Amazing Websites for Clipart Downloads – Review Clipart Now!

As you all know, Microsoft put an end to its Clipart program in 2014. However, Clipart outlived its worth because users used to rely more on search engines as compared to the limited supply from the Microsoft Office suite. These days, phone clipart requires to be more colorful, modern, and a bit less cartoonish. For better results, you can check out review clipart files.

If you search online for clip art pictures, you will come across pictures having far better relevance and quality. However, we all need shortcuts for finding the right image, which is a huge task in itself. To help you out, we have come up with the top websites for phone clipart downloads for free. Now, browse these websites and find the perfect one for yourself that meets all your requirements and preferences.

Some Amazing Websites for Clipart Free Downloads

Here are some of the best websites for clipart files that you can try out now!

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This website is very neatly designed, which users could find while hunting for phone clipart files. On this site, pictures are absolutely free to use and download. All of the images remain in the public domain. Thus, you can use them freely anywhere once you have agreed to the terms and conditions of the site.
Here, the designs arrive from various stock sites and even from the online community. Users can also create their own graphics & even upload the same to this site. On this clipart site, you can even review clipart files so that others will get some help while deciding the right clipart image.

2. Vecteezy


It is one of the most amazing phone clipart sites, which covers a wide range of vector art. It features everything from vector patterns to vector icons. Here, users can enjoy both premium and free phone clipart files. One could go to the limited section of vector clipart downloads. This section comprises over 75,000 assets. Plus, contributions from its community keep the artwork updated and fresh all the time. Don’t forget to review clipart files!

3. ClipArt Etc.

ClipArt Etc.

One can start with this simple phone clipart site, which is full of 71,500 clipart pictures. The primary focus of this website remains on classroom-friendly pictures, which are perfect for class projects, homework assignments, school websites, posters, picture books, presentations, student reports, bulletin boards, picture books, and also producing teacher aids.

For instance, visit its Fractions collection that comprises over 500 clipart files for helping to demonstrate math concepts in a classroom. Plus, its downloads are present in 240 dpi TIFF clipart files, which offer more scope when it comes to layouts. This website provides a ClipArt Etc. Classroom License for free to non-commercial classroom projects. In addition to this, it even provides a ClipArt Etc. Commercial License as a paid service for commercial reproduction rights.

4. Webweaver’s Free Clipart

Webweaver's Free Clipart

It is another great phone clipart site that offers free animations and images without having to deal with registration or irrelevant pop-ups. As the name suggests, the website is available for free to use. Its clipart categories comprise Animals & Nature, Historical, Holidays, Celebrations, and also a devoted category for Fantasy. However, you would not find Game of Thrones on this site, but a few clipart files that one can pass off as LOTR’s Gandalf.

Thus, you are surely going to admire the variety. Here, the Thought and Speech bubbles will be very useful for digital comics and presentations. So, download these clipart files by just right-tapping on the clipart file and save that clipart to your system.

5. Clipart Of

Clipart Of

Clipart Of refers to one of the best phone clipart websites. This site offers 3D and cartoon files, royalty-free vector, clipart, and illustrations from top artists all across the globe. Having a quick glance at its home page will tell you about its better-than-average quality. However, you need to pay for this service.

The best part about Clipart Of is that it provides a small corner for clipart downloads for free. This section comprises five pages featuring about 100 free files. However, all of them are pretty useful. Users who are artists can even contribute to this website.

6. ArtVex


With ArtVex, you get to choose from its free clipart database having over 10,000 original files to select from. These phone clipart files are properly categorized, and users can even employ the Google search engine for exploring the vast collection. Several useful categories are Stickmen & Figures, Callouts, Maths, and Shape Sign & Symbols. Check out review clipart files too!

7. Clipart Lord

Clipart Lord

There is nothing notable about Clipart Lord, but the fact that the developers have worked hard for collecting some amazing clipart present across the web. Users who are clipart buffs should bookmark this simple phone clipart site. Here, you are surely going to get excellent files and will be able to use them on different projects.

However, don’t forget to link back to the file’s original source even though these images are absolutely free for commercial and personal use.

8. Vector Portal

Vector Portal

This phone clipart site produces and showcases stock vectors for free, which designers could employ in commercial ventures. Its library comprises a great collection of clipart images and stock vectors, which users can utilize with an acknowledgment. Vector Portal enables users a non-transferable, non-exclusive right to use and change the images carrying a “commercial use” license. Here, most of the files are in AI and EPS formats, which even Adobe Illustrator supports.

9. Free PNG IMG


Using Free PNG IMG, users can download PNG pictures, images, clip arts, and icons in HD quality. This phone clipart presents various categories, such as cars, games, animals, cartoons, clothing, artistic icons, Fantasy, electronics, and more. One can look for the right clipart effortlessly due to the detailed category breakdown. Here, you will come across several icons covering entertainment, internet, and learning-related themes that you would not find on other phone clipart sites.

10. PD Clip Art

Public Domain Clip Art

Public Domain Clip Art is a hub of clipart images, where you do not have to sign-up for downloading and using them. Its collection comprises over 25,000 images at the present time. This phone clipart tool is a very helpful resource for academicians as they could tap clipart images on historical maps, U.S. Presidents, women’s rights, American history, and a lot more. Review clipart that touches your heart!

11. All Free Download

All Free Download

With over 21000 clipart choices arranged in 700+ pages, users are definitely going to remain busy. They do not need to rummage around because all files are arranged around tags. Here, most of the phone clipart files are in Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) and Adobe Illustrator (AI) format. All Free Download features new files regularly and sorts the same by the newest first. All downloads are free for both personal & commercial use with due credits.

12. Discovery Education

Discovery Education

Discovery is a kid-friendly clipart website that users could visit on the web. Move straight to the area devoted to clip arts placed away among its curricular resources and educational videos. The graphics of clip arts are excellent and cover all categories that you would require for completing school assignments, including animated clipart. Here, you get consistent designs as they are designed by a single designer. You will definitely review clipart files as the best ones!

13. Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons features the largest collection of clipart files on the internet. As of now, the site features 38,205,390 media that are free to use. Also, this site is open for contribution from all in the world. For ferreting the files that you like to use, make use of the search column at the top. Regular users could take advantage of its syndicated feeds for grabbing the latest clipart images coming into the archive. The most incredible yet lesser-known thing about Wikimedia Commons is that users can even request a clipart image if they could not find it among its 38 million clipart images. Before you use them, you should understand the Creative Commons license.

Stock Photos or Clipart – Which one to choose?

Clipart images have taken on a bad reputation due to their overuse in PowerPoint presentations. However, there are times when a clipart image seems to be a wiser option over photos. Clipart could be employed for interacting with simplicity, whereas a picture could make it complex than necessary.

Plus, photos are more expensive to buy than clipart images. Thus, this creative constraint turns out to be a fine option for graphic designers who are running low on budget. As both of these options comes with pros and cons, you can choose the one depending on the purpose of lying in front of you. Review clipart files once you have used them!

How does one employ clipart in one’s work?

One thing that you need to remember about clipart is that it is an umbrella term for diverse kinds of non-photographic graphic images, which even include vector images. Every vector image could be dubbed as clipart. However, not all clipart images are made of vectors. These clipart images could be bitmap and JPEG files too.

So, these are some of the best phone clipart websites available on the internet. It is recommended to choose the best clipart site, such as Here, you can even read some best review clipart images, which will help you in deciding the perfect image for your project. Now, explore these amazing sites and select some excellent clipart files to make your work more attractive. Also, review clipart images that you like the best!

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