Top 8 OBS Alternatives – Open Broadcaster Software Alternatives

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) has been the number one application for content creators for a long time. It’s got the perfect selection of tools for recording, live streaming, and offers a lot more control over the program than most others do. But like any other type of program, users find themselves looking for an OBS alternative.

There are a few reasons that you might want to use an alternative program. OBS doesn’t get a lot of updates, the user interface isn’t exactly appealing, and there are a few bugs. It can also be a bit of a hassle if it’s your first time using it. So, if you’ve been using OBS but are looking for a change, here are some alternatives to try out.

Best OBS Alternatives

First, we’ll be looking at the alternative programs that are similar to OBS. Some have extra features that OBS doesn’t, and others are identical but don’t have as many bugs.

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#1 – Wondershare Filmora Scrn

Rightfully at the top of our list is Wondershare Filmora Scrn, a program that won’t disappoint. We consider this the best OBS alternative due to its combination or recording and editing features.
When recording you can record the entire display or just a specific portion. After recording a video, you’re able to get to work with editing straight away. All of the basic features you’d expect, like adding text and filters and many more are at your fingertips. It can also help you to fix on How to Record Screen on Windows 10.

Key Features

  • Record and edit with a single application
  • Has the best features for beginners to learn and for advanced editors to create professional videos
  • Supports editing videos with a green screen
  • Use the free version (which is limited) or the limitless pro version
  • Adjust the audio track of your video during the editing stage

Download Filmora Scrn

#2 – Camtasia

Another alternative is Camtasia. Be warned that although this program is great, it’s going to cost you a pretty penny. Setting aside the price, you’ll instantly gain access to a number of fantastic video editing features that we can’t fault.

One complaint worth noting is the lack of schedule recordings features. This would usually just eliminate some editing for you, so it’s not a huge deal. But just like Filmora, this OBS alternative combines all the tools to meet your video recording and editing needs into one neat package.

OBS Alternative - Camtasia

Key Features

  • A free trial is available prior to purchase
  • Incredibly easy to learn, making it the perfect choice for beginners
  • Record your computer’s display, a section of your screen, or your webcam
  • Add music and audio files to your video project, and edit them too
  • Step up your recordings by adding interactive quizzes to them!

#3 – Bandicam

Bandicam, unlike the other two, is just a screen recorder and therefore doesn’t offer any video editing features. On the other hand, though, it gives you full control over your recordings.

Your videos can be recorded up to 120 FPS (although 60 is plenty), and you can record several hours’ worth of content. One amazing feature of Bandicam that makes it stand out is the file size of your recordings. Other programs create large files whereas Bandicam’s recordings are a lot smaller.

OBS Alternative - Bandicam

Key Features

  • Record your webcam’s input on top of your display’s recording
  • Annotate while you record using the real-time drawing feature
  • Record microphone input simultaneously with your video

OBS Alternatives for Recording Games

Next up we’ll be looking at the OBS alternatives that are perfect for recording games. Unlike the list above, these don’t combine recording and editing features.

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#1 – Fraps

Fraps is one of the most popular standalone recorders out there for one reason: it’s simple. There are plenty of settings to adjust, but when you want to record, you just have to click a button.

Although the program’s interface seems outdated, don’t let that fool you. It’s a fantastic recorder which lets you record up to 60 FPS, take screenshots, and runs very smoothly. You can also set a hotkey to start and stop your video recording.

OBS Alternative - FRAPS

Key Features

  • One of the simplest pieces of video recording software out there
  • Users can select a storage location to save their recordings to (perfect if you have an external hard drive)
  • Provides just as many audio recording settings as it does for video recording

#2 – CamStudio

A free option for recording your video games is CamStudio. Like Fraps, this OBS alternative can record video and audio at the same time, including your microphone. It’s straightforward, lets you add effects to your videos, and is beginner-friendly.

One particular feature that people enjoy about CamStudio is the video output. Not only can you record videos in AVI, but SWF format is an option too. There’s also the benefit of it using a lossless codec which allows smaller video files. And here is the full CamStudio Review for your reference too.

OBS Alternative - Camstudio

Key Features

  • Free to use and no paid version available
  • Record videos in either AVI or SWF format
  • Suitable for recording gaming videos, tutorials, or any other type of video

#3 – PlayClaw

If neither Fraps or CamStudio do it for you, PlayClaw has a price of $39 and also works. Gamers will be happy to know that PlayClaw doesn’t have a significant impact on your gaming experience. Since PC performance is a common complaint with screen recorders, this is a huge benefit!

When recording PlayClaw uses more than one CPU core to ensure a smooth recording experience, and it isn’t flagged by anti-cheat programs either.

Key Features

  • Recent versions support streaming to YouTube and Twitch
  • Hardware acceleration whilst recording provides flawless performance
  • Add overlays to your screen to enhance your game recordings

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OBS Alternatives for Live Streaming

In this final section, we’re going to focus on alternatives specific to live streaming. As OBS is primarily used as a live streaming solution, these are likely the programs you need.

#1 – XSplit Broadcaster

When it comes to live streaming, behind OBS as the most popular program is XSplit Broadcaster. A free version is on their site, but if you want to get complete access, you’ll have to sign up for a monthly subscription or a lifetime license.

The downside of not being able to set an FPS cap is outweighed by the other features. After installing the program, you can create different scenes depending on which game you stream, stream any video or audio device that you connect to your computer, and generally stream whatever you want.

Key Features

  • Suitable for streaming to Twitch, YouTube, and various social media platforms
  • Rather than adjusting your stream every time you switch game, you can define multiple scenes with a smooth transition
  • If you’re a new live stream host, then a support team is available 24/7 to help you out
  • Subscriptions start at $4.17/month, or you can purchase a lifetime license for $199

#2 – VIDBlaster

Last up is VIDBlaster, another paid yet very effective OBS alternative for streaming. With this program you can stream at any resolution you want – it supports as high as 4K and Ultra HD!

If that wasn’t enough, then you get a lot of control over your audio devices too. Perhaps your viewers think your microphone is too loud? No problem, just decrease the sensitivity with a single click. You can also create macros to adjust VIDBlaster’s setting with ease.

Key Features

  • Endless customization when it comes to setting up your stream’s audio and video devices
  • Capable of streaming as high as Ultra HD video quality
  • Supports video and audio streaming to platforms such as YouTube and Facebook
  • Users can add their own overlays and even use built-in video effects
  • Includes a macro menu which makes it easy to switch scenes or quickly change the stream

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To Conclude for OBS Alternative

Depending on what you are using OBS for, you’ve got a few different choices. If you’re on the hunt for an all-in-one video recorder and editing solution, Wondershare Filmora Scrn is undoubtedly the best program to download. But if you prefer standalone options, consider our lists above. As long as you choose an OBS alternative that meets all of your video editing needs, that’s all that matters.