How to Reset iPhone 7 Plus/7 Without iTunes

Resetting an iPhone is a common solution to a lot of iPhone issues even though it can be a very inconvenient one. Although inconvenient, it is very common that it is the only solution that can be found. For example, some of the most popular reasons for having to reset an iPhone 7/7 Plus are:

  • After updating the iOS, data has corrupted and your device is unusable.
  • Your iPhone has malware on it.
  • Simply resetting your device to clear up space and have a fresh start.
  • Removing any personal information which is on your iPhone before selling it to someone you don’t know.
  • If you are sending your iPhone away to be repaired, it is often requested that you reset your iPhone beforehand.

However, as popular as this feature is, iTunes has yet to make this feature perfectly and it is currently full of bugs. With that in mind, today we are going to take a look at some of the methods which are available which allow you to easily reset iPhone 11/XS/X/8 Plus/ 8/7 Plus/7/6S/6S Plus/6 without iTunes in just a matter of minutes.

Part 1. Hard Restarting Your iPhone 7 Plus without iTunes

Before we jump into the resetting your iPhone in order to fix any issues that you are having, let’s take a look at an alternative solution. While people quickly jump to resetting the iPhone itself, performing a hard restart could prove to be the solution to the problems that you are having.

To perform a hard restart, simply hold down both the home button along with the lock button, and continue holding them until your display goes black and the Apple logo appears on your screen. After a few moments, your device will restart and your lock screen will be displayed.


This can often be the solution to a lot of Apple device issues, however, if that doesn’t work out for you, continue reading and find out how you can reset iPhone without iTunes and some of the hard reset methods available. Also, get to know how to unlock your iPhone 7 and How to Perform iTunes Password Reset.

Part 2. Using Your iPhone to Wipe Your iPhone 7 without iTunes

If you have an iOS device, then you have access to this method. This may be the most preferable option to those who are experiencing issues with their iPhone and want a quick way to get back to using their device as soon as possible.

#1 – While on your iPhone, swipe along until you find your “Settings” application and tap on it once you’ve found it.


#2 – Following this, swipe down and tap on the “General” option followed by the “Reset” option at the bottom of this menu.


#3 – You will then be prompted to select the type of reset that you’d like to perform. For this method, click on the “Erase All Content and Settings” option.


#4 – Before this process can take place, you will be prompted to enter your device’s passcode and once you’ve done this, you will be asked once again if you would like to erase your iPhone.

#5 – Click on “Erase iPhone” and the process will begin.


#6 – This process may take some time although once it’s done, you will be able to use your iPhone as if you had just purchased it.

If you aren’t resetting your iPhone in order to fix an issue that you are having but rather you are resetting your device because you are selling it and don’t want the next owner to get their hands on the personal information that you had stored on the device, this method won’t get the job done. The data will still be recoverable. However, with this next method you are able to remove the data on your device so that it is irretrievable.

Part 3. Using Dr.Fone to Reset iPhone Without iTunes

As mentioned above, with this method you are able to completely wipe all of the data that is on your iPhone without having to worry about it being retrieved.

#1 – If dr.fone iOS Data Eraser isn’t already installed on your computer, go ahead and download and install it.

Get dr.fone – Data Eraser (iOS)

#2 – Once installed, launch the program.


#3 – From this menu, you will be able to choose from a variety of different options although for this method, click on the “Data Eraser” option and choose “Erase All Data“.

Note: if you haven’t done so already then now is the best time for you to connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable. Dr.Fone should detect this connection within seconds.

#4 – Once your device is connected, you will be prompted with a display providing you with the details of the reset iPhone without iTunes process. After reading the details, click on the “Erase” button.

#5 – After you had clicked on the “Erase” button, you will be prompted with a warning window in order to ensure that you haven’t clicked on this method on accident. Enter the word “delete” into the box which is provided and click on the “Erase now” button.

#6 – Now that you’ve approved the erasing process, Dr.Fone will begin.

#7 – The complete erase process may take a few minutes as it depends on how much data you have stored on your device although once everything is deleted and completely wiped, you will have successfully wiped all of the data on your device.

With all of the process we’ve discussed today in mind, I think it’s safe to say that this is the best one out there, especially considering that if you’re selling your device you want to ensure that your data cannot be retrieved.

Try dr.fone – Data Eraser (iOS)

Tips on How to Reset iPhone Without iTunes

Before we take a deeper look at Dr.Fone, some of the most useful tips to consider before resetting an iPhone:

  • Always take a backup of the data on your device, you may regret it if you don’t.
  • After you have reset your iPhone, you are provided with a few options. You are able to restore data from a previous backup, or you can treat your iPhone as if you had just purchased it.
  • If you do decide to use iTunes to wipe your device rather than not, it is still important that you take a full backup of the data on your device beforehand as iTunes will not prioritize this.
  • If you have cellular service on your iPhone and are worried about losing it forever once you have reset the device itself, don’t worry! After resetting the device and setting it up, you will be given the service once more.

Each of these things is worth looking out for when resetting your iPhone.

What dr.fone Has to Offer

Other than what we’ve discussed today, Dr.Fone has so much more to offer as a program. Let’s take a look at some of the other features which this fantastic program offers its users.

  • Contrary to what we’ve been discussing today if you have accidentally deleted data from your iOS device or have suffered from data loss due to an update issue or such, Dr.Fone allows you to retrieve data which has been lost.
  • Unhappy with the backup system which iTunes has to offer? If that’s the case, Dr.Fone provides a quick and secure backup system which allows you to keep all of your backups in one safe location as well as allowing you to use these backups to restore lost data.
  • Restoring data is a feature which a lot of programs don’t consider a priority, this isn’t the case with Dr.Fone. The custom data restoring features developed by Dr.Fone, which allows you to selectively restore data which you have lost, from the backups that you have taken. You can also restore data from iTunes backups as well as iCloud backups, making it the perfect solution for anyone who has experienced data loss.
  • If you’re worried about running into compatibility issues then worry no more. Dr.Fone takes compatibility into consideration and is updated regularly in order to ensure that all of the most recent iOS and Android platforms are compatible with the program, as well as all of the most recent devices (including both the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and the iPhone 11).
  • Lastly, if you are unsure as to whether Dr.Fone is the program for you or to whether it is the program you are looking for, you have 2 options available. Not up for purchasing the program? Go ahead and check out the free version which is offered. Alternatively, if you have purchased Dr.Fone and found that it isn’t of any use to you, 30-day money-back guarantee is in place.

Learn more about dr.fone

With each of these features in mind, I think that it’s safe to say dr.fone should be considered as an essential part of any iOS device user. All of these features can and will contribute to a smooth data management system and much more than just being able to reset the iPhone without iTunes is offered.