Phone Data Backup: How to Back up Your Mobile Phone

As science and technology developing rapidly, it is getting more and more difficult for a person to leave the mobile phone for a whole day. This is because mobile phones provide a lot of convenience for all of us. Contacting a person, taking a photo, watching a movie, you can do a lot of things with your phone and it is troublesome to live without your phone.

But things happen when you delete the data files on your phone by mistake or a system crash makes some data loss. If you lose your data on your mobile phone, it will be kind of hard to get it back. So it is advisable to back up your mobile phone regularly so that you can still restore the data files you lost from the backup files.

You can create the backup files as often as possible to make sure that you have the data files on one of your backup files. So to make it easy to back up your mobile phone, you can turn to a professional tool that helps you with backup. And you need to pay attention that you should choose reliable third-party software to prevent any threat from the virus. Here are some nice tools for your information.

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Tool 1. iCloud for the iOS users

The iCloud is for iOS users. There are five kinds of storage on iCloud that you can use when you create iCloud backups:

Backup Contacts with icloud

1. 5 GB free of charge
2. 20 GB for $0.99 per month
3. 200 GB for $3.99 per month
4. 500 GB for $9.99 per month
5. 1 TB for 19.99 per month

If you don’t want to backup too many videos and audio files, you can just pay nothing to iCloud.

It is easy to back up the data files on your iOS devices with iCloud. And then if there is anything happening unexpectedly, you can restore the data files desired from the iCloud backup files without hassle. Besides, you can create the iTunes backup files with iTunes too.

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But in this article, I am going to introduce the detailed steps on how to use the iCloud first.

Step 1. To create a backup file by manual, go the the “Settings” > “iCloud” > “Backup”. For first-time users, you need to log in before you create a backup file. Just input your Apple ID and the password. Then click on “Backup Now” to start backing up your iOS device.

Step 2. If you connect your iOS device to the WIFI, iCloud will create a backup file automatically for you.

1. The iCloud can help you create a backup file that covers all the data files on your iOS device, including the settings, calendars, contacts, camera roll, and app data, and so on.
2. The iCloud can help you store the last three iCloud backup files. For more details, please read the terms and conditions when you start to use iCloud on your iOS device.

Tool 2. Google Sync for the Android users

Google Sync is for Android users. To use this tool, you need to have a Google account so that you can store the backup files on your Google account. It is great and covers all the data you may want to back up on your Android phone, including the Calendar, Contacts, Docs, App Data, Chrome, Drive, People details, Gmail, Google Opinion Rewards, Google Fit, Google Play Books, Google Play Newsstand, Google Play Music, Google Play Movies & TV, Goolge+, Google+ Photos, Google+ Uploads, My Tracks, Google Keep, My GoogleDrive, News & Weather, and Tasks. It is convenient to use this tool and it also enables you to restore the backup files created on another Android phone.

Backup Contacts with google sync

Step 1. To set up the Google Sync, you can follow this tutorial: Go to “Settings” > “Accounts” > “Select Google” > “SelectGoogle Accounts”. Then you can start to set up.

Step 2. Then you can start to back up your Android phone. Just go to the “Settings” > “Backup&Reset” > “Backup my data”. Finally, choose your Google account. You can also back up the Wi-Fi passwords.

Tool 3. Symbian tool for the Nokia users

The Symbian tool is for Nokia users. But you must download and install it on a Windows computer. It can help you back up the data files including the calendar, contacts, and media files like the photos, music, and videos. Here is the detailed tutorial for you.

Backup Symbian Phone Contacts

Step 1. Download and install this tool on your Windows computer.

Step 2. Then follow the instructions along the process, which is easy to understand.

Tip: For some Non-Nokia Symbian users, you can try the Symbian Tool to help you with the backup task.

Tool 4. BlackBerry Desktop Manager for the BlackBerry users

The BlackBerry Desktop Manager is for Blackberry users. With this tool, you can back up the Calendar, Text Messages, Contacts, Profile Settings, and more. To use this tool, make sure that you have a BlackBerry ID first. Here is the tutorial.

Backup BlackBerry Contacts

Step 1. Download the tool on your computer.

Step 2. Launch it and go to the “Backup” > “Options”. Then make some settings.

Step 3. Back to the “Backup”. Choose a specific location for the backup file that you are going to make. You can make the internal storage space or the external hard disk drive.

Tool 5. dr.fone – Backup&Restore for all the users – One Stop Solution

dr.fone – Backup&Restore for Android (or dr.fone – Backup&Restore for iOS) is compatible with almost all the phones mentioned above. That is to say, it can help you to create backup files on iOS devices, Android devices, the Nokia phone, and BlackBerry phones. The data files that you can back up including the calendar, contacts, call logs, text messages, photos, music, video, and so on. Here is the step-by-step guide for you.

iOS Backup & Restore

Step 1. Connect your phone to the computer with the dr.fone.

Step 2. On the primary window, tap on the “Backup&Restore” mode.

Step 3. On the little box, choose the data files that you want to back up and then click on “Backup“.

Step 4. Wait until it is finished, eject your phone.

Get dr.fone – Backup&Restore (Android)