Ultimate Know – How to Samsung S8 Lock Screen

In this article, we are going to take all our Samsung readers to a road of permanent resolution in dealing with their Samsung devices. This is especially in trying to find a way around the Samsung S8 lock screen, which a lot of users of Samsung have faced while using their mobile devices.

In the past few years, there have been a few major updates on the lock screen of the Samsung brand of smartphones. These Samsung smartphones based on the Android operating system comes equipped with a lot of fresh and unique characteristics, which also encompass this much talked about Samsung S8 lock screen. One of the most manifested updates in each Samsung model is clearly visible through the by and large modified look and feel of the lock screen aspect in Samsung.

To assist you in making the most out of this particular Samsung S8 lock screen, this extensive post has been specifically written, containing the most step by step instructions for your easy understanding. Also, we have also incorporated a very remarkable third-party tool for ease during the performance of such tasks. Keep reading on and get familiar with the most major Samsung features and Samsung S8 lock screen.

PART 1: Learning to set up and switch off the Samsung S8 lock screen

To begin with, let us gain knowledge of how to set up the Samsung S8 lock screen. Identical to the majority of the trendy Android mobile devices, you can just set up a PIN, password, or pattern, on the Samsung S8 lock screen. In case you possess a fresh model at hand, then you will get fingerprint security too. For example, the lock screen on Samsung Galaxy S7 offers a highly developed biometric security attribute. You can follow the steps below for setting up the Samsung S8 lock screen.

Step 1: You can start by unlocking the Samsung device and visiting the Settings. Choose ‘Lock Screen‘ tab and tap on ‘Screen Lock.’

Step 2: Under this, you can select the preferred lock nature, i.e., pattern, fingerprint, PIN, etc.

Setup Samsung S8 lock screen

Step 3: In case you do not wish for extra security, simply choose the ‘Swipe lock‘ option also.

Step 4: For the purpose of disabling the Samsung S8 lock screen, you can simply hit on the option of ‘None.’

Step 5: In case you want to set up a fresh Samsung S8 lock screen lock pattern, you can just click on the option of ‘Pattern.’

Step 6: In the subsequent screen, you will have to give your desired lock pattern for the device. In addition, you have to verify the lock pattern.

Step 7: In case of a few other devices, you have to set up a backup PIN too and authenticate your selection.

Step 8: Having confirmed your choice and saved the desired changes, the Samsung S8 lock screen will be guarded with your given pattern.

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PART 2: Learning to modify Samsung S8 lock screen clock

There are a lot of third-party and native lock screen widgets and apps for Samsung, which you can bring into play for customizing the device. Scores of users use the help of this clock widget lock screen on their Samsung mobile. Nonetheless, you can personalize such a widget easily by varying its format, style, and more. Follow the step below to know how:

Step 1: You can initiate by going to the Samsung phone settings, and choosing the ‘Lock Screen and Security‘ tab. In some other devices, such a range of directions can be brought about by selecting the ‘Security‘ option under Settings and opting for the ‘Lock Screen‘ option.

S8 Lock screen and Security

Step 2: In the section of ‘Clock Style‘, you will see a demonstration of different clock formats. Pick and choose the one, which appeals the most to you.

samsung galaxy s8 lock screen

Step 3: Furthermore you can just turn on or off your clock display on Samsung S8 lock screen in this way too.

Step 4: You will also be able to customize your phone display by turning on or off the feature of ‘Show Always.

Step 5: what’s more, when you are roaming and would wish to put forth the roaming clock on the Samsung S8 lock screen, you can visit your Settings, and choose ‘Lock Screen & Security‘. Then opt for ‘Face Widgets‘ and switch on the ‘Roaming Clock‘ option.

samsung s8 lock screen clock

PART 3: Disabling the Intelligent Samsung S8 lock screen

Samsung presents a smart lock screen on all its newest devices. Even if this facet is pretty informative and sophisticated, it can get to be somewhat invasive on occasion. For example, this Samsung S8 lock screen can sense on-body movement, places, trusted devices, voices, and many more. Occasionally, Samsung users have complained about the incursion of Samsung S8 lock screen apps by this intelligent lock feature. In such an instance that this much intrusive Samsung S8 lock screen smart feature may not be preferred by you, just turn it shut by these following steps:

Step 1: You can start by unlocking the Samsung device and going to the Settings tab and choose the option of ‘Security‘, from which you have to select the option of ‘Lock Screen and Security.

Step 2: From the given options, search for the ‘Smart Lock‘ feature. In order to turn off the feature, you can simply turn it off.

Step 3: Besides, you can also click on the feature of ‘Smart Lock‘ for getting access to its options, such as trusted places, on-body detected, trusted devices, and the like.

Step 4: Now, you can just click on the feature option of your preference, modify it, and respectively switch it on or off.

Disable Samsung S8 lock screen

PART 4: Learning to break open the Samsung S8 lock screen

Now and again, a few users may just fail to remember the PIN or pattern on their own Samsung S8 lock screen. In such an event, you can just take the help of the Dr.fone toolkit program. This third-party tool is branded to have the peak rate of success in the entire market and can do away with the Samsung S8 lock with no instance of any loss of data. What’s more, the Dr.fone program is simple in use, and any individual can make use of this program as help for getting rid of their phone’s lock screen in a flash.

dr.fone – Screen Unlock(Android) Key Features

  • The Dr.fone program can get rid of four kinds of Screen Lock on Androids devoid of any data loss.
  • The program can take out four screen lock styles, i.e., password, fingerprints, pattern, and PIN.
  • It can perform its device tasks easily with a guarantee of 100% nil loss of data in any way.
  • This program can be used without any prior tech knowledge and can be handled by everybody.
  • This program is compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note, Galaxy S Series, Tab series, and LG G2, LG G3, LG G4, and the like.
  • It is easily available on all Windows PC.

Step 1: Start by downloading dr.fone website on the PC. Having launched it, choose the option of ‘Screen Unlock‘.

Get dr.fone – Screen Unlock (Android)


Step 2: Then link the Android device to the PC and allow it to detect it automatically. Tap on ‘Start‘ to begin the process.

Step 3: You have to enter the phone in Download Mode and switch off the Samsung device. After this, press down and hold Home, Power, and Volume Down switch simultaneously.

Step 4: Release these buttons and push the button of Volume Up for entering the device in Download mode.

Step 5: Once the Samsung device enters the download mode, the downloading will start to take place, of the particular recovery package for the device.

Step 6: Hang around a bit like the app downloads the particular package file and solve the issue related to the Samsung S8 lock screen.

Step 7: as soon as the procedure is finished, you will receive a prompt. Now, you will be able to disconnect the device and utilize it devoid of any lock screen on the device.

Unlock Samsung S8 lock screen with dr.fone

Try dr.fone – Unlock (Android)

PART 5. Using DirectUnlocks to Unlock Your Samsung S8 from Any Network

If your Samsung S8 or other Android phone is locked by the carrier, DirectUnlocks can help you to unlock it for any network.

DirectUnlocks is a legal tool & works perfect for most all networks, such as O2, T Mobile, Three.co.uk, ASDA Mobile, Orange, Giffgaff, Sky, Virgin, Tesco, Talk Mobile, Vodafone, etc. from the UK; Simple Mobile, cricket, Cellcom, Straight Talk, at&t, Sprint, Xfinity, etc. from United States; even TELUS, Bell, MTS, Fido, Rogers, etc. from Canada, and others from Sweden, Ireland, France, Spain.

And all unlocks by DirectUnlocks are submitted to the carrier per their unlocking policies. Just click to select the network your Samsung S8 is locked to.

Try DirectUnlocks for Samsung S8

Now that you have read about these efficient suggestions, you can be able to make the best out of your Samsung S8 lock screen feature. Starting from numerous apps of the Samsung lock screen to their advanced features, all things have been covered by us in this post. In addition, When you do forget your Samsung S8 lock screen, then you can also make use of the dr.fone – Android Screen Unlock program for unlocking the device with no loss of data, with confidence and ease. After that, dr.fone – Phone Backup & Restore (Android) can help you backup Samsung Galaxy S8 to the computer or restore the backup to S8, dr.fone – Phone Manager (Android) can help you backup Galaxy S8 Photos with ease.