Nokia Photo Recovery | Recover Photos from Nokia Lumia

Search queries related to Nokia photo recovery are pretty common. For instance, “how to Recover Photos from Nokia Lumia” is a really common search phrase.

To the benefit of millions of Nokia smartphone users, this article explains Nokia’s photo recovery in depth.

Note: For Nokia Android users, like Nokia X6, X5, and X8, the best and most practical Nokia Photo Recovery tool is dr.fone – Android Data Recovery.

A Nokia device may lose its photos due to various reasons.

  • The user deleted the photos purposely
  • The user deleted the photos unintentionally
  • System crash
  • Formatting the device
  • Virus attack

Interestingly, more often than not, many of the Nokia users who format their devices want their photos back. However, getting the lost photos back once the device is completely formatted can be difficult without the right tool.

Many users say that Nokia photo recovery is pretty difficult when the deleted files are overwritten. However, if you hold on to the right kind of tool, Nokia photo recovery is easier than you think.

Well, this article explains the most practical ways of how to Recover Photos from Nokia Lumia.

The best Nokia photo recovery software tool

If you use the right kind of software, Nokia photo recovery is pretty easier. In fact, you can recover the photos within three easy steps. The first thing you should do is to find the correct type of software.

The best Nokia photo recovery software tool we can recommend (due to obvious reasons) is Recoverit Data Recovery. Luckily, this software tool is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems. No matter if you download Windows or Mac version, Recoverit Data Recovery supports all the Nokia phones (including Lumia).

Thanks to the smart features of this PDF Recovery software, you can easily recover files even from a completely formatted phone. It also lets you recover photos from Nokia phones that have other issues.

Features associated with Recoverit Data Recovery

Now, let’s take a look at the most notable features of this comprehensive software tool.

  • Recoverit Data Recovery can recover various file types. It can recover photos, emails, music files, audio clips, and various other file types stored in any medium.
  • Recoverit Data Recovery can recover files from external hard drives not detectedrecover data from IDE hard drives, and recover files without damaging or losing them
  • This comprehensive software supports many data recovery types. It can recover data from locations like the hard drive, memory card, external HDD, recycle bin, digital camera, etc.
  • Recoverit Data Recovery can recover data even if the device is completely formatted or the hard drive is corrupted. That is in addition to the loses due to virus attacks and unintentional deletions.
  • It is a really user-friendly software even for a novice user.

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How to implement Nokia photo recovery

Now, let’s get into the real question; how to Recover Photos from Nokia Lumia.

According to the hints we have already provided, Recoverit Data Recovery supports many Nokia models in addition to Lumia. Also, it can recover many other file types in addition to photos. So, if you are a Nokia user who needs to recover any lost file type, this is the right article.

We present the process of data recovery in a step-by-step format for your convenience.

The obvious first step is to connect your Nokia device to the PC. You should use the original data cable provided with the device for a stable and reliable connection. If you need to recover the data from a memory card, you should use a card reader.

Both methods work fine with Recoverit Data Recovery. After connecting the device, you must open Recoverit software. Then, initiate the Nokia cell phone recovery.

a) After opening the Recoverit, you must select a data recovery mode. As we mentioned earlier, Recoverit has a user-friendly interface making things easier for you. To recover the deleted photos (or videos) from your Nokia device, you should go to “External Devices Recovery“.

b) Check if you have connected your Nokia Phone to the computer properly. If it is an SD card, check if you have inserted it into the card reader properly. You can recover files from 8 modes of options.

  • a. Deleted files recovery
  • b. Recycle bin recovery
  • c. Formatted disk recovery
  • d. Lost partition recovery
  • e. External devices recovery
  • f. Virus attack data recovery
  • g. System crash data recovery
  • h. All-Around data recovery

c) Now, you should select a location to scan for the lost files. You can recover lost files in different locations as mentioned below.

  • a. From a USB flash drive
  • b. From a digital camera
  • c. From a camcorder
  • d. From a memory card
  • e. From iPod, MP3, MP4 player
  • f. From an SD card
  • g. CF, XD, MMC Card
  • h. More devices

After selecting the location, the software tool will start to scan the deleted or lost photos and videos. At the completion of this scanning process, you can simply preview the recoverable files.

d) However, if the quick scan couldn’t locate your deleted files, you will have to look for an alternative. This is when you should try “All-Around Data Recovery” mode. This option will perform a deep scan and locate videos and photos. However, this scan mode will require more time compared to the quick scan mode.

e) At the completion of the scan results, you will be able to see the files the software can recover. This might include both video and audio files. To get these files recovered, you should select the respective file and click on the “Recover” button. This process will save the recovered files in your computer (which is connected to the Nokia device).

After a successful Nokia photo recovery process, you should use a different place to save the recovered files. If you expect better data security, you should save those files on an external device (hard drive or DVD).

Recoverit Data Recovery is a really impressive tool that can recover photos from Nokia Lumia easily. The convenient interface and the reliable functionality make Recoverit a must-have tool for any Nokia user.

If you were looking for good recovery software for your Nokia device, try this tool and share your experience with us. Moreover, click to find out how to transfer media files from iPhone to Nokia Lumia.

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