Samsung to iPhone: How to Transfer Samsung Contents to iPhone

If you just got a new iPhone, and would like to transfer data from Samsung old mobile phone to new iPhone, then the article is just for you which will introduce the best Samsung contacts to iPhone transfer app: dr.fone – Phone Transfer for Samsung to iPhone data transfer for you to solve your mobile data transfer problem between Samsung phone and iPhone.

Samsung and Apple are two popular mobile brands in the world. When some Samsung users decided to buy an iPhone for a change, the question of contacts transfer from Samsung to iPhone may trouble many people. Because edit so many contacts one by one is tedious and boring.

I bet you will be excited now for seeing dr.fone – Phone Transfer: a phone data transfer tool can move Samsung contacts to iPhone just in 1 click. You just need to download this Samsung to iPhone contacts transfer tool and run it. Follow the instruction precisely, you will finish transfer contents from Samsung to new iPhone by yourself.

Three steps to transfer contents from Samsung to iPhone by dr.fone – Phone Transfer:

1. Install dr.fone and run it

First, install dr.fone and launch it. Then you will see the primary interface as below.


2. Connect your iPhone and Samsung phone to PC

Then, after you run dr.fone, please connect your Samsung phone and new iPhone, iPhone 5 for example to PC at the same time. And if you want to empty the destination phone, click the “Clear data before copy”.

Samsung to iPhone Data Transfer

Note: If you want to change the place of phones, the rectangle button Flip can help you.

Please check whether you have installed iTunes on your computer or not. dr.fone will remind you of installing it if not.

3. Transfer Samsung data to iPhone.

You can begin the Samsung contents to iPhone transfer by hitting the button “Start Transfer”. During the whole progress, Please ensure that either of your phones has been connected with your computer. Click “OK” when the contents from Samsung to iPhone transfer is finished.

Samsung to iPhone Contacts Transfer

Note: You can click Cancel at the lower right corner if you want to cancel it on the midway. And you will find that the dr.fone – Phone Transfer is a comprehensive contact copy, the contacts transfer between Samsung and iPhone is including job title, email addresses, company name, etc. And all the data can be only read by yourself.

Besides, dr.fone – Phone Transfer can transfer Samsung SMS and contacts to Samsung phone with one click too. What’s more, it can be a good helper when you need to move your data, namely contacts, SMS, and text messages, from iOS to Android.

Try dr.fone – Phone Transfer