Why Samsung Contact Backup with Dr.Fone is the Best Solution?

Unable to perform Samsung contacts backup? Here are three ways in which you can successfully complete the backups.

The significance of contacts in your mobile device cannot be overstressed. They are vital for your personal and professional life. When you lose your contacts list you will be unable to contact any of your business links, friends or family members, as it is not possible to remember all their numbers. So, the only way to ensure the contacts stay unharmed is to do a regular backup.

Since the information in contacts is not stored in the SD card of your phone like the video, music or photo files, it cannot be exported via card reader or USB cable. The contacts are stored either in the device or SIM card. To do Samsung contacts backup, you need to know proper backup methods that work effectively for Samsung devices. Here are three such methods to do Samsung contacts backup, of which Dr. Fone backup tool is the most efficient. Let us see why.

1. Samsung contacts backup using Dr.Fone

Dr.Fone – “Android data backup and restore” software, for Android devices, is an ideal tool to back up your files and contacts. The backup tool helps protect data such as call history, messages, contacts, app data etc. with just a few clicks. Some of the significant features of the software for backup and restoration include

  • Easy Samsung contacts backup &  Android app backup & restore with just a single click
  • Dr.Fone supports over 8000 android devices other than Samsung devices
  • The software can back up all data and media files in android devices effectively
  • With Dr.Fone, you can back up the data in your Samsung device before you reset it. Restoring the data is easy after reset with just a single click.
  • The entire restoration is precise and comprehensive enabling complete back up without loss of even a single data file
  • If you need to backup only select files, the interface allows you to preview and choose the files you want to save.
  • Messages, contacts, calendar, application, audio, gallery, call history and video files are supported by the software.

The software has a flexible backup and restores feature allowing you to selectively backup any files you need with all data being kept intact.

Step by step guide to transfer Samsung contacts using Dr.Fone

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1. Visit the official website of Dr.Fone software. Download the software. Install and launch the program in your system.

Get dr.fone – Backup&Restore (Android)

2. In the main window, choose ‘Phone Backup‘ option for Android.


3. Connect the Samsung device to the system with USB cable. Dr.Fone will identify your device

4. All files, as well as applications available, are automatically identified by the software. When all the files are displayed, you can select the Contacts and choose backup option. Backup of your contacts will begin and the process will be completed in just a few seconds. The time depends on the contacts file size.

5. The contacts are now backed up successfully. To view the files you have backed up, click on the ‘View’ option.

2. Samsung Contacts Backup using Gmail Account

It is also possible to perform a backup of the Samsung contacts without the help of separate recovery software. Gmail account can be used to perform the backup. Here are the simple and easy steps you need to follow to do Samsung Contacts backup.

1. In your Samsung mobile device, tap on the settings option in the contacts section

2. Tap on the menu feature and choose the option, ‘Move Device Contacts To’


3. For the backup option select Google by tapping on it


4. Touch Ok and your contacts will be backed up in the Google account. Go to your Gmail account and you will find the contacts saved there.


3. Kies Backup Method

Kies is the official software designed by Samsung to help users manage the data in their Samsung devices quickly and smoothly. They can use this software to do the backup and restore of contacts. The software allows receiving and installation of Firmware updates on the mobile phone.

The software is apt for back up of localized data such as settings, bookmarks, videos, photos, music, alarms in addition to contacts. The software, however, does not backup multimedia protected by DRM. Although this is company software it is not fully reliable. It can fail to detect Samsung devices, be hard to sync and worse be very slow.

Here are the steps to follow to do a smooth backup with Kies software.

1. The first step is to install Samsung Kies on your system.

2. After installation run the software on your computer.

3. Use the USB cable of your device to connect it to the computer.


4. Once the system identifies your device, you will be able to see the software interface.

5. Click on the Contacts option present on the interface’s left side. All your contacts will be visible now

6. To the right of the contacts, you will find details such as email id, number etc.

7. You can now choose the contacts you want to do a backup on.

8. Click on the save to computer option present in the mid-interface level near the top.


After going through the three methods of backing up Samsung contacts, it will be clear that Dr.Fone from Wondershare is the most effective product to use for Samsung contacts backup. The software also saves files including messages, apps, media files, and other files. The single click process of backup is easy to do and you can perform the backup on all the files or on select files alone. If you want to do a reset on your Samsung device, this software will enable complete backup, so you can restore the contacts to your device once the reset is complete. Thus with dr.fone – Backup & Restore (Android) method your information will remain intact.

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