What is the Logitech Download Assistant & How to Disable it for Good?

If you see the Logitech download assistant appearing on the computer screen time and again, then there can be many reasons for it, like the associated drivers getting auto-installed and auto-updated as well. The program emerging on the screen after system startups also gets very annoying as it uses the system resources as well.

This article aims to help you deal with the LDA issues. Read on.

Know more about Logitech products and software

There have emerged many companies in the market that manufacture cutting edge hardware for computer systems. Logitech is one of them, and they produce certain computer accessories that are best buys. Be it a mouse, keyboards, headsets, and webcams; there are so many other products by Logitech that have managed to win the trust of millions of users across the world. The best thing is that many of these products are accompanied by software which is called the Logitech download assistant.

This software helps you to download whatever updates are launched for the concerned updates during the Windows startup. This way, you can update your hardware like the mouse and keyboard automatically.

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The reasons behind the Logitech download assistant popping up

We did a thorough and careful study of the user reports and the experiences regarding the various repair strategies that were adopted by them. We found that there are many reasons associated with the issue of the LDA window. Let us tell you the major ones-

  • Notifications related to the new updates: As it turned out from a lot of cases, that the issue can be a result of the situation where any new update might be launched for the Logitech device that you are using. All those users who were facing a similar grievance said that they were able to fix the issue by removing the file altogether from the system directory or just by disabling its startup option.
  • Notification for software installation suggestions: Sometimes, you might also face the issue due to the LDA window popping up for giving suggestions regarding any optional or related software that needs to be downloaded for the Logitech package installed on the system.

Now we will move on to telling you about the possible ways you can try to fix the issue of LDA blocking the screen. You need to know that disabling the application or even uninstalling it wouldn’t cause any problem or hinder the functioning of the Logitech devices that you are using. It is because the application is a mere utility provider related to the updates.

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Disable the Logitech download assistant from the Startup

It’s always good to start with simple solutions when you are going to troubleshoot any program. We will follow the same approach and start by giving you the easiest method that will help you get rid of the problem of the Logitech assistant opening up whenever the system starts. The reason behind this issue is that sometimes the option of Startup gets enabled itself without you having any knowledge of it.

The task manager has the startup tab that displays a list containing all the applications that have permission for self startup on the PC that you are using. If you find that the LDA program is there on the list, then you will have to proceed with disabling the program from starting up through the Task Manager itself. You need to follow the steps given below for doing that:

1. Press the keys Windows + R together for launching the Run dialogue box open. Now enter the command taskmgr in the popped-up box. Hit the button OK for finally opening the Task Manager window.

2. Hit the tab Startup. Search for the program Logitech download assistant. Upon finding the option, hit a right-click over it and then click on the tab Disable.

Disable the Logitech download assistant from the Startup

3. Reboot the PC.

Now see if the LDA pop-up is still appearing on the screen or it is gone.

Disable the Logitech download assistant from the Windows settings

If the above method wasn’t the right solution for you, then the cause behind it might be a different one. A lot of user reports suggested that they were able to get rid of the issue of LDA starting up itself by turning the notifications of the LDA application off. They did this by opening the Windows settings. We suggest you perform a check into the “Notifications & actions” settings of the Windows for the program LDA. If you see that the application is turned on in the given list, then you may proceed with turning the notifications off.

This will help you prevent the windows from showing the application to the user:

1. Press the keys Windows + I together for launching the Settings of the computer. You will see the option of the System and click over it.

Windows settings

2. Look at the left window pane, and you will see the option of Notifications & actions. Click on that option. Now navigate through the list and find the option of the LDA program.

3. If you find that the toggle bar next to the Logitech option (if you find it in the list) is turned on, then slide the bar to turn it off. This will prevent the notifications related to the particular option from popping up.

Disable the Logitech download assistant from the Windows settings

4. Reboot the PC.

While the system starts now, see if the LDA again pops up. If it doesn’t, then the method worked for you. If it does, then move to the next step.

Also, if you didn’t happen to see the option present in the list of the settings, then the reason was different, and you have to try another option.

Delete the file named LogiLDA.dll from the folder System32

This method will work for you if nothing else works. We will be proceeding with a method where we will delete the file named LogiLDA.dll, which is present in the folder named System32. This will help you to prevent the Logitech download assistant from opening up itself after the Startup. The users who tried this method shared their experience and also said that removing the file from the system made no big difference or even generated any issues with the main module of the Logitech program.

The only drawback associated with this solution is that once you delete the said file, all the products of Logitech will only get updated when you do the task manually. Follow the given steps below to delete the file:

  1. Press the keys Windows + E for launching the window of File Explorer.
  2. Now you will need to find the file named LogiLDA.dll in the following directory by entering the address – C: \Windows\ System32.
  3. Upon finding the file, hit a right-click over it. Then click the option of Delete.
  4. Restart the PC.

In all probabilities, the Logitech download assistant window will stop popping up after your system starts.

Remove or deactivate the Logitech download assistant

Follow the steps given below:

  1. Open the Start menu. Select the option of the Computer.
  2. Hit Manage, and this will lead you to the Device Manager.
  3. Under the HID or Human Interface Devices, find the entry of Logitech.
  4. Hit right-click over the option and click Properties.
  5. Open the tab Driver and then hit the button of Uninstall. A prompt will come up that will ask you to decide if you want to remove the related drive files too.
  6. Tick the option for a yes. This will not let the Windows reinstall the software ever again automatically.
  7. Go back to Device Manager and hit a right-click over the name of your computer. Select the option Check for Hardware changes.

This will finally make Windows install the Windows default driver and remove the LDA altogether. You must know that you may have to perform this method for the various Logitech drivers separately.

Delete the key of Logitech download assistant in the registry

This is one very effective method to try and the steps for doing it are-

1. Press the keys Windows + R for launching the Run box.

2. Enter the command regedit. Hit OK.


3. Now enter the following address into the Registry Editor Text box


4. Hit a right-click over the button of Logitech assistant and then finally click Delete.

Delete the key of Logitech download assistant in the registry


We hope that any of these solutions will definitely get you success in dealing with the Logitech download assistant that keeps emerging on the post-startup screen on the system. Deleting the drivers, stopping auto-update, or disable the program altogether; choose whatever works for you.