How to Recover Deleted SMS Messages on LG Phones

The messages are important to us. But have you deleted a piece of SMS text message on your LG phone by accident? What would you do then? In this article, I’d like to share with you my experience of using the Dr.Fone Toolkit – Android Data Recovery Module to recover the text messages on my LG phone a few days ago.

The Dr.Fone is a wonderful LG phone recovery tool, but it was a pity that I came to know it until I asked my friend for help because the messages I deleted contained an extremely important message of work. Then, let me tell something about this application.

The main function of this LG Data Recovery Tool is to recover the deleted data on your phone, including the messages, contacts, photos, music, videos, and some other documents. And you can use it to get back the data on your Android phone as well as the iPhone. It is known that all the Android phones it is compatible with are over 5000 kinds. Also, it supports tablets. You can download this app on your Windows computer or a Mac computer.

Now, do you want to know how to use it? Just follow this article to see a brief tutorial below to recover lost SMS text messages on LG phone.

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Step 1. Choose the right version of the dr.fone for LG Phone for your computer and download it.

Get dr.fone – Data Recovery (Android)


Step 2. Run this app on your computer and connect your phone to your computer with a USB cable.

Step 3. Then, you may need to enable the “USB Debugging” mode on your phone. There is detailed guidance on the screen, so you can just follow it.

Step 4. After that, your phone will be detected by this app, and you can now click on “Next” to get your phone analyzed.

Step 5. If your phone is rooted, you may need to authorize the Superuser request on your phone so that the app can get access to your phone. Just click on “Allow” on your phone. Then click “Next” on this app.

Step 6. To recover the messages only, you need to uncheck the other items except “Messages”. Then, choose a scanning mode from the “Scan for deleted files” and the “Scan for all files”.

Step 7. Now, you get all the results of scanning. Just choose the one you want. And you can choose the messages after preview them. One thing that you need to pay attention to is that all the results of scanning displayed are including the preexisting messages and the deleted ones. If you want to see the deleted ones only, click on the “Only Display Deleted Items“. Finally, if you have checked all the items you want to click on “Recover” to get them back to your phone. Remember to select a location for them.


Last but not least, you need to make sure that you stop using your phone right after you deleted the data on your LG or other Android phones. Or once the storage space for the deleted data has been overwritten, you will never get them back.

Try dr.fone – Recover (Android)