How to Recover Files from RAW Partition Efficiently

Have you ever encountered that you should deal with things related to the RAW Partition? There are many situations having been mentioned in the previous article. In fact, if we get more fundamentals and information about RAW Partition, we will have a better understanding of how to restore or recover files from RAW Partition. In this regard, next, we will discuss it together.

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Part 1: What is the meaning of RAW Partition?

RAW is a file system that plays as one part of the hard disk or other storage devices with no known Windows File System.

As for the reasons, we will discuss it further in the next part. Since this file system has no existence on the disk, you can’t find any file or folder on it, that is to say, it is useless to store data.

The main functions of RAW Partition or a RAW Data System:

1. Due to RAW Partition, it is inaccessible to get any file such as emails, photos, documents, and other media entities.
2. When you look for a way to solve the RAW Partition problem, you will find it impossible to reformat, because it may cause extensive damage to the files which are contained in the RAW Partition.

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Part 2. The usage scenarios of RAW Partition:

Next, I will show you the common usage scenarios of RAW Partition that might encounter when detecting the problem.

1. Sometimes, when you open the drive with using Windows Explorer, you’ll get the error message saying ‘You need to format the disk before you can use it. Do you want to format it’?


2. When you run CHKDSK, a message coming up to you saying that, ‘Your file system is RAW. CHKDSK is not available for your RAW drives’.

3. When you do some console operations, an error message prompting that ‘There is no recognized file system for volume. You need to make sure you have loaded the requested file system drivers for volume.’.

4. In the RAW Drive Properties, One day, you see that the Windows Explorer display both free and used spaces as 0 bytes in size, but you can’t find any indicated file system.

5. Sometimes, the Disk Management prompts that the partition doesn’t have any file system. Of course, different Windows Version may have different methods.


Part 3: How can we recover data from RAW Partition?

You must want to know whether it is possible to recover Data from RAW Partition or not. Although there are many software programs and application available for you to do this job, it is also important to know the process of how data is saved in the RAW Partition.

One method is to reformat the RAW Hard Drive, but this may lead to losing all the data which are written all over it. So, if you want to restore the RAW Hard Drive data, it is wise of you to double click on the Selection Property and RAW Partition. Before you do this, you can delete the complicated and unwanted users codes and go to the security settings.

Press on ‘Add a Local User’, after that, data would be recovered on your Hard Drive.

However, you must notice that if your Hard Drive has been damaged or corrupted, the steps mentioned above can lead to the loss of critical data which is important for your work.

In this regard, if you want to recover data from a RAW Partition, it is wise of you to get a dependable program. And Recoverit Data Recovery Tool stands out of the crowd among all these software programs in the market. If you want to recover data from RAW Partition, damaged partition or File System, the Wondershare Data Recovery Tool would be a good assistant. It is compatible with almost all the Operating Systems, such as MAC and Windows, it will be cross-checked version until it finds the ideal one for your computer.

Next, I will show you how to restore data from RAW Partition with the help of Wondershare Data Recovery Tool.

Part 4: The best method to recover files from RAW Partition

In this section, I will tell you the detail steps on how to restore data from RAW Partition with the help of Recoverit Data Recovery Tool. The tool can be easily downloaded from its company’s website, you can install it to the computer.

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1. Open the application, then choose to the tab of ‘Wizard Mode’ as showed below. In this part, all you need to do it to answer some basic questions about the process of data recovery. Press on the NEXT button to process further. At this stage, you can choose the Standard Mode.

2. It is your time to decide which types of files should be recovered from your RAW Partition as you want. Choose the right files and press on the Next button to go on. Of course, you can also narrow down the search in order to find out the files quickly. For example, if you are sure only documents are contained by your RAW Partition, and then you can narrow down according to the file type.

3. In this part, you should decide which data should be selected from your RAW Partition. You can do it via choosing the drive letter. Before this, you should ensure your PC has detected the hard drive, so that it can scan the files. At last, you can find the lost partitions.

4. This contains scanning the RAW Partition. You can select the tab of ‘Enable Deep Scan’ and press on the ‘Start’ button to start the scanning process.

In addition, before you restore the data, Wondershare provides flexibility for you to preview the data. In the program interface, you can see the formatted files. You can easily select the files and press on the “Recover” button to get them back to this system. You should notice that you must use the different partition to store the files. As it described above, it isn’t a hard task to restore data from a RAW Partition.

In this article, we know more fundamentals and information about RAW Partition. Recoverit Data Recovery tool can not only help you get the missing data back but also leave no room for data caused by accidental deletion.

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