Mac or MacBook Camera Not Working – Fixed

Facetime has become an immensely popular option when it comes to communicating. This feature solely depends on the built-in camera of the MacBook. So, it is no brainer that Facetime doesn’t work if the MacBook camera not working. If you experience the What is other in Mac storage or “Mac camera not working” issue and looking for a resolution, here’s what you should do.

Some mac users learn that their ‘MacBook camera not working‘ when the “there is no connected camera” message is displayed. One of the most common ways to resolve this issue is to restart the computer. However, restarting the computer might only fix some minor issues related to your mac. So, you should first try to fix “Mac camera not working” by restarting the mac. If it doesn’t work, however, you should read this article and learn how to rectify the issues with the professional Mac Task Manager.

Basic fixes to try if MacBook camera not working

Before moving into advanced, software-based solutions, we recommend your trying the basic fixes that are available in Mac OS for ‘Mac camera not working’ issue. From this point onwards, let’s see the basic solutions you can try if your MacBook camera not working.

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1. Check for the camera’s functionality

In most of the cases, Facetime camera will not turn on in your MacBook due to minor bugs in camera. To overcome such issues, you should check the below-mentioned items and troubleshoot.

Use another application that utilizes the built-in camera of the Mac. For instance, you can use an application like iChat or PhotoBooth. Through this method, you can verify if the respective issue is specific to the app.

Try using the built-in camera in another account and check if the issue is specific to the account.

Check for the System Profiler (located in Applications > Utilities). Check if the iSight is detected in the USB header option.

And then check if the FireWire cable works on your computer. To do this, you should unplug the FireWire cable and plug it again.

2. Force Quit the App

If you still find that the Mac camera not working, you should try force-restarting the app. To do this, you may use the command line option. Here’s how to do it.

Force Quite App to fix MacBook Camera Not Working
  • First, you should quit all the running applications that utilize the camera (for instance, Skype).
  • Then, you should go to the Launchpad and select Terminal. If not, you can directly go to Applications and Utility Directory.
  • Enter the command “sudo killall VDCAssistant” without inverted commas.
  • Don’t exit the terminal. Just enter the following command “sudo killall AppleCameraAssistant”
  • That’s it. Open FaceTime once again and the camera should be working fine.

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3. Connectivity issue between FaceTime Camera and Display

In certain cases, FaceTime HD camera may not work properly as it is switched into an internal camera only. When the app is unable to select the display automatically for the camera, the problem persists. In this case, you will have to activate the camera manually.

Here’s how to do it

  • Open FaceTime app on the mac
  • Go to Menu and select Video. Then, go to “Facetime HD Camera (Display) to activate it.

4. Make use of the Activity Monitor App

If none of the above options have worked for ‘Mac camera not working’ issue so far, you should look for another option. In this case, you will have to quit the process using the App called Activity monitor.

Here’s how you do it

Quite App with Activity Monitor to Resolve MacBook Camera Not Working
  • Quit all the apps the require the assistance of the camera
  • Open the app called “Activity Monitor” located under Applications > Utilities
  • Then, go to the top left section and find the option “Process Name”
  • Now, you should find the option labeled VDC Assistant and click on it
  • Close the process simply by pressing the “X” icon located towards the top left corner

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As per the general taking, Macs are steadier and secure compared to other computer systems. However, you may come across various other issues time-to-time apart from the MacBook camera not working. Losing your data stored in Mac is such a common issue that can make you mad. The data you store can lose due to various reasons. For instance, accidental deletion, formatting, virus attack, system failure, etc. can lose stored files. Some of those files can be important to you and losing them can be really costly. This is when you should consider using a data recovery tool for mac.

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What sort of files can it recover?

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Tenorshare ReiBoot iOS Repair: repair iPhone camera issues

If you are an iPhone user and experience issues with its camera, you might be wondering what to do. Fixing iPhone camera is not an easy task if you don’t have the correct tool with you. This is when you should consider using a sophisticated tool like ReiBoot iOS Repair. With the assistance of this tool, you can overcome various issues in addition to malfunctioning iPhone camera.

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As we believe, now you know how to address the Mac camera not working issue. If you don’t get satisfying results with the basic options, you can try the advanced tool we’ve mentioned. Apart from fixing the MacBook camera not working issue, we explained how to recover lost data as well. Also, be sure to have a general idea about ReiBoot iOS Repair and Recoverit. if you are an iOS user. Switch to it if you wish to know How to Address the MacBook Pro Service Battery Warning.