HTC to Samsung: How to transfer HTC contacts to Samsung in 1 Click

You must want to transfer all the contacts from your old phone to your new one very much if you have ever abandoned your HTC phone and bought a Samsung Galaxy S9 or Note 8, right? In this article, I will show you a professional mobile transfer program to help you transfer contacts from HTC to Samsung phone or tablet, such as moving HTC contacts to Samsung Galaxy Phone.

If you abandoned your HTC Phone and bought a new phone from Samsung, you need to transfer all data include contacts from HTC phone to Samsung very much. Maybe you also want to do the transferring safely and conveniently! However, it’s not so easy to transfer the mobile data, like contacts, calendar, videos, photos between two different Phone OS or different Phone Brand phones, and you need a third-party phone to phone data transfer tool to help you complete the task.

If you are looking for such a HTC to Samsung mobile data transfer software, I will recommend you a world’s No 1 & professional one: – dr.fone – Phone Transfer, which is specially designed for you to transfer data such as contacts and photos from one phone to another conveniently. You can do the strenuous work in only one click with the help of the dr.fone program. Furthermore, the mobile data transfer program can do the transferring without any data loss and make the transferring safely. Except for transfer contacts from HTC to Samsung, you can also transfer data between any other phones, like transferring contacts from HTC to iPhone simultaneously.

Here I will tell you how to Transfer HTC contacts to Samsung Phone through the dr.fone – Phone Transfer. You can now download power HTC contacts to Samsung transfer tool below on your computer to have a try. Then please install and launch the program. Then just follow me!.

Get dr.fone – Phone Transfer

Simple ways to Transfer contacts from HTC Phone to Samsung Galaxy Phones:

Step 1: Launch dr.fone, Enter “Phone Transfer” Mode


Step 2: Link HTC Phone and Samsung phone via computer

You can now connect HTC Phone and Samsung Galaxy Phone to your Windows or Mac computer via USB cables. Your devices will be detected automatically after both phones are connected. Then, you can view your devices displayed each in the “Source” and “Destination”. In contrast, you just need to click the “Flip” button if you want to transfer contacts from Samsung to your HTC Phone. In addition, you are able to clear data in your Samsung Galaxy Phone by clicking “Clear data before copy”, which is at the lower-right corner.

Step 3: Transfer contacts from HTC to Samsung Galaxy Phones directly

In the process, if you want to transfer contacts only, you should remove the marks before photos and music, otherwise all the data will be transferred. Then please click “Start Transfer”. If the transfer ends, you ought to click “Completed” to finish it. You should keep the two devices connected in your computer all the time during the process.

It’s easy to transfer your contacts through the HTC to Samsung mobile data transfer program, right? You can now check all the contacts in your new Samsung Galaxy Phone. You can learn more features for the professional dr.fone – Phone Transfer program here.

Try dr.fone – Phone Transfer

Samsung to iPhone: How to Transfer Samsung Contents to iPhone

If you just got a new iPhone, and would like to transfer data from Samsung old mobile phone to new iPhone, then the article is just for you which will introduce the best Samsung contacts to iPhone transfer app: dr.fone – Phone Transfer for Samsung to iPhone data transfer for you to solve your mobile data transfer problem between Samsung phone and iPhone.

Samsung and Apple are two popular mobile brands in the world. When some Samsung users decided to buy an iPhone for a change, the question of contacts transfer from Samsung to iPhone may trouble many people. Because edit so many contacts one by one is tedious and boring.

I bet you will be excited now for seeing dr.fone – Phone Transfer: a phone data transfer tool can move Samsung contacts to iPhone just in 1 click. You just need to download this Samsung to iPhone contacts transfer tool and run it. Follow the instruction precisely, you will finish transfer contents from Samsung to new iPhone by yourself.

Get dr.fone – Phone Transfer

Three steps to transfer contents from Samsung to iPhone by dr.fone – Phone Transfer:

1. Install dr.fone and run it

First, install dr.fone and launch it. Then you will see the primary interface as below.


2. Connect your iPhone and Samsung phone to PC

Then, after you run dr.fone, please connect your Samsung phone and new iPhone, iPhone 5 for example to PC at the same time. And if you want to empty the destination phone, click the “Clear data before copy”.

Samsung to iPhone Data Transfer

Note: If you want to change the place of phones, the rectangle button Flip can help you.

Please check whether you have installed iTunes on your computer or not. dr.fone will remind you of installing it if not.

3. Transfer Samsung data to iPhone.

You can begin the Samsung contents to iPhone transfer by hitting the button “Start Transfer”. During the whole progress, Please ensure that either of your phones has been connected with your computer. Click “OK” when the contents from Samsung to iPhone transfer is finished.

Samsung to iPhone Contacts Transfer

Note: You can click Cancel at the lower right corner if you want to cancel it on the midway. And you will find that the dr.fone – Phone Transfer is a comprehensive contact copy, the contacts transfer between Samsung and iPhone is including job title, email addresses, company name, etc. And all the data can be only read by yourself.

Besides, dr.fone – Phone Transfer can transfer Samsung SMS and contacts to Samsung phone with one click too. What’s more, it can be a good helper when you need to move your data, namely contacts, SMS, and text messages, from iOS to Android.

Do you want to know clearly about the steps of transferring contents from Samsung to iPhone? Please play the video tutorial.

Try dr.fone – Phone Transfer

How to Retrieve Call History or Recover Deleted Calls on iPhone?

Once you delete a very important number in your phone by mistake and do not want to ask others to get back the number again, you will need a professional call history recovery program to help you retrieve deleted calls or call log from your iTunes backup. Now, you can learn how to handle in the article.

Sony to iPhone: How to Transfer Contents from Xperia to iPhone?

Many people ask: “How to transfer contacts from Sony to iPhone“. If you have the same problem, you need a powerful & easy-to-use phone to phone transfer tool to help you sync & copy contacts from Sony Xperia X Series, Sony Xperia XZ Series, Sony Xperia Z Series, L Series, E Series to iPhone directly.

Don’t worry about how to transfer contacts from Xperia /Sony to iPhone. I’ll tell you a professional phone to phone transfer app named dr.fone – Phone Transfer. It will save you much time, as you don’t need to spend time on typing contacts to iPhone laboriously one by one after you get this best Phone data transfer app, you are able to sync LG contacts to iPhone or Sony contacts to iPhone in batch directly. In addition, there is no need to worry about any contact information loss when you use this tool. Because just click one you can directly copy contacts from Sony Xperia that you copy contain comprehensive information, including email addresses, job title, company name, and so on to iPhone. It’s a good choice for you to download the free trial version of this Sony to iPhone Transfer tool to your computer. Then do the steps as follows.

Simple steps to transfer contacts from Sony to iPhone or Xperia to iPhone

Get dr.fone – Phone Transfer

Step 1: Install and launch Sony to iPhone data transfer tool

At first, install this Sony Xperia to iPhone data transfer on your computer. Then, double-click the icon on the computer desktop to launch Sony to iPhone tool – dr.fone.


Step 2: Connect Sony mobile and iPhone with computer

Connect your Sony Xperia mobile and iPhone with the computer via USB cables simultaneously so that this LG to iPhone data transfer will detect two phones as soon as possible. After that, the two phones will be displayed at the place of “Sources” and “Destination” on the main interface. Once your iPhone is full of useless data, you can delete them by ticking off the tab “Clear data before copy”. Besides, you can click “Flip” to copy iPhone contacts back to Sony/LG rather than moving contacts from Sony or LG to iPhone.

Sony Xperia to iPhone data transfer

Note: dr.fone – Phone Transfer can be used for all iPhone, including iPhone 11, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8 (Plus), iPhone 7 (Plus), iPhone SE, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6,iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and iPhone 4.

Step 3: Transfer/copy Sony Xperia contacts to iPhone

You should delete the marks before photos and music before start copying contacts from Sony to iPhone if you just want to sync contacts. Then, click “Start Transfer”. When the contacts transferring, you can see all your wanted contacts are being transferred. Make sure that your phones are connected until the transferring is over. When finishing transferring, just click “OK” to end it.

lg to iphone data transfer

Congratulations on you have succeeded in moving contacts from Sony to iPhone. There is no need to remove the makes before pictures and music if you want to copy songs, playlists, Videos, Photos and albums from Sony to iPhone.

PS: Read more to find out transfer data from Blackberry to Sony Xperia phone and recover photos from Sony Xperia phone.
And this simple-to-use dr.fone – Phone Transfer can be used for all Sony phones. The Sony to iPhone can keep its original quality without damage & zero-risk. Don’t miss it, just try it yourself right now.

Try dr.fone – Phone Transfer

Backup & Transfer All Data from Android to iPhone

Transfer data from Android to iPhone on new iOS 13, such as copying photos from android to iPhone or backup pictures from Android to iPhone. The article will show you how to backup any android data to iPhone by dr.fone – Phone Transfer in a simple way.

If you need to transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone, please switch to dr.fone – WhatsApp Transfer.

An Android Smartphone, like Samsung Galaxy S20 or Galaxy Note 10, will absolutely make it easy for you to take images with your friends. And those images will bring the memorable days in your mind when you are by yourself. But you may find it hard to transfer those images from your Android to your friends’ iPhone if you want to enjoy the images with them. Because Android phones and iPhone are in different operating systems.

How to transfer or copy images from Android to iPhone on iOS 14 when you meet this problem? A third-party professional data from android to iPhone transfer tool can certainly solve this problem easily. Here I am willing to share you an easy-to-handle Android to iPhone data transfer program – dr.fone – Phone Transfer. It enable you to replicate images and photo books on Android phone to iPhone on new iOS 14 in one click. Moreover, don’t worry about the security of your phones because the tool is safe.

Simple steps to transfer data from Android to iPhone:

You really need to take some minutes to read the rest and be sure that this Android data to iPhone program would help you a lot.

Step 1: install the Android data to iPhone transfer tool and run it.

First, download and open the Android to iPhone data transfer tool – dr.fone. Then click the “Phone Transfer” icon on the screen.

Get dr.fone – Phone Transfer


Step 2: Connect your Android Phone and iPhone to computer

Connect your Android phone and iPhone via UBS cable to your PC. They will be detected as soon as possible by the smart Android to iPhone data transfer app and turn up as “Source” and “Destination”. And there is a button “Flip” between them in the primary window. Just click it when you want to move contacts, images, SMS from iPhone to Android.

move android to iphone
In addition, you can choose to click the tab “Clear data before copy” to empty your iPhone.

Note: dr.fone – Phone Transfer is compatible with HTC, Samsung, Nokia, LG, and Sony Xperia. And it is also suitable for iPhone 11/XS/XR/X/8(Plus).

Step 3: Copy images /photos from Android to iPhone, like form Nokia to iPhone

Remember to delete the marks in the front of the contacts and music because you just want to move the images and photo books. Then click the button “Start Transfer” to begin.

android to ios devices data transfer

Your phones should be kept connected with your computers. Lastly, click “OK” when the task ends.

See! How easy it is. With the help of dr.fone – Phone Transfer, you can transfer any data from Android to iPhone on new iOS 14, just like transfer images/photos from Android to iPhone easily and quickly. What’s more, you can transfer data from iPhone to Android, Android to Android as the steps we talk about above. Get the smart Android data to iPhone program – dr.fone right now. It will never let you down.

Try dr.fone – Phone Transfer

How to Transfer Contacts from Nokia to Android without Breaking Sweat!

Finally, now you can easily Transfer Contacts from Nokia to Android just by following this full guide with simple step by step process.

How to Transfer Contacts from Nokia Android Phone to Android

The Android version of Nokia phones isn’t the most preferred amongst other phones in recent times. That is why most persons prefer buying a new phone instead of trying to change the OS of their phones to that of Android. However, the biggest challenge that you may face is to attempt having your data transferred from your Nokia phone to Android device. You will also face the same problem if you want to transfer files to your Android device. The problem of how to Transfer Contacts from Nokia to Android among phone users is becoming a nightmare.

Do you want to move your numerous contacts from your Symbian Nokia phone to your Android device? This could include your music files, video files, applications, contacts, messages and so on. What you require for such transfer to happen is an application that will never fail such as dr.fone – Phone Transfer.

This is a downloadable program which allows you to transfer your files from Nokia to Android device effectively. Below are some of the benefits of dr.fone – Phone Transfer.

  • It is very easy to use that anyone can start using it. This means no special knowledge required.
  • It can be very efficient in your transfer processes.
  • It can help you to transfer any kind of data possible from Nokia to Android device.

Get dr.fone – Phone Transfer

The guidelines below will explain to you how you can easily copy data from your Nokia to Android device with the aid of a few clicks.

Simple steps that can make you to easily copy contacts from your Nokia to Android device without any kind of stress.

Step 1. First of all, ensure that you have had the Nokia to Android program already installed. That is to say, install the dr.fone on your PC. Once you have installed it, you can then go ahead to have it launched.

Step 2. Have your Android and Nokia phones connected to your system.
In the phone transfer window, both phones will be listed there. The only requirement to make this one happen is that you make sure that both phones are connected simultaneously to the dr.fone – Phone Transfer. If you fail to do this then they won’t be displayed on the phone transfer window.

Nokia to Android contacts transfer

If you would like to have the destination phone erased or cleared, you are free to. You can do this through bar clear data before deciding to transfer your data. However, if you wish to leave it like that, it is no problem.

It should be noted that every Nokia phone is supported by Android 9.0.

Step 3. Transferring all your contacts from Nokia to Android

Make sure that both phones are connected to dr.fone – Phone Transfer. Once you have seen it and confirmed that they are connected, just locate the “Start Transfer” button and click on it to commence the transfer. If it is through with the transfer, an “ok” button will pop up. Click on the “ok”.

Nokia to Android contacts Transfer

There is no other application or program that can easily transfer your contacts from your Nokia to Android and also Android device to Android device the way dr.fone – Switch will be able to do it. This is because it has been designed with you in mind.

Key features of dr.fone – Phone Transfer

If you want Transfer Contacts from Nokia to Android using dr.fone – Phone Transfer; here are some of its features.

  • It doesn’t just allow you to copy contacts. This is because you can now transfer music files, video files, photos, messages, calendar, notes and lots of others that you never thought would be possible.
  • Its copying is very comprehensive as it tends to copy everything regarding the data.
  • Phone contents can be easily transferred to different networks such as Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and lots of others.
  • It retains the quality of the transferred files to your android device. This means that the quality of the file will remain the same.

Try dr.fone – Phone Transfer

iPhone to Android: How to Transfer Files from iPhone to Android Phone?

Do you feel troublesome to transfer files from iPhone to Android, such as transfer contacts from iPhone to Android/iOS/Windows Phone? The key point is that you haven’t found the best solution for it. What you need is a powerful iPhone data transfer tool for transferring files such as contacts, text messages, photos, and music, etc.

dr.fone – Phone Transfer can be your best choice to transfer files or any data from iPhone to Android/ iPhone to iOS Devices/ iPhone to Windows Phone(Nokia) in a simple way. With the help of dr.fone – Phone Transfer, you can copy all the files in your iPhone from the older one to a new one, Share Contacts on iPhone and Android, including iPhone 11/XS (Max)/XR/X/iPhone 8(Plus)/iPhone 7(Plus)/iPhone SE/iPhone 6S/iPhone 6S Plus/iPhone 6/ iPhone 6 Plus/iPhone 5S/ iPhone 5C/ iPhone 5, etc.

PS: the new OnePlus 7T Pro is coming, click here for the full OnePlus 7T Pro Review.

How to Transfer Files from iPhone to Android Phone with dr.fone – Phone Transfer

Free download the right version for you below and follow up below 3 simple steps for transferring files/data from iPhone to Android.

Get dr.fone – Phone Transfer

To begin with, free download & install the dr.fone, and please read the whole article, you can figure out how to transfer files or contacts from iPhone to Android/ iPhone to iOS / Android to iPhone by yourself. As below, we take the transfer contacts from iPhone to Android as an example; the others are similar to this.

Step 1: Install dr.fone and launch it

Firstly, you need to install and open it on your PC. You can get the main window like below and then choose “Phone Transfer” feature.


Step 2: Connect both of your iPhone and Android phone to dr.fone

Secondly, connect both of your iPhone and Android Phone to dr.fone – Phone Transfer program.

iPhone to Android Content transfer

Note: Be sure that both two of your phones connected to dr.fone simultaneously during the whole process. And then, the devices will show the “Source” and “Destination” separately.

Of course, you can click “Clear data before copy” before real transferring to empty your Android phone if you need it.

Note: You can press “Flip” when you need to change the places of two devices.

Step 3: Transfer contacts from iPhone to Android Phone now.

After finishing the two steps above, now, you can transfer all the files including contacts, videos, text messages, and photos via clicking the green button “Start Transfer“. Also, keep remembering two devices should be connected to Mobile Trans during the whole process. When finished, click “Completed” to end it.

iPhone to Android data transfer

There cannot be easier to transfer files/data from iPhone to Android, such as above to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android Phone. It also allows you to switch contacts from iPhone to Symbian or from iPhone to other Apple devices. Download it and enjoy now yourself!

iPhone to Android – dr.fone Phone Transfer Key Features

  • Transferring contact, SMS, call logs, calendar, music, video phone and other data from old phone to new one
  • Work with over 8000 Android, Windows, iOS phone based
  • Transfers content between different networks.
  • Easy and zero quality loss. Everything you transfer is 100% same as the original resource

Try dr.fone – Phone Transfer

Android to Android Phone Data Transfer: Transfer Data from Android to Android

How to Transfer Photos/Music/Messages/Contacts from Android to Android Phone?

Pursuing the new fashion, such as a new Android phone, it is a really fabulous thing for young people. But the only thing you need to worry about is the way to transfer the files, for instance, contacts, text messages, photos, music, etc, from Android to Android. And if you don’t have a capable phone data transfer tool, you may lose all the contents. That is terrible.

Now what we recommend you is the best phone data transfer program to do Android to Android file transferdr.fone – Phone Transfer. It possesses the function to transfer data between two Android phones conveniently and safely including contacts, text messages, call logs, photos, music, videos, apps with data and calendar.

If you need to transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to android, please switch to dr.fone – WhatsApp Transfer or iMyfone iTransor for WhatsApp.

Simple ways to transfer phone data from Android to Android by dr.fone – Phone Transfer:

This article aims to solve the problem transferring data from Android to Android, please be patient and take some minus to read it.

Get dr.fone – Phone Transfer

Step 1: Free download, and install the best phone data transfer tool – dr.fone

Download the Android to Android transfer program, and install it. After installation, run it. You can see the interface like below. Click “Phone Transfer”.


Step 2: Connecting your two Android phones

Connect both your two android phones you need to transfer with your PC via USB cable. dr.fone will detect them automatically. You can empty the destination phone by clicking Clear data before copy if you need.

Note: if you need to transfer the places of the phones, click “Flip” button.

Step 3: Transferring phone data from Android to Android

It depends on you whether you would like to copy all or part of your phone data. You can mark them one by one or choose all to copy. Then start copy by press the button “Start Transfer“. After the data transferring job finished, just click the “Completed” button.

That’s all. It is the most convenient way to transfer data between two Android phones. Once you own the power Android phone transfer tool, you don’t need to worry about the problem to transferring stuff between two Android phones, regardless of carriers or manufacturers fail to transfer more stuff. You can copy all the contents including contacts, text messages, call logs, music, videos, apps, as well as photos freely and safely with zero quality loss.

In addition, the powerful phone data transfer tool – dr.fone – Phone Transfer not only can copy data between Android(like Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, Google, OnePlus, Motorola, Huawei series), but also Windows Phone (Windows 8.x & Windows 10 Phone) and iOS phones over 9000 phones. It’s the world’s number one phone transfer tool.

Try dr.fone – Phone Transfer