How to Transfer Contacts from Nokia to Android without Breaking Sweat!

Finally, now you can easily Transfer Contacts from Nokia to Android just by following this full guide with simple step by step process.

How to Transfer Contacts from Nokia Android Phone to Android

The Android version of Nokia phones isn’t the most preferred amongst other phones in recent times. That is why most persons prefer buying a new phone instead of trying to change the OS of their phones to that of Android. However, the biggest challenge that you may face is to attempt having your data transferred from your Nokia phone to Android device. You will also face the same problem if you want to transfer files to your Android device. The problem of how to Transfer Contacts from Nokia to Android among phone users is becoming a nightmare.

Do you want to move your numerous contacts from your Symbian Nokia phone to your Android device? This could include your music files, video files, applications, contacts, messages and so on. What you require for such transfer to happen is an application that will never fail such as dr.fone – Phone Transfer.

This is a downloadable program which allows you to transfer your files from Nokia to Android device effectively. Below are some of the benefits of dr.fone – Phone Transfer.

  • It is very easy to use that anyone can start using it. This means no special knowledge required.
  • It can be very efficient in your transfer processes.
  • It can help you to transfer any kind of data possible from Nokia to Android device.

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The guidelines below will explain to you how you can easily copy data from your Nokia to Android device with the aid of a few clicks.

Simple steps that can make you to easily copy contacts from your Nokia to Android device without any kind of stress.

Step 1. First of all, ensure that you have had the Nokia to Android program already installed. That is to say, install the dr.fone on your PC. Once you have installed it, you can then go ahead to have it launched.

Step 2. Have your Android and Nokia phones connected to your system.
In the phone transfer window, both phones will be listed there. The only requirement to make this one happen is that you make sure that both phones are connected simultaneously to the dr.fone – Phone Transfer. If you fail to do this then they won’t be displayed on the phone transfer window.

Nokia to Android contacts transfer

If you would like to have the destination phone erased or cleared, you are free to. You can do this through bar clear data before deciding to transfer your data. However, if you wish to leave it like that, it is no problem.

It should be noted that every Nokia phone is supported by Android 9.0.

Step 3. Transferring all your contacts from Nokia to Android

Make sure that both phones are connected to dr.fone – Phone Transfer. Once you have seen it and confirmed that they are connected, just locate the “Start Transfer” button and click on it to commence the transfer. If it is through with the transfer, an “ok” button will pop up. Click on the “ok”.

Nokia to Android contacts Transfer

There is no other application or program that can easily transfer your contacts from your Nokia to Android and also Android device to Android device the way dr.fone – Switch will be able to do it. This is because it has been designed with you in mind.

Key features of dr.fone – Phone Transfer

If you want Transfer Contacts from Nokia to Android using dr.fone – Phone Transfer; here are some of its features.

  • It doesn’t just allow you to copy contacts. This is because you can now transfer music files, video files, photos, messages, calendar, notes and lots of others that you never thought would be possible.
  • Its copying is very comprehensive as it tends to copy everything regarding the data.
  • Phone contents can be easily transferred to different networks such as Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and lots of others.
  • It retains the quality of the transferred files to your android device. This means that the quality of the file will remain the same.

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