Teamspeak vs. Discord – Who Is The Winner?

Given the rise of communication platforms, a tough competition becomes inevitable, and one perfect example of this is the Teamspeak vs. Discord battle. Teamspeak and Discord have been the two very popular entities in the world of VOIPs. We are going to analyze both the software to help you decide which one is worth the try.

The idea of Voice over Internet Protocol or VOIP emerged to realize the idea of online social gaming where users could communicate with their friends while gaming. This would make the activity a lot more fun. Teamspeak and Discord are based on this concept only. Let’s know more about them.

What are the features of Discord?


In the world of VOIPs, the name Discord has been singularly ruling ever since it was launched in 2015. It has come down to becoming the most used communication platform of all time. The service gives free video and voice calls along with free messaging during the gaming sessions. The software’s main aim is to deliver HD quality voice calling to the gamers for seamless communication while gaming.

Let us tell you some of the software’s great features before we look at Teamspeak vs. Discord.

  1. Reliable services which are free of cost
  2. Themed servers
  3. Unlimited number of group members
  4. 100% free of cost communication
  5. Low latency mode
  6. Direct texting enabled
  7. Optimized CPU consumption
  8. Enable friends list
  9. Modern interface for text chats
  10. Various channels
  11. Easily compatible with the mobiles and PC both
  12. Customized hotkeys
  13. Complete permission for access to most of the features
  14. Advanced push notifications
  15. DDoS and IP protection enabled
  16. In-game overlays

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What are the features of the software Teamspeak?


This is one VOIP that has been a popular choice for game lovers when it comes to comparing Teamspeak vs. Discord. The platform was launched in 2002, and it has managed to retain its status among the users since then. The user base of this software is one of the largest and consists of gaming enthusiasts primarily.

It will be great if we tell you some of the unique features of this application.

  1. Personal caller address
  2. Easy entering as well as exiting from the calls
  3. Advanced security settings
  4. Permission-based chat room access
  5. Integrated texting with easy sharing of URLs and other info
  6. No ID-password or free access to the servers to allow logging in by administrators too
  7. Easy file transfer through firewalls
  8. Customized tools, plug-ins, and other add-ons
  9. Active overlays in-game
  10. Free to use client
  11. Easily compatible with iOS devices
  12. Multi-platform access
  13. Good voice quality
  14. Finest latency levels

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Which is the better software- Teamspeak vs. Discord?

Convenience, efficiency, and performance can be the best criteria to judge any software, and we are going to use the same tools for our task. Let’s take the applications one by one and understand their working.

Analysis of the working of Teamspeak

features of the software Teamspeak

The size of this application is relatively smaller, and the number of resources is few too. However, it is not to think that this is a shortcoming of the app; instead, it is easy to deal with the users.

The software is fast and has got a low-spec system. The layout of Teamspeak is versatile Now, this becomes a restriction sometimes, especially in the case of new users. To run the app smoothly, one would need to be a bit techie or take time to better understand the operations. However, all of it is not too difficult to carry out, and users get a hold of it soon.

To connect to any server on Teamspeak, the users must copy the particular IP address of the server, which helps establish the connection.

You can save any server for later access by bookmarking it, which has to be done manually, and this gives it a downside in Teamspeak vs. Discord.

If you wish to host any server, then the only option for doing so is to buy it. The servers are not free for usage, and that is one drawback where you will have to choose between one time, monthly, or yearly payments depending on the service you have opted for. The software will also charge you according to the number of client slots that you will opt to keep. This makes server hosting a relatively expensive idea with Teamspeak.

The software allows overlays to operate within it. There is one such in-game software overlay named Overwolf that runs in partnership with Teamspeak. The main function of Overwolf is to facilitate the capturing of the gameplay and monitoring of the present channel to check the active users on that particular channel as well as the inactive ones. No matter how useful this feature is, enabling Overwolf causes input lags in the software, which becomes very annoying for the users. Additionally, you will be charged for any delay during the game, be it a lag of mere 0.5 seconds.

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Analysis of the working of Discord

features of Discord

The size of the Discord application is relatively bigger. It takes about 100 MB of the storage space on the PC. Now, this can turn to become a problem if the user is dealing with an old PC that is low on performance. Since Discord will take up a larger share of the disk and memory usage, the other process will face difficulty in operation.

The application has better integration and more advanced APIs that render sleekness and convenience of operation to it. However, this also means that it would consume more power than other programs. The result of it is the incidental sluggishness of the system.

The layout of Discord is very simple, which gives it an advantage in the Teamspeak vs. Discord tussle. The operations are as simple as just clicking on the server link to join or accept the invite sent on the server groups.

The servers can be easily saved for later access by bookmarking them, and Discord does that automatically.

If you want to host any server on Discord, then it’s free of cost to do so. It is very easy to manage servers on Discord since the layout is very basic, and the settings can be easily manipulated for any purpose like sending server invites or creating new channels.

There is a personal overlay owned by Discord app meant for gaming features. The main aim of the overlay is to enable the monitoring of their channel by their owners. They can see all the activities happening on their present channel, including the users who are added and the ones who have left. The users can even manage notifications like tags, messages, etc. by enabling or disabling them.

While using Discord, you can showcase your gaming likes to the other co-gamers or friends that you have on your current list. For example, if you play popular games like the Fortnite, which are integrated with Discord, then you can see the number of users playing the game with you, the number of people left in the present match, and even the time period for which the game has been playing. This gives it a bonus in the Teamspeak vs. Discord fight.

There is a quick launch feature in the application of Discord where you can add many games. As the name itself suggests, the feature enables the quick launching of your favorite games as you won’t have to leave the application for opening the game. It’s like the creation of a shortcut for the particular games, and you can directly launch them from the platform of Discord itself.

Discord also lets you buy several games from its own platform. You will have the benefit of having to pay highly discounted prices for those games. One of the app features allows the display of the games that you own or play regularly to the friends and co-gamers that you have added on your Discord account or servers.

For all the friends that you have added to your account on Discord, it is possible to see the mutual servers and ascertain if there is any friend or co-gamer that is using the same server to yours.

Final words

The software Discord completely stands out in league with many of the outstanding features that are not present in Teamspeak. The only considerable drawback of Discord is that it consumes a lot of memory and disk storage. Other than this, there is no weakness in the software that can possibly affect its popularity. So in the battle of Teamspeak vs. Discord, it can safely be concluded that Discord is the winner.

Features like free server hosting, user-friendly gaming overlay, lag-free operating, guided user interface, etc. are some of the strongest points of Discord which are missing in the software Teamspeak. An individual study of the two software features also gives a clear conclusion about Discord being the superior application than Teamspeak. The features are more advanced, and the developers have considerably built over the base by adding more features over time. On the other hand, the features of Teamspeak are good but basic enough.