How to Move WhatsApp Messages to New Samsung Galaxy Phone

Purchasing a new phone is an exciting thing to do. For some people, it’s the first mobile phone that they have, and they get to enjoy the experience. Others, get to experience a completely new device for the first time.

Aside from this enjoyment, there are many stressful aspects of purchasing a new device, and with the Samsung Galaxy S8 being recently released, more people are looking into how to move WhatsApp messages to the new phone, such as Samsung Galaxy S8.

With this in mind, our focus for this article will be on how you can use the dr.fone – WhatsApp Transfer to transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to a new Samsung Galaxy phone in just a matter of minutes, so let’s jump into it.

Part 1. How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages to New Phone – Galaxy S10/S9/S8 Manually

If you recently purchased a new device and wanted to transfer data as quickly and as easily as possible, then carefully follow this method.

#1 – Take your old Samsung phone in your hand and load up the WhatsApp application. Head over to the settings.

#2 – From here, head over to the chat settings and tap on “Chat backup“.

#3 – Tap on the “Backup chats” option.

Backup Whatsapp Manually

Note: you must be connected to a Wi-Fi network to do this.

#4 – Once the backup has been taken of your chats, take your new Samsung Galaxy S8, installed WhatsApp, and launch it.

#5 – Follow through with each of the setup steps and register your phone number.

#6 – At some point during the setup steps, you will be asked whether or not you’d like to restore a backup of your chat messages. Tap “Restore” to begin the restore process.

Restore Whatsapp from Backup Manually

#7 – You will be able to track the process of the restoration using the display shown. Once it’s complete, your messages will now be accessible.

In comparison to manually transferring WhatsApp messages to the new phone – Galaxy S8, this method is incredibly easy and allows you to get the job done quicker too.

Part 2. How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages from Android/iPhone to New Samsung Galaxy S8/S9/S10 In 1-Click

If you’re moving from an iPhone or Android phone to the new Samsung Galaxy S10/S9/S8, don’t worry. WhatsApp Transfer for Samsung in dr.fone – WhatsApp Transfer can help you to transfer data cross-platform without any data corruption or compatibility issues.

Before heading into these steps, install the dr.fone onto your computer.

Get dr.fone – WhatsApp Transfer

#1 – Launch the Dr.Fone program on your computer, and connect both iPhone or Android phone as well as the Samsung Galaxy S8 to your computer using the appropriate USB cables.


#2 – On the main menu of the program, Select the “WhatsApp Transfer” Option and then click on the “Transfer WhatsApp messages” option under “WhatsApp”, which will allow you to transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone/Android to the new Samsung Galaxy S10/S9/S8.

#3 – On the following display, both devices will be shown. The “Source” device should be your iPhone or Android phone, and the “Destination” device should be the Samsung Galaxy S8. Click on “Transfer” to begin.

Note: if your devices are not in the correct place, then click on the “Flip” button located in the middle of the display.

#4 – A notification box will then appear warning you that any existing WhatsApp messages will be overwritten. Click “Yes”, indicating that you understand.

#5 – You will be able to track the process of the WhatsApp transfer using the progress bar at the bottom of the program, and once it’s complete, a notification will appear.

#6 – On the notification box, you will be provided with the last few steps.

#7 – You have now successfully transferred your WhatsApp messages to your new Samsung Galaxy S8!

Many people choose to stick with one platform because neither offers a way to transfer data between the two. Fortunately, you now have the freedom to choose between Apple and Android devices!

PS: If you want to know how to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone, just click them.

Part 3. How to Backup WhatsApp Messages from iOS Devices

The steps which are included in this method will talk you through how to back up your iOS device’s WhatsApp messages.

#1 – Start off by launching dr.fone, and selecting the “Backup WhatsApp Messages” option under the “WhatsApp Transfer” Feature.

#2 – If you haven’t already connected your iPhone to the computer, then go ahead and connect it now.

#3 – Your device will be shown on the screen to indicate that it has been connected. Click on “Backup” to initiate the process.

#4 – A progress bar will appear which you can use to track the process.

Note: it’s important that to prevent data loss, you do not disconnect your device at any moment throughout the backup.

#5 – After the backup has been taken, you’ll be able to click on a “View it” button.

#6 – This will take you to a menu that will show you all of the backups which you have taken with dr.fone, and also allow you to browse the different files which are within those backups.

This method isn’t difficult, and backing up your device doesn’t have to take forever. Remember to take a backup of your device’s data regularly!

Part 4. How to Restore WhatsApp Messages Backup to iOS Devices

By following each of the steps below accordingly, you will be able to restore your WhatsApp messages from the backup that you had taken from your iOS device’s data from the previous method which we discussed.

#1 – Start this method by opening the dr.fone, and selecting the “Restore WhatsApp messages to iOS device” option from the main menu.

#2 – Connect the iPhone that you’d like to have the backup restored do.

#3 – The display will then show your device and the name of the device. Click on “Restore” to start the restore process.

Note: if you already have WhatsApp chat messages on the device you’re restoring a backup to, those will be removed.

#4 – You will then be provided with a list of backups to choose from. Select the most recent backup, and click “Next” to have it restored to your iOS device.

Note: if you aren’t sure which backup you’d like to have restored, you can select a backup and click “View” next to it to see what files are stored in it.

#5 – Once it is restored, you will be able to view all of your WhatsApp messages on your new iPhone.

This method is very similar to the previous method, and it is just as easy as the previous method to. Because of this simplicity, we highly recommend using Dr.Fone for all of your WhatsApp backup needs.

Part 5. How to Restore WhatsApp Messages Backup to Samsung Galaxy S10/S9/S8

With the steps which we have provided below, you’ll be able to restore WhatsApp messages onto your Samsung Galaxy S8 or other Android devices.

#1 – Connect your Samsung Phone to your computer, and launch the Dr.Fone program.

#2 – On the main menu, click on the “Restore WhatsApp Messages to Android device” option.

#3 – You will then be prompted to select the backup that you’d like to have restored. Select a backup, and click on the “Next” button.

Note: it’s important to mention that if you already have WhatsApp messages on your Android device, they will be removed once the restore is complete.

#4 – A progress bar will then appear, allowing you to track the progress of the WhatsApp messages restored.

#5 – Once the bar reaches 100%, the process will be complete, and you will now be able to view all of your WhatsApp messages on your new Samsung Galaxy S8/S9/S10 (Plus).

This is yet another incredibly easy feature provided by Dr.Fone and is one that is by no means difficult.

If you’ve previously used Dr.Fone to take backups of an iPhone’s WhatsApp messages, you can use this method to restore those messages onto your Android device without any compatibility issues.

To Conclude…

To wrap this article up, you now know exactly how you are able to transfer WhatsApp messages to a new phone – Samsung Galaxy S20/S10/S9/S8 and also know how to take backups of your messages too.

If you, unfortunately, experience data loss, you will be able to use the methods which we’ve taught you above to restore your WhatsApp messages from the backup which you’ve taken.

Additionally, data management is important. Data loss can strike at any moment, and by taking regular backups using dr.fone, you can minimize how much data you lose during this upsetting experience and restore it without any hassle.

There is literally no reason for you not to know how to move WhatsApp messages to a new phone at this point and if you haven’t already gotten your hands on it, try out dr.fone – WhatsApp Transfer now!

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