How to Easily Recover Lost Data from SD Card

An SD card is a very small storage medium, which helps to enhance the storage of your phone or any other device. You can use an SD card with phones, cameras, computers, and many more gadgets. An SD card may be internal to fit into a device or it may be external to attach to a larger storage gadget. You can also use an SD card for transferring data from one device to the other.

However, you may find sometimes that the data is lost from the SD card. In such circumstances, you should not panic as you can rightfully recover lost data from SD card with the help of third-party software along with a card reader.

Benefits of an SD card

  • SD card gives you more storage on your mobile phone, so you can store more videos, songs, applications, movies, games, etc.
  • If you have rooted your phone, you can optimize the RAM and increase it by segregating the SD card
  • When you install applications on the SD card, you can reduce the consumption of phone memory and increase its efficiency. The processing of the phone becomes faster so that it does not lag.
  • SD cards are a cheap option to increase the storage.
  • They are easy to upgrade or change
  • They have a long life, so you do not have to buy them again and again.
  • You can buy them in a range of brands from cheap to expensive
  • It shares the load of the phone
  • You can shift your games and applications to the SD card.

Section I: The SD card reader- what is it?

When you want to transfer your photos from your camera or phone to your PC, you need to have any of those devices along with your computer. However, sometimes you may not have your phone or camera because of any reason. In such a situation, you need help to transfer your photos. This is when you need an SD card reader. You can just insert your SD card in the appropriate slot of the SD card reader. Now, connect the device to your PC and you are done. When the SD card reader is detected on your computer, you can open the window and access your data in the required folders.

The SD card stores different kinds of information in various folders neatly. You can access these folders and cut, copy, paste, or modify the data however way you want. Along with the convenience, it gives, an SD card reader plays an important role in recovering the data in case you have lost it by any chance. You can connect the SD card reader to your computer and follow the steps mentioned below to recover the data.

Section II: How to restore lost information from your SD card

You should not give up in case your SD card becomes corrupt and loses data, at least not instantly. Sometimes, the SD cards malfunction and lose data. You may also lose important data accidentally while deleting unnecessary things. Do not worry, as there are still ways to recover your data. You just need two things to do it: the Best Free SD Card Recovery software called dr.fone – Android Data Recovery and your card reader to recover lost data from SD card.

Benefits of Dr.Fone – Android Data Recovery

Dr. Fone Toolkit for Android is the first software of the world to recover data from Android devices.

  • The  WhatsApp data recovery software is reliable, quick, and easy
  • You just need one click to recover lost data from SD card.
  • It allows you to recover your data that you selectively need.
  • The software supports different types of files such as messages, photos, contacts, audio, video, documents, and much more.
  • Dr. Fone supports more than 6000 models of Android devices and different kinds of Android operating system.
  • The company also gives you money-back guarantee for 30 days in case you are not able to recover your data using the software.

dr.fone Toolkit is a convenient and multi-purpose tool developed by Wondershare. It can be used to perform various tasks, which makes it a one-stop solution for all your problems related to data loss. You can use this software to recover lost data from SD Card with the help of these steps:

1. Use an SD card reader to connect your SD card to the computer.


2. Download and install Dr. Fone on your PC. select “Data Recovery” toolkit. Click on “Recover from SD Card” at the left of the program and connect the SD card reader to the PC.

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3. After your SD card is detected by the software, click ‘next’.

4. Select the ‘Scan’ button located on the window. You can choose either ‘Advanced scan’ or ‘Standard scan’. If you want a simpler solution, you can first select ‘Standard scan’. It will let you recover all the data that was stored on the memory card and you cannot select the data exclusively. If you choose ‘Advanced scan’, you can choose the data.

5. Click ‘Next’. You will be able to preview the data. Select the data that is displayed in the window. The bar on the left features categories and the window on the right features contents.

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