Line Hack | Top 5 Line Spy Tools to Hack Line Easily

Are you doubtful that your partner is cheating on you? Or do you think your child needs to be monitored? Obviously, you would wish to be sure that he or she is in the right company. There exist many reasons to spy on someone. This can be done in an easy and effective way by spying on someone’s Line account. There exist various tools to hack a Line Messenger. Line hack is one of the legal software which is used by companies to fulfill their interests.

Another thing that makes them legally right is the aspect of parental monitoring. But it is not legally right to install such tools on any computer which is not yours. There exist many tools which can be used to hack Line Messenger account. One such tool is Hack Line chat which is used widely, and the usage of it can merely be attested by its developers. This is so because if a person makes use of a Line Messenger spying tool, the user is likely not to disclose this information to any person since it’s a secret. Disclosing or sharing the information will be a compromise on its usage.

Persons who might need a tool to help for Line Hack

There could be many reasons to use a tool for a Line hack. It totally depends on the person’s circumstances and mindset. Although, such a tool can be used by any individual who is able to install it on their device as long as the device supports it. Here are a few instances in which a Line hack tool might be used:

Parental Monitoring

The safety and growth of the child are the topmost priority of any parent. A parent might feel the need to monitor the child’s activities, his or her friends, and relationship status. It can provide an early signal, and parents can act upon it. So, a parent can hack a Line account to get rid of the tension. Also, get to know How to Hack FB ID For Free.

Corporate Monitoring

Companies want to be sure that their employees are loyal and dedicated to the growth of the company. An employee might be passing or leaking out some secret or important information to its competitors, which is not desired by the employee. Such an act can be caught if they do a Line hack.

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Personal reasons:

There could be many personal reasons to hack Line Messenger of someone. A person might be doubtful about the intentions of his or her partner and would want to clear out their doubts. Or there could be many reasons to know details about a friend, and so you can do Line hack. Apart from these, such tools prove to be a great way to track criminals and find evidence.

How to select a good Line Hack tool for Line Messenger?


You should go for that particular brand that has the best rating on the online platforms and stores. But if you have started using one tool, then it is suggested to that you continue to use it. Another factor that you should definitely consider before opting for a particular tool is whether your device supports that tool or not. So do make sure you have a compatible device.


The concern for the security of such spy programs which are used to hack line chat needs to be the most important factor for using it to spy on someone. Two examples are spy Line chat and hack Line chat. The basic criterion that needs to be fulfilled by such a tool is that it should have a password, and it should be uninstalled from the gadget so that it can be used perfectly.

Spy tool should be invisible

This feature needs to be made sure because if it is visible to the user, then the purpose of usage of a spy tool won’t be achieved. So remember that it needs to be a secret since hack Line messages shouldn’t be exposed if you want the best results.

5 Best Spy Tools to Hack Line Messenger

1. KidsGuard Line Hack

KidsGuard presently exists as the most commonly used FB Spy tool to hack Line account. In its editor’s choice, there are some extremely good features. For instance, you can read messages of a phone which is stored from any place. It is an amazing tool to do a Line hack on someone’s device & intercept text messages without the target phone. It is very convenient to use, and you can take advantage of the feature that you can have access to the location of the targeted device.

KidsGuard Line Spy Tool


KidsGuard has compatibility with devices working on an Android system. The Facebook hack software has simple instructions included in it, which you can use to work on KidsGuard to hack the Line account of the desired person.


The geo tracker app – KidsGuard has some amazing features. Using it, you can do monitoring of all calls and can even have a proper record of call history or call logs. This includes the numbers and names of those contacts. Apart from its excellent features, KidsGuard has an affordable price. The best version comes for $29 per month, $39 for three months, and you can buy the whole year’s subscription for $89. There is also an ultimate edition which would cost you $39 per month, $49 for a subscription of three months, and the annual subscription comes for $99.

2. Spy Phone App

Spy Phone App is a quite effective software to hack Line account due to its great compatibility with devices.


If we talk about its compatibility, it is compatible with operating systems of Android and iOS. Mostly, this software is used by organizations with computers.


One distinct feature of Line Spy is that it is able to read deleted and old messages. It can be quickly installed, and so it has been rated well among the best tools for Line hack. The price of using Line Spy is similar to any other software used to hack Line. Presently, it is sold for $105.

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3. Spy human

Spy human is very compatible to use and has an extremely powerful application that can be installed easily. It is therefore highly recommended.

Spyhuman Line Hack


Spy human is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems. You can even monitor various processes by using a single license to Line hack.


Spy human includes a lot of features like web browsing and location trackers, monitoring of social media, and live monitoring. The use of this software can also restrict someone from using the device. Moreover, the anti-theft feature proves it to be superior for the protection of the mobile device. Another reason which makes Spy human a good tool for Line hack is that you can monitor several gadgets from a single point. You can get this software for $45.

4. Flexispy Line Hack

Flexispy is being used by many organizations for monitoring their employees, as it is a very advanced tool for spying. Usually, bosses hack Line account of their subordinates to monitor the communication tools of the firm.

Flexispy Line Hack


Flexispy has some unique features. A person can do the below-mentioned things without getting detected by the device user:

  • Hear live calls
  • Record calls
  • Record device’s surrounding
  • Read SMS and MMS messages
  • See email passwords


Flexispy is well-suited to an Android operating system. One added advantage of this software is that is compatible with every version of Android.

It is easy to install, use and is effective software for Line hack. It is moderately cheaper than the rest of the software available in the market. You can purchase the premium version of it for $68, and the extreme one comes for $199.

5. mSpy Line Hack

mSpy puts together Android’s operating system. It has a unique featuring of being able to monitor various phone devices at a particular time even though they are present in various locations.

mSpy Line Hack


You can record calls, listen to calls taking place live, record device surroundings, read SMS and MMS messages, and also spy on the passwords of email. Also, it has a quick installation.


Mspy is compatible with all versions of Android. You can buy this software for $119, for a period of 3 months.

How to hack Line account using KidsGuard?

Various tools for spying on a Line account have been on the market for quite a long period. But the popularity and consumer ratings are the factors that make KidsGuard the best mobile hacker apps & software to hack the Line account of someone. Its installation procedure is given below:

Create KidsGuard Account

1. You have to create a user account on KidsGuard. Go to KidsGuard’s website and then make an account using a password and any email id that you choose.

Create KidsGuard Account

2. Provide a few detailed personal information about that mobile which you wish to spy on. This information is needed for spying on the Line account of a person.

Install KidsGuard for iOS

3. Before you install the application, search the developer option in the settings menu of that device and allow it to do the installation of any application which isn’t from a certified source. You will then be able to install it smoothly.

4. Go to KidsGuard’s website and then download the Line hack, which is needed for installation on that device that is wished to be spied on by you.

5. After you have installed it, open the KidsGuard’s application on your own device, and after that, log in with all the information which you created earlier. Permit the authorization to hack Line account.

6. Activate the monitoring on that device and then delete the application you earlier installed on the target’s device. This application will still keep operating, and you can easily spy on someone’s activities throughout the day.

7. Come back to your device and then log in using the same information. Go to its dashboard, and from there, you will see and can spy line account of the targeted device.

KidsGuard Line Hack

8. Now, you will be able to observe that device’s activities 24*7 from the dashboard.

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