PlayStation 5 – Here’s What We Know About It So Far

PlayStation 4 has served gaming enthusiasts for several years, and now it’s time for an upgrade, isn’t it? We believe the same, and finally, there is an official confirmation from Sony about the PlayStation 5 release. In this article, we intend to share what we know about PlayStation 5 so far and keep you updated.

As per the records found about Sony’s future plans, future developments will make PlayStation 5 a different console. Regardless of the substantial developments, the fundamental architecture will remain similar, as per the official resources.

Well, the news suggests that Sony doesn’t work on a streaming-only platform. Nevertheless, the future of the PlayStation is likely to be exceptionally compatible with the streaming feature. As of today, there is no doubt about the speedy and reliable internet connections across the globe. So, there is no doubt that Sony focuses more on its streaming compatibility. In fact, PlayStation has become more compatible with cloud gaming as well due to this factor. To take the concept further, PlayStation has come to a partnership with Microsoft too.

As per the official confirmations, devkit design will appear as the number 5 in roman numeral format. Nevertheless, the final product will look even different from it.

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Specifications of PlayStation 5

In this section of the article, we will emphasize what PlayStation says about the specifications of the upcoming console. For that, we extract information from the statements made by Mark Cerny of PlayStation.

Mark Cerny played the role of the lead architect for PlayStation 4. So, there is enough confidence for us to believe that he will play the same role for PlayStation 5. As per Cerny, the CPU of PlayStation 5 will come as an AMD’s third-gen Ryzen line. It comes with eight cores with a microarchitecture of new 7nm Zen 2, as well. In addition to that, it will include a custom unit dedicated to 3D audio to make things more exciting. When it comes to the GPU, it is a custom variant that comes under Radeon’s Navi Family. In fact, this unit perfectly compatible with ray tracing, as well. In terms of compatibility, it sets a massive advantage for Sony. Well, ‘Ray Tracing‘ is a special rendering technique that defines the traveling and interactions of the light. This is applicable to virtual objects, by the way. Sources further say that this is a technique practiced in Hollywood, especially for movies on massive budgets. So, this will be the first time where such a feature is made available on video game consoles.

Many individuals who are into gaming question if ray tracing can be achieved through software or hardware. As per Cerny, it is hardware that makes the main contribution to such a feature. Without proper high-end hardware configuration, you cannot achieve ray tracing on gaming consoles, in other words. So, the new PlayStation 5 will have excellent GPU hardware compatibility to provide better graphics acceleration. In fact, that is exactly what modern-day gamers are looking for.

In addition to those visual benefits, ray tracing offers several other advantages for the user. As per Cerny, ray tracing allows you to determine whether the enemies can hear audio sources such as footsteps. Also, it can be beneficial when you need to hear the footsteps or other audio outputs of the enemies. Well, in a nutshell, ray tracing contributes to making the gaming environment lively as much as possible.

One of the main things you should know is that PlayStation 5 comes with SSD instead of an HDD. Pretty much all the HDD devices have now become history, and they are available in pretty old devices. However, when it comes to SSD, they are significantly powerful and faster. In simplest terms, SSDs are the best option for those who prefer faster data transfer speed with smooth performance. They are fast, powerful, and, therefore, ideal for gaming. According to the test runs, SSDs can help consoles to load games incredibly faster. Also, SSDs are manufactured to be compatible with 8K graphics, as well. That is despite the fact that many individuals use TVs that have 4K resolution. If you can use an output device with higher resolution, you are likely to experience see how SSDs support.

With the assistance of an SSD, transferring of gaming data has become pretty simple. As a result, the game downloads will work in a pretty different manner from PlayStation 4. In a PlayStation 5 device, downloads tend to be configurable more. You can even remove certain parts of the download. This is a big advantage compared to considering a game to be a massive data block. The combination of SSD and PlayStation 5 will deliver a fine gaming experience.

As per this scenario, gamers will be able to download certain components of the game depending on their preference. For instance, you don’t have to download the entire block of data if you intend to play single-player mode. If not, you can download the entire game and then delete the parts that aren’t required. This is a great option for those who prefer advanced customizations and to save time.

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About the backward compatibility of PlayStation 5

Officials of PlayStation confidently state that PlayStation 5 will come as a backward-compatible console. Jim Ryan, who is the CEO of PlayStation, says that they are ready to offer even cross-generational play. As per this feature, players will be able to launch a game on PlayStation 4. Later on, they will be able to pick up the same game from PlayStation 5. If the players wish, they can even go back to their older PlayStation 4.

No matter if it is cross-generational compatibility or backward compatibility, PlayStation’s intentions are clear. They actually want to lift the gaming community to the next generation. So, no matter whether you have the older model or, the newer model, they expect to continue your bonds.

In fact, PlayStation is not the vendor who offered backward compatibility for the first time. It was Xbox who offered this feature before PlayStation. They introduced this feature with their Xbox One. So, it is needless to say that PlayStation fans were looking for such an upgrade for a long period. PlayStation users might have asked Sony about such an upgrade for the past several years. However, we are not sure if Sony plans to allow players to access the PS4 library through PS5.

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Next-Gen controlling of PlayStation 5

As per the sources, the next-gen PlayStation 5, when used with the devkit, will appear like DualShock 4 Controller. However, none of the official sources revealed how it would actually look like. We are not sure if it is controlled by DualShock 5. To keep us more curious about this, they say that they have not named it yet. They say that the controller would have exceptionally new features while retaining the convenience of the previous one.

To that end, there are two key innovations with the PlayStation 5’s new controller. First, we’re adopting haptic feedback to replace the “rumble” technology found in controllers since the 5th generation of consoles. With haptics, you truly feel a broader range of feedback, so crashing into a wall in a race car feels much different than making a tackle on the football field. You can even get a sense of a variety of textures when running through fields of grass or plodding through mud.

The second novelty associated with adaptive triggers, as we see. This option is incorporated into the trigger buttons (which are L2 and R2). The developers of the PlayStation 5 can implement some coding to withstand the resistance generated through the triggers. As a result, you will feel that the tactile sensation in a lively manner. For instance, you will get a realistic experience when driving a vehicle off-road. With such combination, you will experience a powerful gaming feel that simulates the real-world actions in a smarter manner.

In the PlayStation 5 control, you can see a small hole that appears to be supporting a voice command. In other words, it looks as if it is there to support Voice-Driven assistant for PlayStation. This feature was recently revealed in their patent. Nevertheless, the official representatives of Sony don’t take that aspect seriously. They say only some of the features in the patented product will actually appear in the final product. Further, they say that the existence of such a hole will be explained later on.

When it comes to the charging of a next-gen controller, they use USB-C charging ports. Also, it will be somewhat heavier compared to DualShock 4, which is used currently. Nevertheless, it is likely to be lighter compared to the controller of the Xbox.

UI of PlayStation 5

When it comes to the user-interface of PlayStation 4, it is faster and works very fine. However, it has some static feeling and doesn’t provide plenty of information. As we see, PlayStation 5 will address this issue for good.

PlayStation accepts that it is true that it is fast enough to provide the necessary boost to the games. However, they also accept that they don’t want players to get the game booted. Instead, they plan to have multiplayer game servers to support the console on a real-time basis. When it comes to single-player games, information such as the missions you have completed and rewards earned are displayed. All that information is set to be visible in the UI for good. With such advancement, the user will be able to pick up from where they left.

Compatibility with virtual reality

The truth is that you will not receive a new VR headset specially designated to PlayStation 5. However, Sony expects to take VR to the next level. Officials of PlayStation say that the next headset they introduce will be significantly lighter and convenient on the wearer. Also, they promise fewer cables with it. Practically, it is not easy to introduce a wireless headset because of the price factor. But, in the near future, a completely wireless headset with better features will be introduced by Sony.

The officials of PlayStation say that they are studying the eye-tracking possibilities as well. This is great news for PlayStation users. Also, they hint about a significant boost in the resolution. They say that resolution will be doubled in VR headsets that are yet to come. Moreover, you can expect increased FOV (more than 120 degrees).

What should you call it?

As per Sony, the next console of PlayStation will be named PlayStation 5, and it is a suitable name. They want to keep it official.

How much?

No clear idea yet. But, as we believe, it will surely come with a price tag over $400.

When can you buy it?

Everything is set to release PlayStation 5 in Holiday 2020.


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