HTC to Samsung: How to transfer HTC contacts to Samsung in 1 Click

You must want to transfer all the contacts from your old phone to your new one very much if you have ever abandoned your HTC phone and bought a Samsung Galaxy S9 or Note 8, right?

In this article, I will show you a professional mobile transfer program to help you transfer contacts from HTC to a Samsung phone or tablet, such as moving HTC contacts to a Samsung Galaxy Phone.

If you abandoned your HTC Phone and bought a new phone from Samsung, you need to transfer all data including contacts from the HTC phone to Samsung very much. Maybe you also want to do the transfer safely and conveniently!

However, it’s not so easy to transfer the mobile data, like contacts, calendars, videos, and photos between two different Phone OS or different Phone Brand phones, and you need a third-party phone to phone data transfer tool to help you complete the task.

If you are looking for such an HTC to Samsung mobile data transfer software, I will recommend you a world’s No 1 & professional one: – dr.fone – Phone Transfer, which is specially designed for you to transfer data such as contacts and photos from one phone to another conveniently.

You can do the strenuous work in only one click with the help of the dr.fone program. Furthermore, the mobile data transfer program can do the transfer without any data loss and make the transferring safely.

Except for transferring contacts from HTC to Samsung, you can also transfer data between any other phones, like transferring contacts from HTC to iPhone simultaneously.

Here I will tell you how to Transfer HTC contacts to Samsung Phones through the dr.fone – Phone Transfer. You can now download power HTC contacts to the Samsung transfer tool below on your computer to have a try. Then please install and launch the program. Then just follow me!.

Simple ways to Transfer contacts from HTC Phones to Samsung Galaxy Phones:

Step 1: Launch dr.fone, Enter “Phone Transfer” Mode


You can now connect HTC Phone and Samsung Galaxy Phone to your Windows or Mac computer via USB cables. Your devices will be detected automatically after both phones are connected. Then, you can view your devices displayed each in the “Source” and “Destination”.

In contrast, you just need to click the “Flip” button if you want to transfer contacts from Samsung to your HTC Phone. In addition, you are able to clear data in your Samsung Galaxy Phone by clicking “Clear data before copy”, which is in the lower-right corner.

Step 3: Transfer contacts from HTC to Samsung Galaxy Phones directly

In the process, if you want to transfer contacts only, you should remove the marks before photos and music, otherwise, all the data will be transferred. Then please click “Start Transfer”.

If the transfer ends, you ought to click “Completed” to finish it. You should keep the two devices connected to your computer all the time during the process.

It’s easy to transfer your contacts through the HTC to the Samsung mobile data transfer program, right? You can now check all the contacts in your new Samsung Galaxy Phone. You can learn more features for the professional dr.fone – Phone Transfer program here.

Try dr.fone – Phone Transfer


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