any way. All you need to do is follow the easy steps below.

Step #1. The initial step you need to perform is, download Dr. Fone Android Root on your computer. Once the download is completed, install it.

To ensure the software is right for you, you can visit the official site and use the application, which has a free trial offer. Once you are satisfied with the features, you can purchase the complete Android Root version. The full version lets you enjoy all the features of your Sony Xperia and perform routine device activities without any constraints.

Step #2. Once Dr. Fone Android Root is launched, choose the “Root” option present on the main interface.

Step #3. Connect the Sony Xperia to your computer using a USB cable. The software interface would prompt you to link the device.

Step #4. The program will automatically recognize the Sony device once it is connected. Let some time elapse for the program to detect the device and find the best way to root.

Step #5. When the device has been detected fully and the required features downloaded by the program, it will prompt you to choose the ‘Start‘ option. You have to just click on the option to let the rooting begin.

Step #6. The single click would complete the process successfully. You will receive a pop-up message to continue with the process.

Confirm the process and after a few more minutes the rooting will be fully completed. You will have to restart the device now. As you can see you have to just do a single mouse click and the entire process will be over in minutes!

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Method II: Root Sony Xperia phone with iRoot

Another alternative to root Sony Xperia phone is to use iRoot. You will find the interface entirely different from Android Root. But this method is also a safe way to root your device. Ensure your phone is charged to at least about 60%. And it should have Android 2.2 at the minimum for the iRoot to work.

This desktop program is compatible with all the new operating system versions of Windows. Ensure everything is ready before you start with the steps below:

Step #1. As with any rooting software, you should download iRoot and install it on your computer.

Step #2. Before you connect the phone to the system ensure that USB debugging is enabled. This can be done by using the Developer Option feature, which is under, ‘Settings’. You have to just turn on USB Debugging option present here.

Step #3. Now open iRoot interface on your computer. Connect the phone to the computer using USB cable.

Step #4. The device will be recognized by the software automatically. This may take a while. Once recognized, you will get a prompt to click on Root option.

Step #5. If your device has already been rooted, the software will prompt to ask whether you require a re-root.

Step #6. The rooting may take a few minutes’ time. Once the process is finished a notification to this effect will appear on the screen. Now click on, ‘Complete’ option to finish the process.


Method III: Use One Click Root to Root Xperia phone

OneClickRoot is a popular application that enables easy rooting of Sony Xperia phone. It works equally well on other devices too. The application supports Mac and Windows. It is a secure rooting application you can use without hassles. Here are the steps to complete rooting.

Step #1. Begin the rooting process by downloading OneClickRoot and installing it on your computer.

Step #2. Activate USB debugging option, before you connect the phone to the computer.

Step #3. Open OneClickRoot in the computer and click on, ‘Root Now’ option present in the interface.

Step #4. Once your device is recognized by the software, it will prompt you to link the phone to the computer via USB cable. You will also be prompted to turn on USB debugging.

Step #5. When you have completed the above tasks, you have to click on, ‘Root Now’ option to start the rooting.

Step #6. If you have not logged in, you will be required to enter your credentials. You can create a fresh account if needed. Or you can give the necessary details if you own an account.

Step #7. When you have logged in successfully, the specifications of your device will be displayed. Click on, ‘Root Now’ option again. The rooting will begin and all the drivers would be automatically updated. Data backup is also done simultaneously.

Step #8. Once the rooting is completed, you will receive a congratulatory notification.

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Before rooting, download all the Sony device drivers and do a data backup. This is essential to ensure proper rooting. Now you can easily root Sony Xperia phone devoid of any hassles whatsoever by choosing one of the above methods.