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Over the last decade, teenagers all over the world have taken to social media. Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook – are just a few popular social media platforms. As great as each of these are, it means that it’s more important than ever that your children know how to stay safe online. Unfortunately, teenagers don’t usually worry about online safety, and for that reason, you might want to consider using a Kik password hacker to monitor their messages.

The problem with hacking Kik accounts nowadays is that Apple has added a lot of security measures to the iOS system. Of course, this is fantastic. But, it means that to hack a Kik account, most methods require you to jailbreak the device beforehand.

What is Jailbreaking a Device?

Jailbreaking is a process that you can use to remove the limits of iOS. Some of these limits include installing certain apps from third-party sites, directly accessing iOS and app data, and in this case, it would allow you to hack social media accounts.

Jailbreaking can be great. It can open up the full potential of your iPhone and gives you a lot more flexibility. After jailbreaking, you can remove default apps, and more importantly, you can customize virtually every aspect of your device.

However, jailbreaking is complicated, and if you want to hack someone’s Kik account, you’d have to jailbreak their device. This is difficult and will increase the likeliness of being detected – thus, it isn’t optimal. On top of that, jailbreaking your iPhone will remove some of the security measures that are in place.

As a result, hackers can gain access to your data easier. For that reason, we recommend using an option that doesn’t require jailbreaking.

The Best Kik Password Hacker

Following on from what we said above, there are several programs that you can use to hack Kik account. The only downside is that if you search the internet for a Kik hacking tool, you’ll quickly realize that there are a lot of ineffective programs which contain viruses – as such, we highly recommend that you use the best Kik password hacker – KidsGuard.

KidsGuard allows you to hack a Kik account (among other social media accounts) without jailbreaking and is the ultimate solution. After installing the KidsGuard app on your target’s device, you can connect your account and delete the shortcut so that you can anonymously spy on them.

Some of the key features that the Kik password hacker – KidsGuard provides are:

  • Can be used to hack iOS and Android devices.
  • Track the GPS location of a smartphone device.
  • Monitor the real-time activity of any connected device.
  • Block certain mobile apps from being used.
  • Add a schedule limit so that a device can’t be used when your child should be studying or sleeping.
  • Access app usage, text messages, videos, and browsing history.

Out of all the Kik password hacker solutions out there, this best Kik password hacker – KidsGuard is without a doubt the best. These are just a few of the great features that KidsGuard includes, and if you try the free trial, you’ll see that it has many others. Over the years, KidsGuard has built up a reputation that proves how reliable it is and how trustworthy of a solution it is.

Keeping that in mind, we’re going to be showing you how to use it to hack the Kik account in a matter of minutes.

Use KidsGuard to Hack Kik Account

Considering there are so many hackers out there, you’ll probably be wondering why you should use KidsGuard. Aside from the list of features above, KidsGuard has a lot to offer in comparison to its competitors.

The biggest thing to keep in mind is that, unlike other hackers, KidsGuard actually works. Many hackers will force you to fill out boring and broken surveys and, in the end, they don’t work properly. KidsGuard, on the other hand, has proven to be an effective program.

With our guide below you can quickly learn the basics of this solution.

Steps for Using KidsGuard to Hack Kik Account

Now that you know about KidsGuard, let’s get into the main solution that you want to learn. If you follow these steps accordingly, you’ll learn how easy it is to hack a Kik account with the best Kik password hacker – KidsGuard.

Before following these steps, head to the KidsGuard website and register for an account. You’ll be required to use this account during the process, and you’ll also be using your account to monitor the Kik messages later on.

Create KidsGuard Account

Create KidsGuard Account

Step #1 – Retrieve the target’s device (both iOS and Android devices are compatible).

Install KidsGuard for iOS to do kik password hacker

Note: if the target is one of your children, this may be difficult. It’s a good idea to do this while they are asleep or showering as they won’t realize their phone is missing.

Step #2 – On their smartphone, download the KidsGuard kik password hacker application.

Note: for Android devices, you will have to go to “Settings > Security“, and enable “Unknown Sources“.

Step #3 – After the app has been fully installed, tap on the shortcut to run it. At the bottom of the app, tap “Sign in” and use the account information you used to create an account earlier on.

Step #4 – Following this, you’ll be asked to enter some information about the device. You should enter the target’s name, age, and the device’s OS as instructed.

Step #5 – Next, you must grant KidsGuard certain permissions. This is important to the functionality of the application, so make sure that you allow it.

Step #6 – After allowing KidsGuard to access certain permissions, tap on the “Start Monitoring” button. You can now exit the application and delete the shortcut.

Note: we suggest deleting the shortcut as this eliminates any risk of getting caught.

Step #7 – Now return the smartphone to wherever you retrieved it from. You won’t require it for the rest of this process.

Step #8 – Go to the KidsGuard dashboard and sign in to your account. From the menu on the left, click on “Social Apps” and then on “Kik” from the drop-down menu.

KidsGuard Pro

Step #9 – Make sure that you click on the “Feature Status” slider to enable Kick monitoring. From that point onwards, you’ll be able to view all of their Kik messages.

KidsGuard kik password hacker

This is going to take you some time to install and set up but, in the long run, it’s worth it. You can use this keylogger not just to hack the Kik account but also to monitor all smartphone activity.

If you would like to backup them, click to know more about how to backup Kik messages. Most teenagers will hide their online activity from their parents, and because of this behavior, KidsGuard is the best way to ensure their safety.

By the way, let’s figure out how to change the KIK username easily.

To Conclude

So, to wrap up this article, we’ll end by saying that every parent should be using a monitoring tool. Many social media platforms are used by online predators and, as disturbing as it is to think about, using a Kik password hacker like KidsGuard is the best way to prevent any of your children from getting in harm’s way. If you have very little technology experience or none at all, KidsGuard is the tool for you. It’s easy to use, comes with a wide range of monitoring features (such as iPhone hack without jailbreak), and is simply an innovative solution.

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