The Best Spotify Alternative – iMusic & Other Great Apps Like Spotify

Even though Spotify is a great music streaming site, some of you may still want a Spotify alternative for the expensive monthly fee of the former might not seem a worthy investment. You have come to the right place for your search of apps like Spotify that will serve the job just right. Read on as we list the best along with seven other alternatives to Spotify app.

iMusic- the best Spotify alternative

If you are going to a place without any internet connection but don’t want to give up on your Spotify music to be able to enjoy fully, then the best way out is to download the playlist. It is here that iMusic, a great Spotify alternative can help you out in downloading your favorite music from not just Spotify but more than 3000 other music apps like YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion. All it will take is copying the URL and paste it into the search box of the iMusic app.

For the music that can’t be downloaded, like the radio station music, you can still get access to it by recording and saving them on the PC. Another great thing that iMusic offers is a huge music library that allows you to listen as well as download songs for free.

Let us now list some great feature of this brilliant music app:

  • The app can get you access to music from more than 3000 sites simply and quickly by just URL pasting.
  • You can record limitless music even from radio stations, and save it in the PC for one-click play later.
  • The music that you like can be automatically recorded or downloaded to be saved in the library to allow easy transfer and management.
  • You can transfer playlists/ songs from any device to another like Android, iOS, iTunes, Mac, Windows, etc. very easily.
  • The in-built magnanimous music library is a great place to be with where you get the hottest music and can browse endlessly.
  • The latest technology of the app lets you find music as well as tag it by searching with the help of artist name, song title, music genre, album name, etc.
  • The app allows you to transfer the saved music with just a single click to any USB drive so that you can enjoy music at any place like a car.

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Downloading Spotify music with iMusic

There are two ways in which you can download music from Spotify with the help of iMusic Spotify alternative – one where you record the music and the other where the music is directly downloaded with the help of song URL. Let’s see the method for both now.

First way: Using iMusic for downloading the Spotify music

There are two versions of the app that are there in operation, each for Windows and Mac OS. Thus, before downloading the app, make sure that you are getting the right version suited to the device that you are using.

1. You need to begin with downloading the iMusic app on any PC. It can be installed immediately after the download, and it takes very little time to do so. Launch the app now and select the option Get Music. Now, hit the button Download.

2. Now open the Spotify app or open the website version and search for the music that you wish to download. Copy the link of that song or playlist.

3. Go back to the iMusic app and paste the copied link here into the windowpane that we have previously opened.

4. Select what format you want the music to be downloaded in and then hit the button Download.

Second way: Using iMusic for recording the Spotify music

1. Begin with launching the iMusic app. Hit a double-click on the app icon on the PC.

2. On the main interface itself, you will find the option of Record at the top. Click it.

3. Go back and open the Spotify app or website. Find the music that you wish to record and start streaming or playing it. If you want to record the music from Spotify itself, open your account to play the track that you want.

4. Once again, be back in the iMusic app as the music plays in Spotify. Hit the button Record that is there on the interface that we left open previously. The music will start being recorded now.

5. Once the complete music is recorded, it gets saved in the iTunes library. You can look for it here later.

Reasons for choosing iMusic as the best Spotify alternative

You will find many apps like Spotify that do the same job. There are several unique features of iMusic that make it stand out in the race. Let us list them out for you:

Download limitless music for free

iMusic allows you to get your favorite music from more than 3000 music apps that even include the major ones like Spotify, Pandora, BBC Radio, Napster, Deezer, Grooveshark, and many others.

Filter out the ads

Ads can mess up the song recordings. Thus, iMusic has got the feature of detecting the ads and filter them automatically.

Split the tracks

iMusic even allows you to split the track and save them as separate files.

Identify and get info about the music

You can also identify the recorded songs, and the app will get you all the information related to that music like its title, genre, album, and artist.

Share music easily

You can transfer and share the music very easily across a lot of devices like iOS, Android, and even burn it into the CDs.

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Seven other great alternatives to Spotify

iMusic is undoubtedly the best one you’ve got, but you can try out these seven music apps like Spotify that also work great.

Besides, here is the Spotify Premium APK and the full Spotify vs. Google Music comparison for your reference.

#1 Spotify Alternative – Deezer

This music website lets you stream over million songs and that too over a lot of devices and platforms. The Deezer music platform is available for use in over 100 countries and is also available for Canadian users among the few other music sites. It functions in a very similar way to Spotify. Just like the usual music apps, Deezer has different subscription levels, too, with around 320 kbps audio quality.

  • $4.99/month plan: limited mobile app, ad-free music
  • $6.99/month plan: full app


  • Three membership plans
  • Access in over 100 countries
  • Supreme audio quality
  • Multi-platform access


  • Inefficient interface
  • Limited music library
  • Extra pay for full mobile app

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#2 Spotify Alternative – Google Play All Access

Google entered the music streaming world with this app that can be accessed on mobile devices as well as any browser on a PC. The music library of this app features over 20 million songs along with supreme audio quality. You can search for any music and also create custom playlists. The app can even create auto playlists based on stream history. This music app doesn’t come for free, and you have to take the $9.99 monthly subscription plan.


  • Huge music catalog
  • High audio quality
  • Easy customizations


  • No free version
  • No desktop access
  • Confusing interface

#3 Spotify Alternative – Grooveshark

This is one of the unique alternatives to Spotify that features music uploaded by the users; this means that the app doesn’t contribute any music from its side. The millions of songs are all users generated, and they can have varying audio quality depending upon the original upload format. Grooveshark has been removed by Android and Apple for copyright stealing charges and is only available on platforms like Blackberry. It has two versions-

  • Free version: contains ads
  • $5/ month plan: ad-free streaming, anywhere access, and more.


  • Extensive music catalog
  • Supported on Blackberry
  • User-friendly interface


  • Music copyright trouble
  • Poor sound quality
  • No app for Android and Apple

#4 Spotify Alternative –

This streaming type works like a music radio station where you can play your favorite music online just like you do on alternatives to Spotify. However, you cannot make custom playlists here. The app can yet build a music list for you based on your likes, dislikes, most-listened artists, disliked albums, and other preferences. For the straight music streaming that the app allows, it gives good audio quality along with cool music selection. Just like other radio stations, also has-

  • Free version
  • $3/month plan: ad-free streaming


  • Decent music library
  • Fair sound quality


  • Limited customization
  • Fewer features

#5 App Like Spotify – Pandora Radio

This streaming site has got themed stations and yet lets you create your custom playlists. The auto playlists continue to get more personalized with time-based on your streaming history. The music library features over one million songs. The Pandora Radio app can be accessed over a huge variety of mobile devices as well as browsers on a PC. It also allows you to skip songs. Here are the two versions-

  • Free app: contains ads
  • $4/month plan: ad-free


  • Low-cost Spotify alternative
  • Access over a huge type of devices


  • No customization
  • Limited song skips
  • Limited music catalog

#6 App Like Spotify – Rdio

This music site has got personalized streaming as well as themed stations for the best music experience. It also features a huge songs catalog along with a very simple user interface. The sound rate is not released by Rdio, unlike in other alternatives to Spotify. The sound quality may also differ at times. There are three versions of this music app-

  • Free: limited streaming
  • $4.99/month plan: browser access, unlimited streaming, ad-free
  • $9.99/month plan: mobile app access, offline mode


  • Simple interface
  • Impressive song variety
  • Radio mode
  • Playlist mixes


  • Streaming limits
  • Differing sound quality

#7 App Like Spotify – Stereomood

This music site works differently than other music apps like Spotify. It gives you the right music for your mood; you tell the app how you are feeling, and it will create a custom song list for that. The program tracks the mood trend weekly. These lists are mostly pre-set, and there is little scope for personal customization; you can tag some music that you like yet. The iOS version is linked with iTunes and lets you buy the songs directly.


  • Fun mood personalization
  • Fully free music
  • Ad-free
  • iTune linked


  • Extremely limited customization


You can easily compare these apps to get your perfect Spotify alternative that suits your purpose best. We recommend iMusic that has got the best of all apps like Spotify and is going to let you do more than just listen to music. Try it out today!

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