Best Ways to Root Samsung J5 Using/Without Using PC

You might not know what the top features that you are missing from your unrooted Android device are! You might use the popular Samsung Galaxy J5, and you are loving to use it but don’t know how to unlock all the potentials of your favorite device. This article is only for you then. Samsung J5 is one of the best devices which has been launched to replace the Apple iPhones and provide you with the best performances at the least price range. There are other competitors in the market now which can replace your favorite phone. Therefore, you can simply go for Samsung J5 root to get the best out of your device. The smoother performance will let your phone not to replace by the new one in the market right now. This article will also be helpful to other Galaxy phone users as well. To root Samsung J5 successfully, you need to have a good step by step instruction guide on your hand, and we are providing the best one here for you.

Part 1: Prepare Your Galaxy J5 For Rooting

To make the rooting successful for the Samsung J5, you need to follow few universal and common preparatory steps. Make sure to go step by step before your rooting of any Android device. These processes will ensure that your phone is ready for further actions in next parts.

1. Keeping Backup Comes First

For your data protection necessity, make sure to keep a backup of your Samsung Galaxy J5 before the Galaxy J5 root. It will let you get back when you face any difficulties while rooting your favorite phone.

2. Continuous Power Connection for the Phone

It is must to keep your Samsung J5 powered on throughout the rooting process. It will ensure your rooting successful.

3. Ensure 50% or More Battery Level

The rooting process of the Galaxy J5 might take a little bit longer time to finish, and you need to ensure that the device battery can support the process to maintain the power throughout the rooting steps.

4. Fast Boot Disabled

You need to disable the fast boot option from the Settings. Follow the instruction ‘Settings>>Battery’ to do this easily.

5. Steady Internet Connection (WiFi preferred if possible)

The Samsung J5 root requires a steady internet connection to make sure that the rooting will be successful. So, make sure to keep the internet connection on, but it is preferable to keep your WiFi on for all the time throughout the rooting process.

6. Allowing Third-Party Apps Installation

You need to enable the app’s installation from unknown sources to get your Samsung J5 Root like other rooted devices. It will allow you to install any apps from your phone or computer rather restricted to Store apps only. Follow the instruction to enable this great feature from here- Settings >> Security >> Unknown Sources.

Part 2: Root Galaxy J5 Using Your Personal Computer

As you have completed all the steps for preparation of your Samsung J5 for rooting, now you need to start the process as stated in this part. This part is intended to describe the easiest way to root your phone using your computer. You might find a handful options in your personal computer to root your favorite Galaxy J5. Among all those software available for rooting, Dr.Fone Toolkit – Galaxy J5 Root is the best and easiest to use. You might get confused using other software, but this is super cool to use due to its friendly user interface. Follow the below steps to learn step by step instructions on how to root your Samsung Galaxy J5.

#Step 1: Download and Install the Software

You can easily download a copy of the popular Android root tool Dr.Fone Toolkit from here. Then install the powerful tool on your computer following the instructions.

#Step 2: Launching the Tool and Connecting the Device to Your PC

After the successful installation of the tool, launch the software on your computer to start the process. Using a USB cable, connect your Galaxy J5 to your personal computer carefully. You need to find the “Root” option for rooting now from the options on the tool window.

For those Samsung J5 devices installed an Android version of 4.2.2 or later will get a popup window on their phone screen. You should select the OK button to allow the phone for USB debugging. Only then the Android root tool Dr.Fone Toolkit can automatically connect your phone to the tool to begin the rooting process on the Samsung Galaxy J5.

#Step 3: Detection and Rooting Process of Your Device

Once the device has been connected to the device, you simply press the Start button to detect your device by the software and appropriately start the process of rooting. This might take a few minutes to detect your phone.

Once you have finished the process, you can continue the rooting process by selecting the “Start” option.

You can find the popup message asking that if you want to root Samsung J5 after you have selected the Root Now option on the Dr.Fone Toolkit. To ensure your process, select the Confirm button to continue. Simply, you need to do these steps and you will get your successfully rooted Samsung device.

Root Samsung Galaxy J5

Part 3: Root Samsung J5 without Using Your PC

To this point, you think that you will need to use your personal computer to root Samsung J5 to follow the above process. Don’t be worried. Here we are to help you if you don’t have any computer to follow the instructions to root Galaxy J5. Therefore, we will use an Android app for your convenience when you don’t have access to any computer at all. Have a look at the following instructions and follow them properly to get your root Samsung J5 successfully. For this purpose, Framaroot will be the best handy Android app for your serving this operation.

#Step 1: Downloading and Installing the Android APK of Framaroot on the Device

You can easily download this small tool from various online resources and the home website obviously by clicking on this provided link. After completion of the downloading process on the Android device, Samsung J5, you can access to this file using an Android file manager on the phone. Now you need to click on the open button to start installing this tool on your Galaxy J5.

#Step 2: Launching the Framaroot Android Root Tool

Once the installation process completed, open the APK from the installed app menu to start the process of rooting. You will find a similar screen which has been shown here, and you need to find the option to install the Superuser after that.

#Step 3: Choosing the Exploit

The Install Superuser will then allow you to continue further by asking to choose an exploit after that. Now you need to tap the option of Aragom.

As soon as you have done this process, you should wait a few more seconds to get the following popup. This will confirm that your Android device has been rooted successfully. Congratulations on following the above instructions properly and getting your rooted Samsung J5.

This whole article was intended to let you know how to root Samsung J5 easily and successfully without the personal computer and using your PC on your device. Among this two process, if you are not that tech-savvy, you should go for Dr.Fone Toolkit – Galaxy J5 Root. This will allow you the easiest access to root your device in the most convenient way to a new user ensuring the successful rooting of your Samsung J5.