Simple Steps to Recover Lost Contacts from Sony Xperia S

Just mistakenly deleted contacts on Sony Xperia S and feel sad about it? Don’t be so. This article is going to show you how to perform the Sony Xperia S data recovery task.

Just as the old saying goes, don’t cry over the spilt milk. It is useless to worry about what have happened. A wise move is to find a remedy. And the Dr.Fone Toolkit for Android is exactly what you need. With this Sony Xperia S data recovery tool, recovering lost or deleted data on your Android device, like the Sony Xperia S, is a piece of cake. Among its features, restoring the deleted contacts is supported as well. To know this tool better, you are strongly suggested to download the trial version of the program and check it out. At present, Dr.Fone for Android is only available on the Windows version. Are you ready? Now, let’s get started.

Get dr.fone – Data Recovery (Android)


Step 1: Connect your Sony Xperia S with the PC

After downloading this tool, double click to install and then launch it on your PC. Then the primary window of this tool will prompt informing you to connect your device, at this moment please use USB cable to connect your Sony Xperia S with the PC.

Step 2: Begin to analyze your Sony Xperia S

As long as you connect your device with the PC, Dr.Fone for Android will instantly detect your phone and will automatically switch to the next step. Just press the Start button whenever you are ready. And then it will begin to analyze your Sony Xperia S, which will only take a few minutes.

Step 3: Activate the superuser mode

Once the analysis is done, there will emerge a pop-up on your Sony Xperia S asking you to activate the superuser mode in your device. Just simply tap the Allow button on your Sony Xperia S and then hit the Start button on your PC to continue the process.

Step 4: Start scanning your phone

During this process, Dr.Fone for Android will be scanning the whole memory of your Sony Xperia S. As you may know, this recovers not only your deleted contacts but also other data on your device such as music, photos, text messages, and so on. The amount of time spent is dependent on the memory size of your phone, it might take a while. So you can just take a coffee break and wait for this powerful tool to complete its task.

Step 5: Preview and restore lost contacts on Sony Xperia S

In order to restore all of your contacts, please ensure that the contacts box in the first column is chosen and then press the blue Recover button. Dr. Fone for Android empowers you to preview your contacts and chose certain contacts that you want to restore. Just simply tick off the box next to the contact you want and hit the Recover button.

Of course, seeing is believing. No matter how excellent we describe this Sony Xperia S data recovery tool is, you will not get the idea without trying it yourself. Thus, feel free to download the trial version of the Dr.Fone Toolkit  – Android Data Recovery. It is definitely worth your try.