How to Do Photos Recovery on Moto Phone

How to Recover Lost Photos from Moto Phone?

Motorola has employed Android OS since 2009, and a variety of best sellers have been produced, including Moto X (Style / Play), Moto G, and Moto E. These new Moto products are all the moderate prices and have excellent effect.

For example, there are a lot of people who buy them for their built-in HD camera. They can take quantities of photos with those Moto phones. But also some people meet some problems, one of which is the loss of the photos because of a miss operation.

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So is there any possibility that we can get back the lost photos on your Motorola Moto X/ Moto G/ Moto E? The answer is absolutely positive. You can get them back with a professional Photos Recovery tool.

But to recover them, you need to stop using the phone right away after you delete the photos by mistake. You cannot do anything on the phone if you want to recover data from it, or there is a risk that the data will be supplanted and you will never get them back. Well, it will be not so hard to understand if you read this article.

First, you need to download a Moto X data recovery tool, for which I will make you a recommendation of Android Data Recovery in Dr.Fone Toolkit Android Suite, a professional application for Motorola phone data recovery.

You can find it easily online, and there is also a trial version for first-time users. After downloading and installing the software you can start to recover deleted photos on your Moto G or Moto E.

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Step 1. Connect Your Moto Phone to the Computer

Run Dr.Fone for Android, and click the “Data Recovery” option on the primary window.  Then you need to connect your phone to your computer.

Step 2. Analyze Your Moto G/E/X/M Phone

If your phone is properly connected, then Dr.Fone will recognize your phone and ask you to analyze your phone with a click on the “Start” button. After you click on it, it starts to analyze your phone.

Step 3. Allow the Superuser Mode on Your Phone

After analyzing, you need to turn to your phone and click “Allow” and check “Remember” on the pop-up superuser request screen, so that you can go into the process.

Step 4. Scan Your Moto X Phone

Then you can click “Start” on the window to scan the whole memory for the deleted photos. In fact, Dr.Fone for Android can not only recover the photos you delete but also other data like contacts and messages from your Moto X / Moto G / Moto E.

You can take a short break since the whole process may cost you some time according to the memory scale of your phone.

Step 5. Preview and Recover Lost Data from Moto X / Moto G / Moto E

Then you can get the scanning results about all the deleted data you have just deleted. You can preview every specific one of them and choose whether to recover it or not. You can either recover a part of the results or all of them.

After the choice, click “Recover” and you will soon get them back. It is really fantastic.

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