Text to Speech on Discord – How to Make Use of It?

Discord text to speech is a very handy feature when it comes to reading the text written in your channel. This feature is referred to as TTS as well. When this feature is enabled, this bot can read any of the text messages easily.

In general, Discord is a unique platform that was developed keeping gamers in mind. However, as of today, it has become a very popular platform for group chats. TTS or Discord text to speech is a feature that was introduced for people that are visually impaired. However, even for normal individuals, this feature can be very useful. You will be able to use it to create your community chats more interesting. With that said, do you know the correct way use text to speech? In this specific article, we explain how to get it done. Moreover, we introduce some convenient ways which can assist you in using this Text-To-Speech feature of Discord App.

How to enable text to speech on discord?

Well, using this software is not that difficult at all. If you don’t know how to use it, just follow the simple guidance provided below.

To enable text to speech feature on Discord, you should only enter a simple code before the sentence. The code itself is not a very long one. You can simply enter the code “/tts” before the sentence. Make sure that you don’t use the inverted commas. As a result of typing that code, whatever you type after it will be converted into a speech.

Let’s make things clearer simply by using the example mentioned below.

Say, you want to convert the sentence “Well, that’s a masterpiece” to speech, so it becomes audible. In this case, you should just add /tts before the phrase. Once it is added, it will appear like “/tts Well, that’s a masterpiece.” In here, you shouldn’t use inverted commas (we use it to emphasize the phrase). As you type it, it will become a speech.

In addition to that, text to speech on discord basically uses the default settings on the platform. When you use it, you will hear different TTS voices using different platforms. In other words, the voice of text to speech will vary depending on the platform you use. For instance, internet browsers such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome can show different TTS reading bot. When it comes to a Mac or Windows, the voice will be more different.

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How to use Discord text to speech? Two easy methods to get it done

Now, in this section of our article, we explain how to use Discord text to speech. In fact, there are two methods to get it done. We explain both of those methods so you can go through them and pick a good option.

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Method #1: Notifications of text to speech

  • Before everything else, you should open the option called “User Settings.” Once you have done that, you should click on the icon that appears like a gear. It is found next to the user panel.
Notifications of text to speech
  • After that, you should click on the tab called “Notifications,” which is located on the left sidebar menu.
Notifications of text to speech
  • Now, the next task you should perform is to find the Text-To-Speech section in the interface. You will see three main options available in that interface. Before selecting those options, you will have to read the functions of each of those menus. For your convenience, we explain those menus below.
Notifications of text to speech
  • For All Channels: In fact, this is considered the best setting for visually impaired individuals. With this setting, every text message would be read using Text-To-Speech even if /tts command is present. This option will let you use every channel across any server to read messages in TTS.
  • For Current Selected Channel: This option allows the channel that is already selected to make use of TTS. You will have to apply this option whenever you use a different channel.
  • Never: If you have selected this option, none of the channels will be read using Discord text to speech. So, if someone has selected this feature, regardless of how anyone tries, you won’t hear any tones.

In certain cases, you use the /tts command. However, unfortunately, you don’t hear any of the messages. Now, you can realize the reason behind it. That happens because the respective person has disabled TTS. So, you must keep this in mind as it will help when troubleshooting issues with Discord.

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In this section of the article, we explain how to use another Discord text to speech toggle setting. Mentioned below are the steps you should try to get it done.

  • As the first step, you will have to open the option called “User Settings.” In fact, this is the same thing you did in Method 1.
  • Once you have done that, you can click on the Text & Images tab. You can find it easily in the left sidebar menu.
  • Now, your task is to find the Text-To-Speech section once again.

As a result, you will be able to see a specific option. This is called “Allow playback and usage of /tts command.” Be sure that you enable it to proceed.

Please note that you will find two TTS options. One will be located within the Text & Images tab. And, the other one is located within the notifications tab. The TTS option found in the Text & Images tab is different from the TTS option in the “Notifications.” By any chance, have you enabled TTS Notifications using the previous method? If that’s the case, you should know that all of your messages are going to be read using TTS. That is irrespective of what other TTS settings.

Is it possible to disable text to speech on discord?

Now, the last question is to determine if it is possible to disable Discord text to speech. Well, it is totally possible if you need a straightforward answer. You can learn how to do it simply by following the steps mentioned below.

To do it, just navigate back to Method #1. Once you have done that, in the text to speech notifications, you should check the option called “Never.” As a result of choosing this option, you will experience muted sound throughout the server. That means no one will be able to hear the speech until you enable it once again. This option can be useful whenever you don’t want to hear any of the text you see.

Is it possible to disable text to speech on discord

Well, do you want to limit the messages you get on Discord? Some users come across such requirements as well. If you fall into that category, you can do it. That means you can limit the messages that are converted to speech. In that case, you will have to use Method #2 we have mentioned before. Then, disable the option called “Allow Playback and usage of /tts command.” Once you have disabled it, the bot integrated into the system cannot make use of TTS functionality. Even if you type the code we have mentioned (/tts), the sentences will remain silent. So, if you see total silence in your Discord, you know a probable reason now.

With that said, we expect that this article was able to resolve some doubts you had with Discord TTS. If you experience anything wrong even after entering the /tts command, you know where to check now. If you have any other questions about this matter, please let us know them below.

So, that’s how to deal with text to speech on discord functionality. It is very useful and exciting on many occasions. Hopefully, you gained some knowledge through this guide. Good luck!