Top-16 Best LG V20 Cases For 2021

There is no doubt that the LG V20 has passed the military drop tests. But still, it will be good to make use of a good protective case for protecting your phone from damages. Hence I have researched and selected the top-16 best LG V20 cases and made a list for you. This list is going to help you a lot to make the best buying decision. So just have a look.

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#1 Best LG V20 Case – Urban Armor Gear Plasma Series Case

LG v20 case - Urban Armor Gear Plasma Series Case

The LG V20 case that I would like to place in the number one position in this list of top-16 best LG V20 cases is this case from Urban Armor Gear. In order to minimize the chances of accidental drops, the sides of the case come with the rubber grips. There are also the covers for the buttons of your phone provided on the sides. The case is very light in weight; thus, it will not cause a considerable addition to the total mass of your device. In addition, this case meets the military drop-test standard, as well.

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#2 Best LG V20 Case – OttorBox Defender Series Case

LG v20 case - OttorBox Defender Series Case

This LG V20 case made by OtterBox comes with not only the drop-resistant cover but also the screen cover that will protect your phone’s display. There are also the covers for the ports of your phone in order to keep them protected from dust, dirt, etc. But it will still facilitate the accessibility to the ports at the time when needed. Moreover, there is also a holster to which your phone can be attached so that it can be clipped to your waist whenever required. Thus it will help you keep your device away without disturbing its safety.

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#3 Best LG V20 Case – Incipio DualPro Case

LG v20 case -  Incipio DualPro Case

This case for LG V20 comes in a number of different color combinations. You can rely on this case for the protection of your phone against drops. That’s because it comes with a very hard outer shell. And, the inner layer of the case is very soft and flexible. The case is capable of protecting your device from scratches, and the softness of the interior will avoid damages to your phone due to strong impacts. As far as, volume control buttons of your phone are concerned, the case has nice covers for them. And, the cutouts for various features of the phone are also there.

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#4 Best LG V20 Case – Poetic Revolution Series Case

Poetic Revolution Series Case

It is another LG V20 case that offers a screen protector also. The water resistance feature is also there in this LG V20 case. The sides of the cover have a grip texture that helps you grip your phone in a better way so that it may not get dropped. That’s why, if viewed from sides, you will come to notice that the case has a box-like look. And, it also offers nice covering for the buttons, ports, and speakers of your phone in order to keep it protected from dust and dirt. Whenever you accidentally happen to drop your phone, the case will do its best to protect the device against any scratch or damage to it.

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#5 Best LG V20 Case – Tech21 Evo Check Case

 Tech21 Evo Check Case

This case for your LG V20 phone is fully capable of protecting any type of impact caused by accidentally dropping the device. As far as the material that this case is made up of is concerned, it is FlexShock. The case is very thin and lightweight. And, it has been designed in such a way that it is very smooth to touch. You will notice a diamond pattern on the backside of the case. And, there is no issue of the difficulty of access to the ports and buttons of the phone while it is covered by the case.

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6. Pleson Crystal Clear Case

Pleson Crystal Clear Case

It is actually a crystal clear bumper case that will allow you to show off the actual design and look of the phone you are using. It is a very thin and flexible case. Around the screen, the edges of the case are raised. Due to the flexibility of the case, you will not have a hard time to remove it whenever needed. There is also an advantage of better grip. There will also be a reduction in the residue and smudges. Moreover, with this case, you will not have to face the problem of bubble-forming on the backside.

7. Ringke Fusion

Ringke Fusion

It is a slim and lightweight case for your LG V20 phone and features a shock protection certification like MIL-STD 810G-516.6. In this case, you will get proper cutouts for speakers, charging port, camera, etc. There is also a cutout for the fingerprint scanner. It is a clear case with a polycarbonate body and a TPU bumper. The bumper is available in three colors to choose from: rose gold crystal, clear, and smoke black. It is very easy to press the buttons while they covered by the case.

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8. J&D Wallet Stand

J&D Wallet Stand

This LG V20 case comes in four colors: red, black, brown, and aqua. Two other designs named Cupcake and Donut are also there that come with fun prints. As far as the architecture of the Wallet Stand case is concerned, it is made up of synthetic PU leather. And, there is a TPU snap-on case provided inside the outer leather case. The internal case is a shock-absorbent that provides protection against damages from drops. There is also an in-built opening for lanyard and wrist strap. And, this case is considered to be great for horizontally watching media files like images, videos, etc.

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9. Tridea Power Guard

Tridea Power Guard

This LG V20 case is quite slim that makes it very easy to be carried wherever needed. It is made up of shock-absorbing polyurethane. You can store any kind of card in this case like Identity card, etc. The case can be bought either in a carbon black color with a design of carbon fiber or in brown color with a back of leather-style. When looked normally, the case looks just like a general TPU case of leather.

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10. Sparin Tough Armor Case

Sparin Tough Armor Case

In spite of offering storage for your cards, this case doesn’t make your phone bulky. That’s because it is very slim and lightweight. However, it cannot hold both the cards and money. Rather you can store either cards or a small amount of money in it. The case provides shock absorption, drop protection, and an additional grip on your LG phone. Around the camera of your phone, raised edges are also provided by the case. There are mainly two parts that the case is made of. These parts are an outer plate and a TPU bumper. The outer plate is hard, and the bumper is flexible. In order to provide a door to the compartment for cards also, the plate is doubled.

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11. Nillkin Flip Case

Nillkin Flip Case

It is actually a flip case that comes in pink, white, black, gold, and red color. With this case, you will not need to flip-open the cover whenever there is a need to look for the notification on the phone. That’s because the case comes with a window that allows you to see the display of your phone. Moreover, the flip cover offers strong protection to the display of your device with the soft interior that the cover has.

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12. Oeago Shockproof Case

Oeago Shockproof Case

This case for your LG V20 phone comes in blue, black, mint, and purple. It is a very tough case and has a design of dual layers. The outer layer is actually a very hard shell. And, there is a nice texture on the outer shell for making it provide you a strong grip so that you may not drop your phone accidentally. As far as the inner layer is concerned, it is actually a soft silicone, and the inner corners are very heavy so that good protection from corner drops can be provided. Whenever there is a drop, this case will prevent any kind of damage to the phone.

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13. Speck Presidio Grip

LG v20 case - Speck Presidio Grip

This case from Speck is one of the prettiest LG V20 cases and is made up of a material called Impactium. The case is capable of absorbing any kind of shock with the help of ridges that are spread around it. Speck claims that it has been tested by a third party that the case can withstand a drop from the height of up to 10 feet. It comes in various colors and designs like a 2-tone design of white & ash grey, black color, marine blue, twilight blue, lilac purple, whisper purple, etc. The case is quite slim and has a design of dual layers. And, as far as the safety offered by it to your phone is concerned, it gives strong protection to it against damages due to accidental drops.

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14. Spigen Rugged Armor

LG v20 case - Spigen Rugged Armor

This LG V20 case from Spigen is a premium looking beautiful case that offers a mixture of carbon fiber and glossy texture. The protection from drops that this case provides for your LG phone is of military-grade. And, there is an implementation of air cushion technology in each and every corner of the case. The fingerprints can be easily scanned with this case. That’s because there is a good level for the opening of the fingerprint scanner.

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15. Trident Aegis Case

LG v20 case -  Trident Aegis Case

This is a dual-layered case whose outer layer is made up of hard polycarbonate, and the inner layer is made up of Thermoplastic Elastomer. The protection offered by the case from drops and vibrations is of military standard. It is a rugged-type case. The material that has been used to make this case is recyclable. It can withstand a drop on concrete from even the height of up to 4 feet. And, it is very easy to take the case in and out of the pocket. That’s because the outer layer is very smooth.

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16. Caseology Parallax Series

LG v20 case - Caseology Parallax Series

Another LG V20 case that I would like to include in this list of top-16 best LG V20 cases is this awesome case from Caseology. It comes in black, burgundy, navy blue and coral pink color. There are two sections in the case. One section is the outer polycarbonate frame, and the other section is flexible TPU. The outer frame is quite rigid and offers protection against impacts. There is a beautiful pattern of honeycomb that significantly adds to its look. There are raised bezel that gives good protection to the display of your LG phone.

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Bottom Line on LG V20 Cases

Offering an extra layer of safety and protection to your LG V20 phone from drops and bumps is never a bad idea. All of the LG V20 cases that I have mentioned above are the hand-picked cases out of which you can choose any one of your choices.