Mailinator and the Best Mailinator Alternative

Mailinator is a service that offers you the option of using a disposable email address. The email addresses that are offered through the Mailinator email service come with the domain

Although Mailonator is a disposable email address, it can be used to sign up for websites and other services. For instance, you can use it even to register software or download a program.

In a nutshell, Mailinator can be used whenever you need a different email address than your real email address. So, the uses of such a service are highly versatile.

PS: here, you will find out what is Guerrilla Mail and how to use it.

What benefits can you enjoy through Mailinator?

There are several benefits associated with Mailinator as opposed to using a real email address. One of the major advantages of the Mailinator is that it doesn’t link with your actual email address. So, when you register for an email with Mailinator, that will not attract any spammers.

In fact, staying away from potential spammers has become very difficult today. For those who want to keep spammers away, Mailinator is a perfect choice, particularly those who want a quick solution to keep spammers away.

The other notable benefit associated with Mailinator is that it doesn’t require a setup process. It is true that setting up a new email address using Yahoo! And Gmail has become simply too.

However, they actually demand a setting up process. When it comes to setting up Yahoo!, Gmail, or any other free mail service, you have to provide information. It takes some time apart from providing your personal information.

Mailinator, on the other hand, doesn’t require registration. Instead, you can just create an account on Mailinator and use it.

Once created, getting an email on your disposable Mailinator email address is very convenient. All you have to do is to log in to Mailinator using the email address. Another notable aspect associated with Mailinator is that it doesn’t require a password to log in. So, we strongly suggest that you use it only when you don’t need an email address to communicate.

We should emphasize that there are two important things to consider when you use Mailinator disposable email addresses.

  • Mailinator doesn’t keep your emails for a long period. Instead, your emails will be stored there in the inbox only for a few hours. Likewise, other disposable emails can retain your emails for different durations.
  • All the emails that are sent to Mailinator become public automatically. That means anyone can view all the messages that are going through Mailinator. As you already know, it doesn’t use a password so that any user can access it.

When do websites reject Mailinator email addresses?

Modern-day websites tend to use smart algorithms and detect disposable email addresses that are used to sign up. Because disposable email addresses don’t do any good for those websites, the promotional email messages they send to your email address will go in vain if it is disposable. So, some of the websites tend to reject disposable email addresses during the registration process.

Mailinator services are not limited to @Mailinator domains. They offer a variety of other domains as well, which can be used to create disposable email addresses. Most of those domains will not be recognized as disposable email addresses.

As a result, you can use such an email address to register on websites and online services. These alternatives domains are displayed on the Mailinator front page so you can pick one.

Let’s take a look at an example to make it clearer. Assume that you have used the @Mailinator domain to register for a website, and it is rejected. You can now think of Mailinator’s alternative domain.

For instance, you can use as a Mailinator alternative. It will still play the role of Mailinator without any issue.

These Mailinator alternative domains will be seen on the front page after visiting the Mailinator website. This service actually doesn’t provide a full list of domains that can be used as Mailinator alternative domains. That is probably because the other websites can see those alternatives and ban them all.

Best Mailinator alternative services

As you may already know, Mailinator is not the only service that offers disposable emails. There are several other alternatives to Mailinator, and in this section of our article, we explain those alternatives. You can choose any of those alternatives and enjoy disposable email services.

#1 Mailinator Alternative. Guerrilla Mail

Guerrilla Mail is a significantly popular disposable email service provider, which is known among many individuals. The specialty of this service is that it uses a session address. It actually lasts until you close the session. After one hour, all the emails in that address will be deleted automatically.

#2 Mailinator Alternative. 10 Minute Mail

The functionality of this email service is described through its name. In other words, 10 Minute Mail is a disposable email service that offers addresses with a 10-minute lifespan.

Although such limitations might not work with every situation, it works in some instances. For instance, it works for free trials, and most of the services send verification emails instantly.

#3 Mailinator Alternative. Fake Mail Generator

Fake Mail Generator is popular among Netflix users, particularly because it allows them to enjoy Netflix trials endlessly. If that is not your reason to use a temporary email address, it works perfectly for other purposes too. This mail service offers you ten domains to select from, and they actually work perfectly.

04. NADA

Nada was previously known as Getairmail. This is a super-convenient way to create a disposable email address and get online services activated to use. Also, it allows you to create a new inbox that cannot be accessed by others. As long as you keep the session open, you can see the inbox.

Once you are done, the session will be disposed of. It offers multiple domains, as well. However, it assigns you a domain without giving you the opportunity of choosing a domain.


This is another disposable email service that comes with a simple UI. It comes with a plain white screen as well as a tiny box to generate email addresses. You can use your own name to create an email address with

If not, you can use the autogenerate command and create a random email address. And here are the completed Dispostable Reviews for you.

06. Mintemail

Mintemail is another very useful and simple disposable email address generator. The existing address will be displayed towards the top-right of the screen. It also comes with the option to customize it. After receiving an email, it will be shown at the center of the interface (inbox). It is pretty simple, effective, and convenient.

07. Maildrop

This service comes with more sophisticated features than many disposable email services. This email service generates a random email address that can be used by you if it fits you. You can then start monitoring the inbox, as well.

This email address works perfectly. However, some of the service providers have blacklisted the Nevertheless, it works nicely with most of the other instances.

08. YOPmail

Although this service has a very outdated-looking interface, it does serve the purpose of disposable email. It can generate a name through a left click, and then you can access its inbox.

You will then see the junk mail in the inbox. It comes with a plugin as well as a widget. These features can be handy for those who use disposable email services regularly. In addition to that, it comes with a chat service, as well.

09. TempMail

This is another simple but effective address provider that comes with ten different domain options to select. In addition to that, they offer a VPN service as well. For regular users, their Chrome plugin would be handy.

10. Spamgourmet

This is another handy web service that can work as a perfect Mailinator alternative for you. It works perfectly fine, and its very simple interface makes things easier for you.

In addition to that, you can even go for its advanced mode which requires some input from your end. No matter what model you choose, generating a temporary email address is very convenient with Spamgourmet.


This service comes with a superb webpage that offers you the option of creating a fake email in seconds. In addition to that, it has a web plugin, so frequent users will benefit from it.

All you need to do is to set a name and click on the red envelop icon. It also offers you an iOS app to create disposable email addresses even when you are on the move.

12. Mailnesia

This service works pretty much similar to the other Mailinator alternatives. You can provide a name and click on the green arrow icon to start the process. In addition to that, you can generate random addresses as well by clicking on the link provided.

13. Mytrashmail

It’s another simple but effective site that generates disposable email addresses. Although the interface of this service appears to be pretty outdated, it works fine in terms of functionality. Just enter a name, click on the ‘Get Email’ button, and that’s it.

14. 33Mail

This is another useful disposable email service provider. However, it offers something more. In this case, you have to register for an account. But, in return, you get the opportunity to read your emails for a longer period. Also, you can forward its emails to your genuine email address.

15. Temper.Email

This service allows you to create an email address, choose a domain, and read inbox emails. You can generate random emails as well using this tool. It comes with a Firefox plugin, as well.

Well, those are the Mailinator alternative tools we offer you. You can go through the list and pick the best alternative to Mailinator and keep spam away.


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