Easy Way To Repair iPad Frozen Condition And Make It Normal

With your iPad frozen or iPhone frozen, you will be unable to restore it to its normal function, whether you use the sleep or home button. And touching the screen will not elicit any reaction at all. You may find that your device has started reeling under issues such as getting stuck while downloading, installing or the device just does not reboot after it has been turned off.

But you need not go into a panic attack and think of all sorts of remedial solutions like taking it to the Apple store in your vicinity or look for a professional phone repair service. All these are tedious solutions and cost you money too. If you are looking for a cost-effective and successful way out of this dilemma, we have just the right solution for you, Dr.Fone software for iOS. By using this solution you will get your iPad back to its full-fledged functional mode in no time.

Reason for iPad freeze or crash

Knowing the reason behind the problem will help you understand the solution and use it more effectively. You can also avoid the issue from occurring again. There are several causes that trigger your iPad to freeze. Here are the most important causes:

  • Exposure to a high temperature for prolonged periods of time is one of the reasons for the iPad to freeze. By ensuring your device is always protected from direct sunlight and not kept in direct sunlight for a prolonged span, you can avoid this issue.
  • Not having sufficient memory can cause poor performance of your iPad. The most common cause for an iPad to freeze is the lack of sufficient disk space. You can deal with this space scarcity, by making sure your phone has a minimum of 250MB space free always.
  • Sometimes your iPad will fall prey to virus attacks or while downloading corrupt files and apps. The solution to this issue is to install a good quality and trusted anti-virus program. Avoiding downloading files and apps from unidentified and illegitimate sources will also prevent virus attacks and other issues.

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Step by step instructions to fix frozen or crashed iPad

We have a perfect solution for your iPad frozen trouble. Although you can get plenty of solutions including the solutions offered by Apple Store, you may not be able to get rid of the iPad frozen state as effectively and without much effort on your part. While you may get advice on different solutions for your dilemma, using most of them will be ineffective or worse still end in permanent loss of your data. However, Dr. Fone software from Wondershare, created especially for recovery of the iOS system, is an ideal choice that will have your iPad back to its original splendor, without having to erase any of the data presents.

Advantages of Dr.Fone software

The program comes with various significant features such as

  • Easy and convenient to use.
  • The program will deal with the issue on your iPad and fix it within just 10 minutes.
  • It is effective when used on a frustratingly stuck screen you get on your iPad.
  • Useful to increase the performance of your device.
  • Easy resolution of iPad that is paralyzed on recovery mode.

The software is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems, so you will not have to worry about losing your information ever again.

Get dr.fone – System Repair (iOS)

Simple step by step guide for iPad to recover from its frozen state

Step I:
Install the Dr.Fone Wondershare program on your computer.


Step II:
After installation, open the software and choose the option that reads as “System Repair“.

Repair iPad Frozen with dr.fone

Step III:
Connect your device to the computer, using a proper USB cable. Choose the start option, and you are all set to make your iPad work as smoothly as ever without any hitches.

Step IV:
Download the required firmware suitable for your device.Dr. Fone reduces your work by choosing the ideal firmware for your device. You need to just click on the download option to proceed with the solution for iPad frozen state.


Step V:
The download will be completed within a short span. Once this is over, Dr. Fone begins repairing the device immediately.

Step VI:
When the repair is finished successfully, you will receive a notification on your device asking you to restart the device in its normal mode.

Thus, within the matter of just 10 minutes or less, you can expect your iPad to return to its original fast-paced performance. All your data will be safe from any risk of losing them. You will be able to return to your work without any hassles related to your iPad’s frozen and unresponsive state.


Before you start fixing your iPad frozen and recover it from its earlier frozen state, you need to know a few important things about an iPad. Here are a select few.

  • If your iPad is jailbroken, the fixing of iPad frozen state will make the jailbreak process revert to its previous status of not being jailbroken.
  • All firmware in your iPad will receive updates with the help of the program.
  • And your device will return to its relocked state if it had been unlocked before the difficulty with the frozen state.

As you can see, the steps used in fixing iPad frozen to iPad Normal state are very simple and effective. Since it is possible for the device to attract all kinds of mishaps that make the iPad frozen, these steps are easy to try out on your device and the method is highly successful too.

You can now safeguard your data from becoming inaccessible, and also avoid the effort needed to find an Apple store nearby for repairing the defect. Dr.Fone from Wondershare is an excellent system that would not disappoint you with its splendid iOS recovery system, even for errors like Facebook messenger not working or this accessory may not be supported.

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