OnePlus 7T Pro Review – The Wait is Over Now

If you were looking for a OnePlus 7T Pro review before purchasing the device, here it is. With this review, we intend to cover the most important information related to this device for your benefit. So, keep reading this OnePlus 7T Pro review and know if it is the perfect match for you.

Just take a look at the number of devices OnePlus has introduced during 2019. That will surely give you an idea about the scale and the ability of this smartphone manufacturer. Namely, they introduced devices like OnePlus 7, OnePlus 7 Pro, OnePlus 7 Pro 5G, and One Plus 7T. Their latest editions include OnePlus 7T Pro and OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren. That means they have introduced six powerful devices during the year 2019. In fact, this is a large number compared to the number of devices introduced by other manufacturers.

OnePlus 7T Pro has a pretty standardized upgrade to its previous version, as opposed to Vanilla 7T. Are you a long-term OnePlus user? If so, you will take such an upgrade to be somewhat similar to 3 to 3T but not like 5 to 5T. If you get both OnePlus 7 Pro and a 7T Pro, differentiating the upgrade will not be that easy.

However, in other words, it is a way of telling the excellent functionality and features of OnePlus 7 Pro. That means, 7 Pro is still a good choice despite the updates that are taken place with 7T Pro. Thanks to the recent software upgrades, OnePlus 7 Pro can still be considered as a competitive device.

However, the problem is that the device is not available in the U.S., even with its launch. OnePlus didn’t deliver its original OnePlus 7 to North America. Even with the 7T Pro version, they are likely to keep things that way. This device is available in both the European and Asian regions. So, those who live in Asia and Europe can replace their OnePlus 7 Pro with 7T Pro. But things are different in North America. In North America, 7 Pro will exist with the 7T version. Well, if you are already confused with this lineup, don’t be upset. There are plenty of other individuals who experience the same.

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OnePlus 7T Pro review at a glance

In a nutshell, OnePlus offers the best ever performance with this device with excellent usability. It comes with an advanced, bigger batter as well as new camera modes to impress you. Keep in mind that 7T Pro is not an overhaul of the previous OnePlus 7 Pro. Instead, it comes as a completely thoughtful, upgraded version of the previous device. So, in simplest terms, OnePlus comes to making a strong appearance in the latter part of 2019 with this launch.

Pros of OnePlus 7T Pro

Let’s take a look at the pros of OnePlus 7T Pro in this section.

  • Excellent design with elegance.
  • Absolutely faster performance compared to its competitor products.
  • Very smooth panel with 90Hz frequency.
  • They are powered with the latest Android OS backed by the enhancements of the OxygenOS system.
  • The competitively powerful camera features for the price you pay.

Cons of OnePlus 7T Pro

  • The overall make of the phone is pretty heavy and often becomes slippery.
  • The battery life of this device is not the best compared to the other flagship devices.
  • It doesn’t support wireless charging.
  • Customers in the U.S. cannot purchase this phone.

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Hardware and design of OnePlus 7T Pro

In fact, OnePlus 7T Pro is almost identical to OnePlus 7 Pro. There is not much of a difference in OnePlus 7T Pro when it is compared with OnePlus 7 Pro. The truth is that there was no requirement for a design overhaul when releasing OnePlus 7T Pro. So, the designers of this device have preserved all the good features included in the previous version. However, there are only a couple of minor tweaks associated with this device, which will be discussed later on in this OnePlus 7T Pro Review.

When you purchase OnePlus 7T Pro, you will find Haze Blue to be its primary color option. In fact, this color appears pretty lighter and colorful compared to the ‘Nebula Blue’ version. Also, it comes with a pretty slightly pronounced reflective pattern. The outer frame of this device comes with a top-to-bottom gradient. It is similarly tweaked and comes in a lighter hue as well. If those tweaks weren’t there, the design would appear to be the same.

The most convenient way to differentiate 7T Pro from 7 Pro is to identify the telltale laser autofocus module. In the newer version (OnePlus 7T Pro), it is placed in the glass panel. Also, it is located towards the main camera module’s left side.

Even in the newer model, all the strengths and weaknesses of OnePlus 7 Pro are preserved. The device doesn’t offer you a firm grip, and also it has a heavy body. Using it with a single hand is pretty difficult in this case because it is likely to drop. To avoid such circumstances, you can use a TPU case, as well. The design of the font face is very simple. It allows you to upgrade the overall appearance of this handset. The curvy shape is ideal, and it is not too curvy. Also, the overall design of this phone is pretty ideal for an all-screen handset.

Just like in the 7 Pro model, it has a motorized camera for selfies. It is perfectly hidden within the top bezel of the phone to add more aesthetic appearance. When you need to use it, it pops up easily.

When it comes to the panel, it remains unchanged and appears just like 7 Pro. As we believe, it doesn’t require an upgrade for any reason. The combination of perfect resolution, the ideal level of brightness, and ultra-smooth 90Hz refresh rate make it an excellent piece. It can even match more expensive and high-end devices in the market. The same smoothness and better functionality are available with its fingerprint scanner, as well. Compared to the older model, the fingerprint scanner works faster, though. Also, it works even if you are with damp fingers, thanks to the additional tuning they have done.

They have also brought back the mute slider, which is a trademark sign for OnePlus devices. It is located on the right edge of the device. However, in most cases, you may accidentally trigger it (especially when you take it out).

When it comes to the internal components, OnePlus 7T Pro has some meaningful tweaks, as well. It is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ platform. In addition to that, it has 8GB/256GB RAM and storage options. As a result, the battery of the device offers a better life. The newly included Warp Charge 30T charging standard is actually new to all OnePlus series. It is capable of maintaining identical peak wattage compared to the previous models, though. However, there is an improved tuning, which allows faster-charging speed, especially during the middle of the charging process.

Specifications of OnePlus 7T Pro

  • Operating System: Android 10, OxygenOS 10
  • Display specifications: 6.67″, 3120 x 1440 (516 PPI), 19.5:9 — 90Hz, Fluid AMOLED.
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+, Octa-core 7nm Up to 2.96GHz
  • GPU: Adreno 640
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Storage: 256GB, UFS 3.0 2-LANE
  • Expandable: N/A
  • Rear Camera 1: 48MP main sensor, f/1.6 aperture, 1.6 μm pixel size, OIS, EIS
  • Rear Camera 2: 8MP telephoto sensor, f/2.4 aperture, 1.0 μm pixel size, OIS
  • For Rear Camera 3: 16MP ultra wide-angle sensor, f/2.2 aperture, 117° field of view, Macro mode
  • Front Camera: 16MP, f/2.0 aperture, 1.0 μm pixel size, EIS
  • Security: Fingerprint sensor (optical, in-screen)
  • Connectivity: 4×4 MIMO LTE, CAT 18, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC
  • Audio: USB-C, Dual stereo speakers, Dolby Atmos, aptX, aptX HD
  • Battery: 4,085 mAh, Warp Charge 30T, 30W fast charging
  • Color: Haze Blue
  • Water Resistance: N/A

Software and battery life of OnePlus 7T Pro

When it comes to OnePlus devices, the software is recognized to be one of its strengths. This tradition continues with OnePlus 7T Pro as well. This device performs on the platform of OxygenOS 9. The new version (version 10) delivers an upgrade to Android 10. In addition to that, it has some elegant software tweaks from OnePlus manufacturer, as well.

The perfect combination of the 90Hz display, super-fast CPU, and unique optimizations for OnePlus matches with OxygenOS. As a result, you will be able to deliver exceptionally fast experience from Android.

The overall design language remains as it is even with this OnePlus 7T Pro version. However, it comes with few live wallpapers as well as a mirror icon as new tweaks. In this version of the device, you can find the widget shelf back. The useful features of the device appear like Zen Mode. With that, you can disconnect from the notifications as well if you consider it as a distraction. Also, in Zen Mode, you can configure it and let you take an hour’s time.

On the flip side, OnePlus 7T Pro comes with a slightly faster GPU as well as Game Space features. With Game Space, you can tweak the notifications further. As a result, you can have notifications as text only, which creates fewer distractions during a game. Also, there are few other graphical options to adjust the details under shadows. Such configuration allows you to see slightly better during shooter games.

The gesture navigation features are another aspect that is worth mentioning. This feature based on the new navigation paradigm of Google, which is developed for Android 10; however, this feature is applied in a much better manner in OnePlus 7T Pro. To view the recent apps, you should swipe up. Then, you can switch between apps by swapping left to right. If necessary, you can simply banish the navigation bar as well. However, it will make the horizontal swipe gesture feature disappeared.

In OnePlus 7 Pro, battery life was a major concern. However, with OnePlus 7T Pro, you can experience a slightly better battery performance with the software enhancements.

With OnePlus 7T Pro, you may experience a full-day use. When the signals are weak, it will use significantly less battery power. Also, you can expect about 4.5 hours for screen-on time hovering. Well, one would say that it is not the best battery life for such a large battery. However, if you take the large screen into consideration, the battery life is justifiable.

Cameras of OnePlus 7T Pro

In this OnePlus 7T Pro review, we should emphasize its cameras as well. It is true that they don’t boast that they have the best cameras. However, the quality of the cameras they offer is pretty significant. The triple camera setup they have applied on the device makes a notable difference as we believe. Newly introduced new macro photography mode is a very notable advantage. Also, it comes with very impressive software upgrades, as well.

The triple camera array retains the design from the previous lineup. The main camera of the three comes as a 48MP Sony IMX 586 sensor. Also, it has an f/1.6 lens together with optical stabilization. The most significant hardware upgrade in 7T is the macro photography done through the ultrawide camera. You can simply switch to the macro mode by tapping on the flower icon (within the camera app). With that, you can capture the subject closely.

It is true that OnePlus 7T Pro doesn’t have the most powerful camera compared to Apple or Huawei. However, the triple camera setup comes with a better capability of capturing excellent photos for purposes like social media. Also, it can be ideal for taking photos for desktop wallpapers, printouts, etc. In a nutshell, there is nothing much you can complain about the camera setup. Although the cameras of OnePlus 7T Pro are not excellent, they are pretty decent.

When it comes to video, you can use it to capture ultrawide shots using OnePlus 7T Pro. However, you cannot go beyond the resolution of 1080p.

Bottomline of our OnePlus 7T Pro review

With that said, let’s get into the bottom line of the OnePlus 7T Pro review. Should you actually buy this piece? Well, this device doesn’t offer a huge upgrade to OnePlus 7 Pro. As we said at the beginning, the changes are very subtle.

In general, however, OnePlus 7T Pro is a competitive device in the market that can challenge any other device. The display is great, the performance is fast, and the overall experience is smooth. Especially, this device can deliver you the best of Android 10 OS. All in all, in this OnePlus 7T Pro review, we should say that it is a very decent device.

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