Hubi App Review 2022 – Best App to Watch and Download Videos

Ever since the app Hubi was launched, access to unlimited and non-stop entertainment was made even easier for the users of android smartphones. This app simplified the way people watched movies and downloaded videos on their mobile devices.

However, with the advancement of time and tech, several issues and bugs have been reported by the app users that salted their experience with the application.

We went through all such issues and queries of the users and have come up with this review of the app for you so that you can decide if you want to give it a try or not.

About the Hubi application

Hubi is the name of a streaming and downloading platform that allows users to watch as well as download their favorite movies, videos, and other content for absolutely free. The app is only compatible with android devices and provides all the services for absolutely free.

Thus, as is understood, the app permits two major tasks for its users- stream, and download. We are going to tell you what is involved in these two functions.

As a movie streaming platform, this app not only lets you stream and watch your favorite movies but also download them on your device itself instantly if you wish. This app is a storehouse of movies so that the entertainment flow never runs out.

However, the important thing to note here is that the application isn’t a direct movie streaming platform as it features the links of those hosting websites that have the movies uploaded on them, and upon clicking on those links, you get redirected to those websites and then be able to stream or download the movie from there.

Thus, it is basically the hosting website for different movies that appear on this platform, and there are a plethora of such websites, including Vodu, 180upload, and many others.

Coming to the feature of downloading, the Hubi app just makes the task very easy for android users by allowing them to download any video that they like with only a few clicks. You wouldn’t need to take the help of any other third-party software or device either for operating this app or while downloading content through this app.

The app works smoothly on a majority of android phone brands and models. You also don’t need to do a lot to fulfill any requirements to avail the services of this application.

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Issues with the Hubi app

Though the app has been kept updated by the developers still a lot of bugs and problems, have been coming to light as per the experience of the app users. Some prominent issues with the app are:

  • The app works consistently well with some android smartphones and, at the same, refuses to even open on the rest of them. The Samsung mobile users have been experiencing this issue more often, and models like Galaxy Note SIII see the problem frequently. Android phones of the companies Sony, HTC, and others have the app running quite nicely on them. However, the main reason for this issue is not known yet.
  • Too many ads are also a major problem with this app that is very annoying. The button of Remove ads only fixes the issue temporarily, and after some time, you will see the ads appearing once again. For getting rid of the ads forever, you will need to pay a small fee.

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Various aspects of the Hubi app

Let us now give you a tour through the basic aspects of the Hubi application to help you understand how it functions and decide if it meets your expectations.

Method of installation

The app can be very easily installed on any android smartphone as the process is a very standard one. All you need to do is open the Google Play Store on your android device and search for the application there.

Upon finding it, click on the link and follow the procedure to finally hit the button Install so that the download and installation process begins. The size of this app is very small, and it will only take a few seconds for the download to finish and get installed on the device. Find out the app on your device now and launch it for using it instantly.

App interface

You surely won’t find anything like a user guide manual in the app to help you understand the functioning, but there is no need for that either because the interface of the app is pretty simple and clear to allow easy navigation by the users. All the features and buttons are laid out, and you can choose to do your thing easily.

App interface

On the main screen itself, there is a box in which you need to paste the link of the video that you wish to download and then select from the buttons Play and Download, whichever function you want to carry out with the pasted video link. Right after hitting on the button of the desired function, the process will start and run without any lag (that depends on your internet speed too).

App interface

The content that is getting downloaded can be viewed from the tab Download, and the ones that have been downloaded already can be seen in the tab History.

Method of operation

The ease of operability is the best thing about this app, and even a novice can use the app very easily. There are different ways you can download videos via the Hubi app so that every user can get the videos at their convenience.

In case there is no link to the video to be downloaded available with you, you can just open that video on any platform like YouTube or any other source which allows link sharing. Once the video opens, hit the button Share and then choose this app for sharing. It will detect the link being shared automatically, and the download will start as soon as you click the button Download.

Method of operation

The other method of downloading the videos is via their link. If you can manage to get the link of the target video from any browser, then you will just need to paste that link in the box present on the main interface of the screen, followed by hitting the button Download. In no time, the video will be downloaded to your device.

Method of operation

Accessing the downloads

You can expect the downloaded content to be accessed at a decent enough speed. Most of the mobile models are supported by the device when it comes to downloading video content.

Accessing the downloads

App permissions

The app usually demands access to your current location, and we believe that you don’t need to permit that. The app can also transmit the location that you share with it. Thus, we suggest that you turn off the mobile GPS as a step for security.

The final assessment of the Hubi application

After having detailed all the important aspects of this app, we are going to assess the app for you by presenting the pros and cons in a nutshell and making the decision easier for you.


  • The app detects video links automatically from all major sites like Vimeo, YouTube, etc.
  • It allows easy downloading of videos with decent enough speed. The quality of the downloaded videos is also pretty good.
  • The interface is minimal and great for all types of users, including beginners.
  • The paste button on the main interface works the best and simplifies the process of video downloading by making it a matter of just a click.


  • The hosting websites start showing random errors sometimes and don’t open at all.
  • Inconsistent working of the app surfaces sometimes where the download may smoothly happen on one device while not at all on the other one.
  • The speed of certain downloads can go too slow or even stop unexpectedly.
  • The customer support system of this app is very poor as the queries, doubts, and help requests of the users mostly go unmet.
  • You may also experience a full crashing of the app sometimes.

Hubi Alternative Video Downloading Apps to Try

We are now going to introduce some great alternative video downloader applications in case the Hubi app doesn’t work out very well for you. Here is a list of the top 5 apps you can try:

1. Stremio

Stremio - Hubi Alternative

This app lets you stream movies and any other video content in real-time, along with organizing the content from the major video sites like Netflix, YouTube, HBO, iTunes, etc.

2. Mobdro

Hubi Alternative - Mobdro

This superb entertainment app has more than a million videos in its database, and you can easily search for anything that you wish to see along with listening to music too.

3. AndStream

Hubi Alternative - AndStream

This app lets you stream as well as download movies from the same platform on a real-time basis and gets you easy access to millions of hosting websites.

4. Telly

Hubi Alternative - Telly

For getting super easy access to all the good quality video content of Hollywood and the Arab cinematic world, this is the go-to app where you can enjoy movies, music, drama, and whatnot.

5. GoWatchIt

Hubi Alternative - GoWatchIt

This app not only lets users search and watch video content from its database but also helps them to know what is available with the other major video streaming apps.

Conclusion on Hubi Review

Hubi is a great application if everything turns out to work in your favor, but if it doesn’t, then you will have to look out for another source to enjoy all the amazing video content out there.

Improvement of the downloads part is a major concern, and despite a lot of bugs that have been dealt with in some of the previous updates, there is a lot more that remains to be addressed.


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