Top 3 Samsung Unroot Tools – Unroot Your Samsung Phone Easily

There are so many unroot tools in the market that you may have trouble to find the right one for your Samsung phone or tablet. Well, it is just the aim of this article. And I am going to introduce the top 3 Samsung Unroot Softwares & Apps for you. But before you start to unroot your Samsung phone, remember to create a backup file for your Samsung phone data. It can help you get back to the situation before unrooting in case you have messed up.

Part 1: How to Backup Samsung Phone Before Unrooting

Step 1. On Samsung phone, go to the function of “settings” and find the item of “Accounts and Sync” and choose to “Add Account”. After that, you will see a new screen you can see many accounts of different applications. Choose the Samsung account. Then enter your email address and password to log in to your Samsung account.


Step 2. After you have logged in your Samsung account, click on “Samsung Account” and then the “Device Backup”. And then, you can see a dialog box pop up, where you need to choose all the data files to back up and click on “OK”. To protect your data better, it is advisable that you back up all the important data, including the apps, contacts, messages, videos and photos.


Step 3. Then, click on “Backup now” to start the backup process. If you want the backup process stops automatically when it finishes, you can turn on the item of “Auto-Backup”.


Part 2: Top Three Samsung Unroot Softwares

Now, after creating the necessary data files on your Samsung phone, you can start to unroot Samsung devices with the unroot tools. Here are some nice Samsung unroot applications for you.

1. Samsung Kies

samsung kies

Price: free
Download URL: Here
Kies 3 is released by Samsung so it is safe and reliable. It is really a free choice to unroot Samsung phone. And it can also help you update your apps to the latest versions and help you back up and restore the apps. Besides, you can use kies to transfer the media data files between your Samsung and your computer.

2. SuperOneClick


Price: free
Download URL: here
SuperOneClick is developed by XDA Developers. It does a good job when it comes to unroot your Samsung. Of course, you can unroot other Android phones with it too. The operation is easy and simple.

3. Rescue Root

Samsung Unroot Tools -  Rescue Root

Price: $29.95
Download URL: here
Rescue Root is released by Rescue Root, which enables you to unroot all the Android phones except HTC. The “unmount” function it offers is able to help you unroot your phone without soft brick. And you can get used to this nice tool after trial.

PS: if you wish to know Android Root Software and root Samsung Galaxy J5, here are the top solutions.

Part 3: And here are the Top 3 Apps for Unrooting Your Samsung Phone or Tablet.

App 1. Mobile ODIN Pro

Samsung Unroot Tools - Mobile ODIN Pro

Price: $4.99
Download URL: here
Mobile ODIN Pro is developed by Chain Fire Tools. And it said the most handy tool for unrooting the Samsung phones. Once you install this app on your Samsung, it will detect your phone to see if they are compatible with each other. It can help you clean your phone too.

App 2. Unroot Android

Samsung Unroot Tools - Unroot Android

Price: Free
Download URL: {Note: DELETED from Google Play Store}
Unroot Android is released by Kood Apps. It is compatible with almost all the Android phones. It is able to unroot your phone as well as updating the apps on your phone.

App 3. Ginger Unroot

Samsung Unroot Tools - Ginger Unroot

Price: $0.99
Download URL: {Note: DELETED from Google Play Store}
Ginger Unroot is developed by Gatesjunior. It can unroot your phone but it won’t wipe the data files on your phone. With this app, you can unroot your phone with ease and you can also re-root your phone too.