iPhone to Nokia: How to Transfer iPhone Data to Nokia Lumia Phone

Two of the most popular models of smartphones today, the iPhone and Nokia Lumia, have restricted file access. They do not have a native app or platform that will allow you to easily transfer media files from one phone to another.

Most users, they resort to transferring files over the cloud, such as through Dropbox. While this will allow you to move your files, this could be effortful.

With this, if you are looking for a quicker and easier solution to transfer media files from iPhone to Nokia Lumia, use dr.fone – Phone Transfer. The latter is an innovative app that will make it effortless to move media between two devices.

Part 1: Here are simple steps on how you can transfer media files from iPhone to Nokia Lumia:

1. Download dr.fone – Phone Transfer to get started. It is available from their website for a one-year or lifetime license. You can also take advantage of their free trial to see what it can do.

Get dr.fone – Phone Transfer

2. Open dr.fone from the computer. Look for the logo and click on the icon.


3. Once the screen opens, click on “Phone Transfer.”

4. Connect your iPhone and Nokia Lumia phones. Make sure that your computer has at least two ports that are available. Wait for the computer to recognize both phones. You cannot start until your computer is able to detect that two of the phones have already been connected. By the time the devices have been connected, the screen will show three parts.

The first part will show the source, which should be your iPhone. The third part will be the destination, which will be your Nokia Lumia phone. You can click on the “Flip” button to change the source and the destination. The middle part, on the other hand, will show a list of the media files.

iPhone to Nokia Windows Phone Data Transfer

5. To start transferring media, select the files that you would like to transfer. However, keep in mind that you will be limited to being able to transfer only photos, music, and videos. You can select all three at the same time.

6. Once you have already selected the files, click on “Start Transfer,” See to it that the two phones will be both connected to the computer while you transfer media files from iPhone to Nokia Lumia.

Sync Data from iPhone to Nokia Lumia

7. A new window will pop up, which will show the status of the transfer. There is a “Cancel” button on the lower part of the screen, which will allow you to cancel the transfer at any given time. When the transfer is finished, the window will close. By this time, check your Nokia Lumia phone and see to it that your files have already been transferred.

In sum, it is indeed easy to transfer media files from iPhone to Nokia Lumia. It does not need to be cumbersome. All that you have to do is to have dr.fone and follow the steps that we have mentioned above. It won’t take long before your photos, music, and videos can be transferred to your Nokia handset.

Try dr.fone – Phone Transfer

Part 2: Transfer data from iPhone to Nokia Android phone by dr.fone – Phone Transfer.

Many people use two phones together for some reason, such as the iPhone and Nokia Android phone. To a formal Nokia Android phone, like Nokia 8, it is a problem to transfer contacts from your iPhone to Nokia phone, such as Nokia 3/5/7/8.

If you still face such a problem, I will help you to solve the question here. You can do this easily with the help of the excellent iPhone Nokia data transfer program: dr.fone Phone Transfer, with which you can do the iPhone contacts to Nokia transfer easily.

Here you can download a free trial version of the iPhone to Nokia data transfer below. Now I will teach you how to handle the iPhone Nokia data transfer program in several steps. You will find it easy to use.

Get dr.fone – Phone Transfer

At the very beginning, please install the dr.fone software on your computer and then launch it. You should install iTunes on your computer, too.


Step 1: Launch iPhone to Nokia phone data transfer app

Firstly, please connect your Nokia phone and iPhone with your computer via USB cables at the same time. Your devices will be detected once you do the connection. Then the two devices will be displayed in “Sources” and “Destination” on the screen.

iPhone to Nokia Data Transfer

Note: You can delete useless data by ticking off the tab “Clear data before copy” before you do the iPhone contacts to the Nokia transfer. If you want to transfer contacts from Nokia to iPhone, please click “Flip” to copy Nokia contacts back to the iPhone.

Step 2: Move contacts from iPhone to Nokia phone

If you want to transfer contacts only, please remove the marks before photos and music. Then click “Start Transfer” to start. You can see the process on your screen. You should make sure that both of your phones are connected until finished. When finished iPhone contacts to Nokia transferring. please click “OK” to finish the process.

Congratulations now!! You have already finished the process and gotten your contacts in your Nokia phone. Besides contacts, you can also transfer songs, photos, albums, and playlists if you want. Vice versa, you can also move contacts from Nokia to iPhone.

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