Top Savevid Alternative to Download Online Videos More Efficiently

Savevid might be a familiar term for you if you are into downloading online videos. In a nutshell, Savevid is a tool that can download online videos from various video-sharing platforms. For instance, this tool can download videos through Metacafe, Vimeo, and even through YouTube. This is a free tool that can be handy for some users.

Although Savevid is free to use, there are some notable drawbacks associated with it. For instance, it doesn’t allow you to change the file types when downloading the videos. So, if you need to convert a downloaded file, you should use a different video converter to do it. This is exactly why people are looking for a Savevid alternative. That said, are there any better alternatives to this tool? If so, what are they? How do they function? Let’s find it out.

This article comprises information related to the best Savevid alternative and a couple of other options as well. So, continue reading & learn what to do.

Part 1: iTube HD Video Downloader – the most powerful Savevid alternative

Many individuals want to use a good Savevid alternative for various purposes. Do you fall into that category and look for a powerful Savevid alternative? If so, iTube HD Video Downloader should be the best option you can use.

There are many good characters associated with iTube HD Video Downloader to choose it over Savevid. This tool allows you to download videos without necessarily having a limitation. If you want to download videos for some professional purposes, iTube should be the solution. This special tool is compatible with more than 10000 video-sharing platforms. Basically, it can extract videos from platforms like YouTube, Facebook, DailyMotion, Metacafe, Vimeo, and so on. So, if you are looking for an ultimate source for various different videos, nothing could be better than iTube.

This smart and powerful software can even record the screens of the PC you use. Also, it can record chat tools as well. iTube supports all the devices. It is 100% compatible with all iPhones/iPads/iPods, as well.

Features of iTube HD Video Downloader

Now, let’s take a look at the most notable features associated with this tool. You can take a look at these features to get an idea about its abilities.

  • This powerful Savevid alternative lets you download and record videos through more than 10000 online resources.
  • It can download videos without necessarily losing the original quality.
  • It can easily download HTML5 video and download videos in high-quality video formats such as 1080p, HD, UHD, 1440p, etc.
  • With it, you can convert any downloaded video file to any other file format. In fact, iTube is compatible with more than 150 formats.
  • You can convert videos using this platform in one click.
  • This tool can download videos with 3X speed thanks to the multithreading technology.
  • It supports batch downloads as well, so you can download videos in bulks simultaneously.
  • It offers you a free trial version as well, so you can experience it before purchasing a license.

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How to use iTube Savevid alternative to download videos

In this part, we explain how to download videos using this powerful tool. The steps you should follow are listed below for your convenience. Once you have downloaded the videos, you can view them without having an internet connection.

01. To start the process, you should download iTube HD Video Downloader on the computer. After that, you should install it following the easy on-screen instructions. Be sure to use their official website to download the software. Once you have done that, make sure that you launch it to see the home screen.

Savevid Alternative - iTube HD Video Downloader

02. Now, you should launch your preferred browser and go to a good video-sharing platform. In this example, let’s assume that you want to download a video from YouTube. So, visit YouTube and search for the video you intend to download. Be sure to open the video on YouTube itself and then copy its URL.

iTube HD Video Downloader

03. Now, you should switch back to the iTube HD Video Downloader as the next step. Go to its downloader interface and click on the option labeled “+ Paste URL” button. Do you want to convert those videos into any other format? If that is the case, you should enable the option called “Download then convert.” After that, you should select the output file format you want. Well, there are more than 150 file formats to choose from.

iTube HD Video Downloader

04. Once you have completed the steps so far, you should see that iTube starts to download the videos. Just wait patiently. You can check the progress of the download through the downloading tab.

iTube HD Video Downloader

05. Soon, the downloading process will be finished. Please note that the duration it takes to download a video can vary depending on various reasons. For instance, the length of the video, its quality, and your internet connection speed are those reasons. However, in general, iTube can download videos very quickly compared to any other tool of its kind. At downloaded, you can see the videos in the Downloaded tab. All you need is to right-click on the downloaded videos. Then, click on the option called “Open File Location” to find where those videos are saved.

iTube HD Video Downloader

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Part 2: Other alternatives to Savevid

Here is another Savevid alternative that can download videos specifically from YouTube. Are you looking for a free tool without purchasing a professional tool? In that case, MacX YouTube Downloader can be a good alternative. If you don’t want to use Savevid due to some reason or another, use this alternative.

This software is designed to focus on Mac users. For Mac users, you can free download any number of videos through YouTube with this tool. In addition to YouTube, this tool supports other popular video downloading sites as well. It offers various different formats and resolutions, giving great value to this free tool.

MacX YouTube downloader can transfer videos between devices. For instance, it can transfer videos from an iOS device to a Mac. Also, it can transfer videos between iOS devices. This tool allows you to acquire videos faster and efficiently, thanks to multithreading technology. Moreover, you can download videos in batch using this special software. This special software doesn’t cost you anything because you don’t have to purchase it. However, if you want to use the advanced features of this tool, you have to purchase it. Basically, it depends on your requirement whether or not to purchase the software.

MacX YouTube Downloader Savevid Alternative


  • It allows you to download videos in HD quality.
  • Download videos even through the trial version.
  • Supports other video sharing platforms in addition to YouTube.


  • This software cannot be used on Windows. It is compatible with macOS devices only.
  • Their free version comes with several limitations.
  • The paid version of this tool can be pretty expensive.
  • It doesn’t support many of the industry-standard file formats.

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Part 3: Use Video DownloadHelper as a Savevid alternative

Video DownloadHelper can be considered as another handy Savevid alternative. In fact, it works as a plugin for the Firefox browser we use every day. You can install it on Firefox and start downloading the videos of your choice. However, the main disadvantage associated with this tool is that it works with Firefox only. If your browser is not Firefox, you cannot use this tool. So, keep that in mind when you try to use this tool.

If you agree to use Firefox, Video DownloadHelper can let you download videos from all the leading platforms. For instance, it can acquire videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and many other video-sharing platforms. If you visit their official website, you can see that they boast about the tool’s compatibility. As they say, this tool supports thousands of video-sharing platforms. However, in reality, it can download videos from only about 50 websites. Also, it supports only 05 file formats. So, there are various limitations associated with Video DownloadHelper compared to iTube.

Savevid Alternative - Video DownloadHelper


  • It is practically compatible with at least 50 video sharing platforms.
  • The plugin is easy to use, and onscreen instructions are very simple.
  • It can convert the downloaded videos to at least 05 file formats.


  • This tool is only compatible with Mozilla Firefox.
  • They are compatible with a very small number of video-sharing platforms.
  • Some users say that you have to pay if you want to download videos.
  • Although the official site says this tool is compatible with thousands of platforms, it is not. Instead, it works only with about 50 websites.

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As of now, you should have a good understanding of Savevid and its alternatives. That said, iTube HD Video Downloader is the ideal Savevid alternative that can download videos easily. Also, it offers plenty of options and features with the best compatibility.

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