How to Convert MP3 to M4A Using Simple Methods

Do you wish to learn how to convert MP3 to M4A? Well, you have just landed on the correct type of content. In this article, we will explain how to convert MP3 to M4A using very convenient methods. So, read on.

If you are a music enthusiast – just like everybody else – you might be using multiple audio file formats. As you might already know, audio files come in various formats such as WMA, MP3, M4A, aac, etc. Of all those audio file formats, M4A is considered to be the best option due to various reasons. Compared to other file formats, M4A comes with better sound quality. Therefore, most of the music enthusiast prefer M4A over other audio formats. However, not all the files you have come with M4A format. So, the ultimate solution is to convert other audio files into M4A. For instance, if you already have MP3, you may want to convert those files into M4A.

The good news, however, is that this conversion process is exceptionally simple. It is way convenient than you assume. As long as you have the correct tool and you follow the steps correctly, audio file conversion is simple. The steps we have emphasized in this article are compatible with both Windows and Mac OS. So, you can read no matter whether you use a Windows or Mac computer.

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Solution 1: Convert MP3 to M4A using iTunes

The first option we present in this article doesn’t require downloading a third-party app in Mac OS. However, if you are using a Windows PC, you will have to download iTunes. In fact, iTunes is a known tool that can be used to manage media files effectively. Also, it allows converting media files to other formats no matter whether you use a Windows or a Mac. To convert MP3 to M4A, you will need to follow a simple process that comprises of only four steps.

  • As the first step, you should open iTunes. Then, you should locate the option ‘File’ and select ‘Add file to library.’ This option will allow you to add the respective MP3 file in iTunes. However, if you use MacOS, you can directly drag and drop the MP3 file on iTunes.
  • Now, as the next step, you should tap on iTunes and select the option called ‘Preferences.’ After that, you can simply go to the option called ‘General’ and select ‘Import Settings.’
  • Now, you should click on the option called Import Using and then go to AAC Encoder as well. In addition to that, you can adjust the respective settings using the Settings button.
  • Now, you should perform a right-click on the OK button. You can then go to the music playlist. Right-click on the MP3 music file and then go to Create AAC version. You will then see that the iTunes is converting MP3 to M4A.

Solution 2: Convert MP3 to M4A in 1-Click

It is true that iTunes comes as a free option for users. However, for many users, the iTunes way can be somewhat complicated. If you find the process to be complicated too, you may have to go for a better option. In other words, you should know an easier way to convert your MP3 files into M4A with less effort.

This is exactly when a tool like Wondershare UniConverter comes in handy. Compared to the free method, UniConverter comes with great functionality and effectiveness. This respective tool offers excellent audio and video conversion ability. It doesn’t lose the quality of the video upon conversion. In addition to acquiring a superior quality, this software is capable of batch converting the files. That means you can convert bulks of audio files at once. So, it is needless to mention that it can save you plenty of time. On top of all those features, UniConverter offers a 30 X time faster conversion speed compared to other tools.

Features of Wondershare UniConverter (formally known as Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate)

Now, let’s take a look at the most notable features associated with this powerful video converter.

  • It can convert MP3 to M4A, Convert M4A to WAV, Convert MP3 to OGG and over 1000 other audio file formats.
  • It can convert audio file formats using pre-optimized settings for pretty much all the devices.
  • You can use it to edit and improve the quality of your video files as well.
  • You can use it to burn the video files into HQ Blu-ray disks.
  • Download or record videos using popular video sharing sites, including YouTube, Vevo, Metacafe, DailyMotion, etc.
  • A highly useful and versatile toolbox that comprises of GIF maker, VR Converter, Screen Recorder, Video Metadata fixer, etc.
  • It can be used to stream videos from devices run on Windows, MacOS, and other devices.
  • Compatible with Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, and even devices like Xbox 360 and PS5.
  • It works with platforms like Windows 10 to Windows 7, Mac OS 10.6 to the latest.

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Convert MP3 to M4A using Wondershare UniConverter

Now, in this section of our article, we will explain how to convert MP3 to M4A format using UniConverter. To make it a more convenient process, we explain the process in a step-by-step format.

  • First of all, you should download and install Wondershare UniConverter. To do this, you should visit their official website and get the installation file downloaded.
  • Now, your software will display the home screen. You should now add your files to the program for the conversion process to be started. Click on the button labeled ‘Files‘ so you will see a dialog box. Choose the respective MP3 files you need to convert and select ‘Open.’
  • Now that the file is added, you will have to choose the format for the output file too. To do this, go to the top-right corner of the screen and click on ‘Convert all files to.’ Then, choose ‘Audio‘ and select M4A format. You can then define the audio quality as well.
  • Now, all you have to do is to convert MP3 to M4A. To get it done, simply click on the button called ‘Convert All‘ button. This is located towards the right side of the video. Your MP4 file will be available within a few seconds.
Convert MP3 to M4A with UniConverter

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Solution 3: Using an online method to convert MP3 to M4A

It is true that there are plenty of tools when it comes to online MP3 to M4A converters. However, only a few of those options actually perform as you expect. Some of these tools may even do more harm than good. So, it is important to choose the tool wisely.

Thanks to the research we did, we were able to find superb tools to convert MP3 to M4A. Mentioned below are the online tools we have found.

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01. Online-Convert

An online convert is a handy tool that can convert files without costing anything from you. It can change the formats of audio files from one to another. In fact, this tool is compatible with pretty much all the file formats of various file varieties. For instance, it can convert video, image, document, audio, and many other file formats. Besides, it has a very convenient user-interface, so converting files is a matter of a couple of seconds.

Convert MP3 to M4A with Online-Convert

Mentioned below are the steps to follow if you need to follow an M4A file through this tool.

  • First, from the dropdown, define the type of the output file you expect. In this case, you’ll have to select M4A because we assume that you need to convert MP3 to M4A.
  • Now, click on the button labeled ‘Browse.’ Then, you should browse for the MP3 file located on your computer. If not, you can even enter the URL of the file.
  • Now, click on the option ‘Convert File.’ The conversion process will start now.

02. Online UniConverter (Formally,

This is another powerful, handy tool that can convert an audio or a video into any format. With this tool, you can expect a wide array of compatibility. It can convert files like MP3, OGG, WAV, M4A, etc. into many formats. Moreover, this tool is capable of converting batches of files at once. Also, it downloads files from video sharing sites like YouTube.

Convert MP3 to M4A Using Online Uniconverter

Here’s how to convert MP3 to M4A using Online UniConverter.

  • Upload the file you intend to convert.
  • Then, define to which format you need to convert the respective file.
  • Define the output quality as well.
  • Now, press ‘Convert’ button to convert MP3 to M4A.

03. Zamzar

This is a versatile converter that supports various file formats. It can convert files ranging from images to eBooks and CAD files to audio. Mentioned below are the steps to convert MP3 to M4A using Zamzar.

Convert MP3 to M4A Using Zamzar
  • Select the MP3 file which needs to be converted. If not, you can even drag and drop the file into the interface of the software.
  • Now, select the output file format. In this case, select the output file format as M4A.
  • It will ask for an email address, as well. Just provide the email address you usually use.
  • Now, click on the option ‘Convert.’

That’s all we have to explain about MP3 to M4A conversion. We hope you have enough options to try now. Good luck!

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