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Setting Up an iPhone Spy Camera With Ease

iPhones are equipped with a lot of interesting and useful pieces of hardware. From the built-in GPS which makes location services possible, to the high-quality camera. Given that all iPhones have a camera, some parents may want to create an iPhone spy camera. By doing this, parents can make sure that their children aren’t in any trouble and that they’re safe. Not sure how to do this? We’re going to be showing you how to do so with an Apple Watch.

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Creating an iPhone Spy Camera

If you’re interested in creating your own iPhone spy camera, then there are a few different ways to do so. We’ll be showing you how to use an Apple Watch alongside your iPhone in a few moments.

Alternatively, there are different iOS apps available for turning your iPhone into a spy camera. A few popular apps are Spyzera, Easy Calc, and SpyVid, but there are many others too. The way in which these apps work is by capturing the iPhone’s camera feed and streaming it elsewhere. The big disadvantage of this is that a network connection is required.

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Part 1. How to Turn iPhone into iPhone Spy Camera by Apple Watch

You only require two things for this: an iOS device with a camera and an Apple Watch. With these two pieces of technology, you’re able to create an iPhone spy camera. Unsure of how you can do this? Follow the steps below.

Step #1 – Charge your iPhone to full battery and place it in a safe location. The iPhone should be secured in position, and the camera should be pointed towards the targeted area.

Step #2 – Now that the iPhone is in place, open the “Camera” application on the Apple Watch.

Step #3 – You will now be able to view the live feed of your iPhone’s camera. The feed can be watched for as long as your iPhone is charged.

Even though this is going to take some time to set up, it’s a great surveillance system to have. If you have an old unused iPhone, it’s definitely worth setting up as an iPhone spy camera.

However, there are a few limits to using this option. First, you aren’t able to record the live feed or the audio; you’re only able to take pictures. You must also be near your iPhone in order to view the live feed. Of course, these limits can be discouraging, but an iPhone and an Apple Watch will get the job done.

Protecting Your iPhone Data

Before we show you how to create an iPhone spy camera using different tools, we’re going to look at data protection. This is something that more iPhone users need to be aware of. While there are iOS security measures in place, they aren’t enough – you need to take additional steps.

To avoid unwanted prying eyes viewing your iPhone data, if you ever get rid of your iPhone you should make sure that you have completely wiped the data from it. This is a crucial step to preventing anyone from seeing your personal data. You may think that the iPhone factory reset feature is enough, but it isn’t.

We recommend using third-party data erasing tools such as Tenorshare iCareFone Cleaner or iMyFone Umate Pro. Both of these programs ensure that your data can’t be recovered and that it is completely safe. Selling your iPhone or giving it to someone else to use? Make sure that you use a reliable tool.

Part 2. Top 5 iPhone Spy Camera Tools

Now, it can be a challenge to use an iPhone spy camera (especially if you live in a cold environment). Bad weather can damage your iPhone, and it’s not always possible to hide the iPhone discreetly. For these reasons alone, we recommend using a spy tool instead of creating an iPhone spy camera. We are now going to be detailing some of the best iPhone spy camera apps that are available for all iOS devices, and the pros and cons of each app.

#1 – KidsGuard

The first tool that we’re going to introduce you to is KidsGuardBest My Free Android Spy Alternative. Undoubtedly, KidsGuard is the most impressive tool that can be used to create an iPhone spy camera. This all-in-one smartphone monitoring program is renowned for its reliability and the diverse set of features that it has been equipped with.

KidsGuard is a tool which goes so much further than a simple monitoring platform. With KidsGuard, you are able to monitor all of the activity from any iPhone. This includes the text messages, photos, call logs, contact information, social media activity (Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram and more), and of course, you can take live screenshots.


  • Track the real-time GPS location of a device.
  • Capable of monitoring the social media activity of a targeted device.
  • Built-in geofencing to alert you whenever the device is out of bounds.
  • Block app usage to prevent children from opening certain apps.
  • Easily accessible keylogging, perform phone cam spy
  • Internet browsing history is tracked and can be viewed.
  • Supports all iOS and Android devices.
  • All activity is tracked in the real-time.
  • Try KidsGuard for free before purchasing.
  • Cheap packages are available.
  • You have to pay a monthly fee to use KidsGuard.
  • The free trial features are limited.

Try KidsGuard

#2 – Spyera

Next up we have Spyera, another app which has received a lot of well-deserved popularity. This app can be installed without any risk of detection and won’t deplete the device’s battery any faster either. It comes with numerous features that are useful for any curious spies and is very easy to use.

To further reduce the risk of detection, Spyera can’t be found on a smartphone’s task manager. If you don’t want to be found out, then this is the app for you.


  • Remotely spy on both iOS and Android devices.
  • Real-time GPS tracking.
  • Virtually no risk of being detected.
  • Track all smartphone activity and browse this activity with ease.
  • Has a number of incredibly useful features.
  • Record the iPhone’s feed selectively.
  • Easy to use for any smartphone user.
  • Fills very little storage space.
  • In comparison to the other tools, this is an expensive choice.
  • Your iPhone must be jailbroken to be used as an iPhone spy camera.
  • The iPhone is required for live streaming its feed.

Try Spyera

#3 – SpyVid

Another leading iOS app is SpyVid. One of the main features that SpyVid includes is the ability to record live video feeds discreetly. Another feature is screenshotting. Typically, taking an iPhone screenshot will alert the user – with this feature, that isn’t the case.

In comparison to the likes of Spyera and KidsGuard, SoyVid is light on the features. Nonetheless, it is an effective solution and is worth considering if you’re interested in an iPhone spy camera.


  • Record videos from your iPhone without getting caught.
  • While recording, your iPhone will display a Twitter feed instead of the video feed.
  • Swipe transparency allowing you to view the video feed subtly.
  • A very basic and easy-to-use spying app.
  • An incredibly discreet and secretive app, minimizing the chances of getting caught.
  • Cheap and worth the price.
  • Some features take time to get used to, including swipe transparency.
  • A very basic app which lacks any advanced spying features.

Try Spyvid

#4 – Easy Calc

Easy Calc is slightly different from the other apps that we’ve looked at so far. The main purpose of this app is that you can take photos and record videos without getting caught. Similarly, you can subtly record audio too.

When you first open the app, it is disguised as a calculator – hence the name “Easy Calc”. The app will continue to appear and work as a calculator until you’ve entered the secret pin to access to spy features that come with it. A feature that stands out is the motion detector feature!


  • Record videos using either the front or back iPhone camera.
  • Record audio from your iPhone’s microphone without recording videos.
  • Motion detection feature means that a video will only be recorded whenever there is movement in front of your camera.
  • Variation of video qualities available.
  • Basic, free, and easy to use.
  • Several recording options available.
  • Alibi features to prevent getting caught.
  • The camera flash is automatically disabled.
  • Known to crash when recording long videos.
  • iPhone’s front camera records low-quality videos.

Try Easy Calc

#5 – Security Cam

Last, but not least, we have the Security Cam app. The first thing you’re going to notice is the $5 price tag, but don’t let this discourage you. As one of the more advanced iPhone spy camera apps on the market, you can expect a lot from it.


  • All recordings are timestamped.
  • Motion and audio triggers.
  • Export your recordings with ease.
  • Easy to use.
  • Transfer your recordings via the app or Gmail.
  • One of the best spy apps out there.
  • Some features aren’t ideal for beginners.
  • Expensive if you are just using the app for fun.

Try Security Cam

To Conclude

With the different platforms that we’ve shown you in this article, you can make an accurate decision on which one you should use. Setting up and using an iPhone spy camera can be fun, exciting, and it can be a nifty creation. However, it’s not reliable, and your iPhone could end up breaking in the process. We recommend the alternative of using a spy camera app. Whether you choose KidsGuard or SpyVid, use an app that you’re comfortable with.

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