Memrise Review – A Handy Tool for Learning a New Language

You are reading this Memrise review probably because you are searching for a language learning app. In a nutshell, Memrise is a flashcard app with the integration of gamification for more excitement. With the assistance of Memrise, you will be able to build your vocabulary and get familiar with a language. This is particularly true with the beginners. In this Memrise review, we intend to discuss both good and bad about this handy tool.

It is true that Memrise can be a very useful tool for those who want to learn a language. However, we recommend that you shouldn’t use it as the main language learning tool.

Memrise review in a nutshell

For those who don’t want to read a full Memrise review, here’s a summary of it.

Quality of the app

The design of the app is exceptionally impressive. It comes with a well-designed interface. However, the courses included in this app are user-made ones. Therefore, we should say that the quality of the courses might vary.

Depth of the subject matter

In fact, there is no shortage of subject matter in this app. These topics cover a variety of topics. However, to learn more about the topics they present, you will have to use additional resources as well.

Overall value

The overall value of this app is pretty excellent. It has a free version as well.

What we like about Memrise

  • Memrise utilizes special software that makes the learning process convenient. It allows you to learn new words and review all those words in a timely manner.
  • It is not just a learning app; there are fun and excitement integrated with this app.
  • Memrise app has plenty of different courses for a user to choose from.

What we don’t like

  • As we think, the app is ‘too gamified.’ There are other apps with less gamification to select from.
  • Using this app alone cannot help you to learn a language properly so you should seek assistance.

Price of Memrise

The app comes as a free version. However, if you want to upgrade for the premium version, it costs $9 per month. Premium plan can also be purchased at a price of $59 per year.

As we have realized, Memrise is beneficial software to be used by beginners to learn a new language. As of today, it has become a top-rated app, particularly among novice users. To make the best use of this app, you should use it with the assistance of other resources.

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Memrise Review – What exactly is Memrise?

In simplest terms, Memrise is a unique language learning tool. This tool is available either as an app or a web-based tool on their website. Both the web-based app and the mobile app are empowered with gamification.

One of the key benefits associated with Memrise is that it comes as a free app. If required, you can upgrade it for a premium version. The overall usage of this app is convenient and fun. Learning vocabulary and review your knowledge is pretty convenient using this app. Compared to traditional flashcards, this app offers more excitement and fun.

One of the most notable aspects associated with Memrise is that it utilizes mnemonics. Through these mnemonics, you will be able to memorize words easily. There are some courses which are created by Memrise itself. However, the majority of these files are created by other users. Some of the courses are pretty short, but some of the courses are very long.

Some of the lessons included in Memrise comes with audio and multimedia contents as well. However, the others come with plain text only. Also, some of the lessons contain mnemonics, and the rest of the lessons don’t. As we mentioned before, the vast majority of the contents are created by the users themselves. As a result, we cannot necessarily expect the same quality from all the courses and lessons. The quality and the output of the courses might vary from one to another, depending on the user.

On the flip side, this leads to a situation where you can experience a wide array of contents, which is exciting. You will be able to see plenty of different course content so you can see a better versatility.

Some of the courses cover the typical contents such as nouns and verbs, which are basics. However, there are other courses that cover grammar, history, food, culture, and even slangs of other languages.

As mentioned in this Memrise review before, Memrise utilizes a large range of mnemonics. That is to make the users understand the content easily. As you may already know, every user has different requirements and abilities when it comes to learning. The method works for you might not work for another. The good news is that there are many courses listed for every user to choose from. That means, there are multiple modules to help you out.

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Memrise Review – Lessons of Memrise


Most of the courses included in Memrise start with the English word and its translation. In addition to that, it comes with the most popular mnemonic too. All these aspects combine together to make it easier to understand the lessons for novice users. At the end of that process, you will be directed to a quiz.

For instance, you will be given the word, and you will have to match it with the correct definition. Then, through that, you will be tested for comprehension. In this case, the questions will be switched. That means you will get a problem in the opposite way with the target language.

After learning enough number of words, you will have to face a review as well. These reviews will be presented at appropriate intervals as well. In certain cases, you will feel that reviews are too frequent. However, they actually help you to remember the words you learn.

One of the coolest and exciting parts associated with Memrise review process is speed review. In fact, many individuals will love this part regardless of their expertise. As per that process, you will have to answer questions in a pretty quick manner. You are given three lives for each process. If you lose all three lives, you fail. In fact, many individuals tend to try this review even when they don’t need a review, just for fun. It is more of a game rather than a review of a lesson or a course.

As long as you are a beginner for a certain language, Memrise is a handy tool. This tool will surely help you lay a solid foundation for the language you intend to learn. It will improve your vocabulary before digging deep into the grammar and other complex stuff.

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Memrise Review – Should you go for their paid version (Pro Plan)?

Well, this Memrise review had covered the features of the Memrise free version. However, they offer a paid version as well. The cost of this paid version is $9 (per month).

If you go for this paid version, it offers some considerable benefits. For instance, it gives you access to statistics about the studies you have done so far. In fact, this is a great way to keep track of your progress. In addition to that, it gives you the opportunity to practice difficult words as well.

For most of the individuals, however, buying the Pro plan will not be that beneficial. Instead, it would be wiser to use Memrise to review the new language skills. Then, you can use a more streamlined program to have your language mastered.

But, again, we should remind you that Memrise free is an excellent tool for beginners to learn a language.

Bottom-line for Memrise Review

Memrise comes with a free and a paid version. Their paid version is called the Pro plan. As we honestly believe, the free version of Memrise is of great value for an individual. All the support it offers is completely free, so you don’t lose anything but you gain something. However, going for the paid plan is a bit of a gamble. You shouldn’t consider Memrise as the only tool to learn a foreign language because it offers fundamental features. At the beginning of the studies, this tool will offer some help with basic work. So, that’s our Memrise review. You can read this once again and decide how to utilize this app.