If Your Taskbar Disappeared in Windows 10? Let’s Fix It Now!

There are many individuals who experience various issues related to Windows OS. Although Windows is a very friendly and smoothly-running operating system, it can experience some issues at least occasionally. Compared to other upgrades, Windows 10 seems to have somewhat more issues for many users. ‘Taskbar Disappeared in Windows 10‘ is one of those issues that can make users really frustrated. In fact, we have seen that many Windows users ask solutions to this issue in various platforms. Although Microsoft will address all these issues with an update, it is better if you know a solution. So, in this article, we explain how to resolve this issue.

Solutions to address ‘Taskbar Disappeared in Windows 10’ issue

In this section of our article, we explain how to address this issue and bring back your taskbar. We present several options so you can choose the best one to suit your situation.

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01. Unhide the taskbar to fix Taskbar Disappeared in Windows 10

It is totally possible that your taskbar is hidden and you cannot see it just because of that. Keep in mind that this is not a bug or something so you can fix that very easily. If the issue is caused because the taskbar is hidden, the action you should take is simple. All you have to do is to move the mouse over the bottom of the screen. If the taskbar was hidden, it should popup simple, and you don’t need to worry about it. To get rid of this error, in this case, you will have to turn off the auto-hide feature. As you might notice, this is not a very complex process.

Well, to get rid of this issue, you cannot simply right-click and turn it off. Instead, you will have to disable it through ‘Control Panel.’ After reaching the control panel, you will have to click on the option called ‘Taskbar and Navigation.’ This option will display all the navigation properties. You should see the option called ‘Auto-hide the taskbar‘ among the rest. Just uncheck it.

02. Change the display settings to fix Taskbar Disappeared in Windows 10

If you change the display output device of the computer pretty regularly, you will experience this issue more often. For instance, if you connect the computer with an external display option (such as LED TV), the taskbar can disappear. In order to get rid of this respective error, you should do a simple trick. As per this method, you will have to press ‘Windows‘ key and ‘P.’ Or, you will have to go to the control panel and select the option called ‘Display.’ Then, go to ‘Adjust‘ and change the settings to resolve ‘Taskbar Disappeared in Windows 10‘.

Did you use an older version of Windows and now it is upgraded to Windows 10? If so, the settings related to display and resolution would be pretty much the same with the new upgrade too. That means the options will pop up in the right section of the screen. If it is Windows 10, you will want to know about the PC Screen option only. The same procedure mentioned in the previous paragraph would be applied to Windows 10 as well.

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03. Restart Windows Explorer to Fix Taskbar Disappeared in Windows 10

If you are still out of luck, you should try this method. This is another simple trick you can perform in order to address the ‘Taskbar Disappeared in Windows 10’. There is a specific process in Windows OS to control the entire functionalities of the desktop ad taskbar. The process is called Explorer.exe. Of something goes wrong with Explorer.exe, the taskbar can disappear. However, if that is the case, the icons on the desktop too may go missing.

As we mentioned, both of these issues depend on the explorer.exe process. And, both of those errors can occur at the same time. To get rid of this issue, you will have to follow the steps mentioned in the following paragraph.

First of all, you should open the option called ‘Task Manager‘ in your Windows operating system. Then, you will have to type in the option called Explorer.exe. Then, you should hit the ‘Enter‘ key. You will see that the process called explorer.exe is restarted. As a result, you will have the taskbar back on the desktop. If you see a Windows explorer popup now, that actually means that the explorer.exe is running in the background.

If you experience such issues consistently through Windows 10, you don’t need to worry much about it. It is true that Windows 10 is a relatively new operating system, and it may have some issues. Interestingly, most of these issues are resolved through the new updates they offer. In addition to the updates, we expect a whole new release of the Windows operating system in the near future. However, we are not too sure about the exact date of this release. What we can say is that Microsoft tries its best to provide a very convenient user-experience.

We happened to know that there are some reports related to Windows 10 Technical Preview. As per those reports, there were some minor issues related to aspects like sound drivers and HDMI ports. Many users tried to resolve these issues on the computer through different types of third-party applications. But, at the same time, Microsoft released some timely updates and resolved those minor errors. So, users don’t need the assistance of expensive third-party tools anymore to rectify errors like HDMI and sound issues.

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Confusion between tablet mode and desktop mode

As a Windows 10 user, you should know that it has two modes (tablet mode and desktop mode). If you don’t figure out these modes correctly, you will have a hard time working in Windows 10. Sometimes, this confusion itself can lead to ‘Taskbar Disappeared in Windows 10’ issue. For your convenience, we will explain the difference between those two modes here in this section.

There is no shortage of individuals who expect a new release of Windows that doesn’t have errors. But, releasing an operating system with 0% errors can be far from reality. There can be various minor issues with any operating system, and they will be resolved in a timely manner. That is exactly why operating systems offer updates on a regular basis with solutions to issues. Let’s get back into the subject once again. But what if Taskbar Disappeared in Windows 10, not because of an error? What if it has happened just because of a misunderstanding? In Windows 10, there are two modes to operate. For instance, it can operate either in tablet mode or desktop mode. Both of these modes have unique characteristics. If the operating system is switched into tablet mode, users will not see a taskbar. As you already know, your tablet does not have a taskbar, does it? Also, the usual icons in the desktop will be not there. New users can get frustrated after seeing such a thing.

How to overcome it? The only option you can try in this case is restarting the device and see. In that case, the device may overcome the issue.

If that doesn’t work, you will have to try switching from tablet mode to PC mode. To do that, you should follow the instructions mentioned below.

When you see that taskbar disappeared Windows error on your computer, there is no quick shortcut to use. In other words, you cannot simply switch to tablet mode from PC mode and vice versa. In order to do that, you will have to follow the instructions mentioned below. You will have to click on the option called ‘Action Center.’ This icon is located in the taskbar, so you can bring a list up which shows a quick settings menu. Then, you can tap or click on the option called ‘Tablet Mode.’ This will toggle between the tablet mode to desktop mode.

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If you have further doubts about ‘Taskbar Disappeared in Windows 10‘ issue, please let us know in the comments section.