Easy Ways to Root Android Phone with Kingo Root

Android phone users would be familiar with rooting. Now it is easier than before to root Android Phone with Kingo Root. Although smartphone manufacturers warn users against tinkering with the device to avoid harming the device or rendering the warranty void, rooting does offer various exciting benefits.

Before we go into the benefits here are some basic information on rooting your smartphone.

Part 1. Phone rooting

The Android operating system is developed on Linux. Apps require permission to make use of specific components of Linus and most of them do not possess this access, which is called as root.

The operating system in Android comes with several restrictions and limitations imposed upon by the manufacturers and carriers. This is generally due to the safety and commercial concerns present about rooting.

With rooting, you will be able to make changes in the original operating system from which limitations are eliminated and complete access is present. This lets you replace or alter the settings and applications of the system. You can run all the specialized apps and remove or replace the operating system and use a fully customized system. Rooting enables you to get maximum performance from your Android smartphone. You will possess privileged control over the optimization of your device.

Although this sounds too good to be true, with rooting you can get a multitude of benefits and more importantly get rid of the things that prevent you from enjoying your device fully.
While rooting of your Android device involves acquiring permissions to overcome various limitations and restrictions and perform modifications of your choice, it also comes with its own drawbacks such as

  • The warranty on your mobile device will be rendered void when you root the device. The restricted access created by the carrier service and the manufacturers had been meant to protect the device from becoming unstable. The warranty conditions on the phone manual specifically indicate that using an unapproved program or changing it can make the warranty void. Thus rooting will render the warranty void.
  • Bricking of your phone is another complication of rooting your mobile device.
  • Virus threat is another potential drawback, but considerably of less severity to be considered in rooting.

Part 2. Precautions when you decide to root Android

Rooting is not an entirely safe or successful procedure. So, you should follow certain precautions before doing it. These include

  • Perform a complete backup of your device including photos, contacts, messages, etc.
  • Ensure the device is fully charged to prevent the device from not responding in case rooting is not successful.
  • A third and most important precaution is to use a good and effective root tool such as Kingo Root.

When you root Android Phone with Kingo Root, you can be assured of a high rate of success. The process is also simple to follow.

Deciding on rooting

Although rooting is not essential for your device, if you want to use your favorite apps in comfort and without hassles, using rooting is an ideal choice. The decision to root should be taken after considering the drawbacks of rooting and taking the necessary precautions outlined above. Bricking of the phone is one disadvantage that can cause big difficulties. While in some devices it is possible to revert or unroot, many devices do not support it.

Part 3. Benefits of rooting

The following are a few significant benefits you gain with rooting, which will help arrive at a better decision.

Eliminate vexing bloatware

With full administrative control over your device, using rooting you can wield complete control on the applications installed in the device. Being frustrated with the lack of memory due to the space taken up by the inbuilt carrier and maker apps, and the clutter of app drawers will be a thing of the past.

You can have a select few of the apps that you really want and use. Rooting enables the permanent removal of unwanted apps. Make sure you do not delete anything that is vital for the functioning of your device.

Improved backup option

With rooting you can back up as well as restore all your data as it was before. Using a good recovery solution, you can perform complete backups effectively protecting your device in the event of a big malfunction.


Instead of waiting for the manufacturer to offer the latest updates, you can get faster updates on Android with rooting quickly. Although the updates will not have the official Android version, which can make the update lack a few features, the updates you can do will be more than sufficient usually.

Custom ROM features

Customized ROM enables you to access unique improvements and features for your Android handset, which you cannot access anywhere else. Rooting helps you enjoy this feature.

Speed up your phone

Rooting helps to overclock the processor, so you will not have to worry about the time it takes to make use of the features in your phone. By altering the speed of the processor, you can also save the battery. By underclocking it, you can accomplish this and save resources whenever you need it.

Better utilization of apps

You can have easy and efficient access to all core files of your mobile device. You can move files in the internal memory of your phone as you wish. You can also use the various themes and customization options to make your home screen look stylish and highly functional.

Part 4. Steps to root Android Phone with Kingo Root

Method 1. Root your Android on computer

Rooting your Android device with Kingo Root is best done with the help of your system. Here are the steps to follow:

Download Kingo Root


  • Install Kingo Root on your system
  • Run the rooting tool by using double click
  • Connect your Android device to the computer system, using USB cable

USB debugging

  • Choose ‘Develop Options’ from the Settings feature in your mobile device.
  • Slide to activate the USB debugging feature.
  • This enables you to copy information using your phone. It also installs apps without notifications on your mobile device.

Link Kingo Root and USB cable

  • When Kingo Root software identifies your phone, it will display the version of your phone on the program interface.
  • Now click on ‘Root option’ to begin rooting your phone.
  • Your phone will need to reboot for this.
  • Wait until the rebooting is complete.

Method 2. Root your Android mobile device using Kingo Root

Another way to root your Android smartphone with Kingo Root is a direct one.

  • You will have to download the APK file of KingoRoot to the phone.
  • Find the app download and click on “KingoRoot.apk “.
  • This will install the file in your device.
  • Tap on the option “One Click Root”.
  • The rooting will start on your phone.

If you find a pop up that informs you of blocking the installation of the apps received from sources unknown, during the installation of the APK file, here are the steps to follow:

  • Go to settings option
  • Choose security
  • Click on unknown sources
  • Click ok
  • Return to download. This will finish the installing of KingoRoot on your smartphone

Part 5. Why use Kingo Root to root Android phone?

Although several varieties of rooting tools are available online, Kingo Root is the right choice for Android phone rooting because of the following reasons:

  • This Android utility program enables users to root their tablets and smartphones directly without having to connect to their PC.
  • The software is the fastest and easiest tool for APK rooting, as it is just a one-click process. You can root your device in just a few easy steps and within a few minutes making this the best ever hassle-free way to root.
  • The root script is being improved and updated constantly, so the features are very powerful
  • The rooting done has a very high success rate. Irrespective of the reasons behind choosing to root, the tool with its constant updates gives you a multitude of solutions for rooting.
  • Kingo Root supports all the versions of Android ranging from 1.5 – 7.1 in all the mainstream model phones such as Motorola, Google, LG, HTC, Samsung and various others.

Kingo Root is aesthetically pleasing and well-made app, which is free and offers easy rooting for various types of devices. Hence the obvious choice is to root Android Phone with Kingo Root.

Part 6. The Best Alternative for Kingo Root – Dr.fone Android Root for You

Top Alternative for Kingo Root: Top Root APK Dr.fone – Android Root

  • Provide you with the fastest and most excellent rooting experience on your Android phones.
  • Fully compatible with all Android OS, including Android 7.0.
  • After rooting your Android phone, you could access more Apps, install custom ROMs, access those blocked features.
  • Rooting your Android allow you uninstall many preinstalled Apps to free your space on Android and make your phone run fast.
  • You could remove annoying ads in those downloaded Apps. Enjoy your Android devices without disturbing.
  • Root Galaxy S7 & Root S7 Edge via the Kingo Root Alternative easily – Dr.fone Android Root.
  • Best Ways to Root Samsung J5 and root Samsung S4/S5/S6 Using/Without Using PC by Android Root.

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